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Jaw Grinding and meth


jaw grinding and meth
My ex-neighbor came by today and she said she was still clean but I noticed her jaw grinding. I thought this only happened when you were high. When she lived in a crack house down the street she would come over and use my phone and her jaw was grinding back and forth. She went to a womens shelter. She always told me she wanted to quit and she was excited about finally getting help. She came by after 3-4 weeks. She looked great. No jaw grinding, gained a little weight.
But when she came by today I noticed her jaw.
I was wondering if your jaw grinds back and forth when you have been clean for about 2 months? As I said I thought this happened when you were high.
Also, when my husband starting using meth he used occasionaly his jaw would always grind.It was a dead give away that he used meth. When he started using daily his jaw wasn't grinding back and forth like before. It took me awhile to figure he was using meth. Why does that happen is it because he uses so much now?

Re: jaw grinding and meth
I grind my teeth still, it's damage from speed I think.

When I am working, I am a server, I have always gotten a natural high from the adrendaline released during rush hour.thats why I never quit doing it.
I love doing alot of things as fast as I can and smile too.
I grind my teeth tho.
I'm grinding them now, as I'm happily posting this info.

..........and I'm strait for 2 months now.

Re: jaw grinding and meth
I'm glad you wrote about this, as I thought the same thing. I've been working with a girl that constantly grinds her teeth, and deep down, I told myself no way is she clean. Well, that shows how much I know. Shame on me.
Re: jaw grinding and meth
Yes meth can cause teeth grinding, it is obsessive repetitive behavior. Because meth can make a person feel anxious or nervous causing them to clench or grind thier jaw and or teeth.

Re: jaw grinding and meth
I've been a grinder and clencher for years now and have the cracked teeth to prove it...and I don't even do Meth or any drugs, (though I used to do Cocaine; haven't for 20 years). I grind and clench even when I'm not asleep, but when I'm agitated, amped, or during certain emotions.

If you've been a sufferer of migranes, this could be why. My dentist made me an 'appliance' as my jaw is completely off-set so I'm wrecking my right jaw joint as well as my teeth.

Obviously if you grind during the day you're probably doing it at night. Buy one of those mouthguards at the drug store...it'll save your teeth and from headaches.

As far as ex-users grinding, I think, at least with me, it's a habit now. I can see, that since meth users typically take on repetitve habits, that this can still continue after being clean.

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