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Boyfriend in jail for meth - parents kicking me out!

Boyfriend in jail for meth

I sit here in shock. As I was sitting in bed at a hotel room with my boyfriend someone knocks on the door, it's maintance. When we open the door it's the police, narcodicts. The search and all that and in the end my boyfriend is taken away to jail. I'm not cause he claims all the drug and gets charged possesion with attempt to distribute. I pack all his stuff up and haul ass out of there not sure where to go or what to do with his things. Then my mom calls my cell phone, the police were nice enough to call her and let her know where I was and what I was doing! They took my car away from me, told me as soon as i get my first paycheck or two from my new job I'm out of here, find somewhere to live! I wasn't suppose to be seeing him since we both got arrested a couple of months ago, for possesion of meth. They are so upset with me and once agian I loss their trust and respect. I could just die!
I hope that he uses this time to stay off of that crap for good, he's been bad with it lately and I've been so worried about him, but I didn't want him locked up! Maybe it's the only way! They said someone told on him.... I could just kill that person! But what do you expect from an addict! I feel so numb, guess it will hit me when I come down! No more, no more! I'm so luck to not be in jail right now! So scared for him tho! As the cops were talking to us my boyfriend kept looking over to me and saying I love you! He could of let me go down with him, but didn't.....
To make it worste the cops that brought the dog up there knew me from where I used to work! He just said he would of never thought and how shocked he was to see me there! That I need to stay away from that stuff and those ppl, like my bf, cause he knows from the short time he knew me that I could do so much better with my life!

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

Jesy I to believe you can do so much better with your life. The first step is wanting to. Dads praying!

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

You need help now!!! Let your parents support your recovery process. If you are honest with them, it’s amazing the forgiveness you’ll find. Don’t lose your job. Stop the fantasy that this guy is going to change in a time frame that you will see in the near future. You were smart enough to get to this website, be smart enough to walk away now. You are NOT the victim in this relationship. You are participating in his disease as well as yours.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but you need a wakeup call. I wish you the best. Take care.

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

Jesy, This is not a very good life and things could get worst for you if you keep going down this road. My daugher is 20 and she has not done anything to change her life, so we kicked her out last week. I see so many young people distroying there lives with meth. There is life without drugs, you have to chose and if your boyfriend really loves you, then he wouldn't want this for you either. Heres a Moms hug just for you. Please make the right chose.

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

One hell of a wake up call, ANSWER IT!!
Keep coming here, the support is incredible.
Do what is right for you now, YOU!!

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

i know........ the drugs are gone! I went a whole 14 days without it last week and now I'm ready to start all over agian. i'm gonna use this as my final chance to change! I have to start looking for somewhere to live, my parents want me out! They took my car but what hurts me the most is all the trust and respect I've built up with them are now gone!
I think that this is probably the only thing that will save my bf's life tho. He's been using realy heavy lately and on several occations told me how he knew if he didn't stop it was gonna kill him! I rather him be locked up away from me then dead any day!!
It hurts so bad tho! He was an ass at times but he really did care for me and always said he wished he never got involved with all this stuff and how he didn't want me involved and how he wish he could provide me with a better life. He always meant well and tried to make me happy, but the dope controlled him and was his only way to make the money he wanted and still use for free!!

Just wish things would of went another way! I miss him so much, besides my best friend he is the only person in my life. He was the one I went to when I had a bad day, or the only one I told everything to and now I don't have that anymore! I'm just so lonely, and I love him so much!!
Now I messed everything up with my parents because of him and I don't even have him! Just can't stop crying, so lonely and depressed! Tomorrow I have to go to surgery at 11, they putting me under and giving me pain pills to go home with so thank god the next 3 days I'll be on bed rest with pills this will help with the withdraw to start getting clean agian and the emotional hell I'm feeling.
Thank you all for the support, I need as much as I can get, I really don't have anyone else anymore!!

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

Dear Jesy, Im so sorry your lonely and I wish I could take the pain away, but thats part of life, learning from your mistakes and growing. Your life is not going to change unless you change it and your boyfriend who is your best friend too, I have to ask why would your bestfriend want you to have to live like that, to me he is not a very good person because you don't hurt the people you love. I hope that things get better for you Hon and maybe you should take this time to get closer to your parents and change your life.

Re: Boyfriend in jail for meth

In my opinion you deserve more than a boyfriend whose greatest gift to you is "not letting you go down with him".

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