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When does the meth paranoid happen?


When does the meth paranoid happen?

There are days when he is o.k. and there are days when he is very paranoid. Does this happen when they are using meth or when they come down off of it?


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

Both, but mostly when the user is active.

Paranoia decreases as clean time increases.


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

Sorry if these questions seem dumb, but he is the only person I have ever been around and I don't know much about it. The only info that I had about meth was from him until I found this board. How can I tell when he is using because sometimes he comes to get our daughter and I don't know if she should go with him because I am not sure if he is using. Sometimes I think he is because he blinks he eyes alot, not just the normal. Is this a sign??


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

Wife your questions are not dumb and this is a place where people can answer your questions.


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

So paraniod thay will cut off the hand that feeds them.

Thay will go berserk and accuse you of everything under the sun.


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?.

Well what I don't understand is. Why he thinks that I am a horrible person and shows me all his paranioa and when he is around other people he is fine, he treats them just like he always has. So why can he treat some people o.k. and turn around and act like a monster to me?


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

Asking "Why does a meth user act this way?" will result in a million different possibile answers.

He may be more comfortable around you, and so doesn't take extra care to "act normal" with you.


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

I think one of the reasons he takes things out on you is because you are there, and willing to take it.

Another reason may be that he blames you. Addicts always blame everyone else for their troubles except themselves or their drugs.

It isn't your fault. It really has nothing to do with you or anything you're doing.

You don't use, so you represent "them"; the people who he feels are looking at him like he's an addict, which he is, but he can't face it, so he makes you the enemy.

These are just ideas. I was the addict in my situation, so I don't have alot of advice for you from the standpoint of a loved one.

Keep asking questions. There are no dumb ones. The more you learn, the better equipped you will be to handle this, and make sound decisions regarding YOUR future. That is all you are responsble for.

So sorry that meth has come into your life. Coming here will help you tremendously, I know.


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

Wow! wife that sounds like the same situation i am in! "G" is so nice to other people even tells them lies about me how awful i am as a mother (and then his mom spreads this around too). Then if i walk in the room or his shop the change on his face is instant - like i am some sort of roach that crawled in. He'll be awful and then say he loves me and that i am overreacting. Never owning up to the difference in how he treats me...

4 help

Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

I would get blamed for everything also. It drove me crazy because I was the only one there trying to help him, but he accused me of everything under the sun (like someone else said), and he blamed me for everything. It's true, they blame the people who are closest to them.

He did the same thing to me - would go into his fits of RAGE, and yell and scream and cuss me up one side and down the other, call me every name in the book and then some, and then later he would apologize, and cry and act completely depressed, then be really down on himself. He acted like 2 different people - or really many different people - it would depend on which face he was wearing at the time.

From what I can tell - he seems to be more paranoid, have more dilusional thinking and have more hallucinations when he was coming down from a high. He would come up with the craziest stories and be COMPLETELY CONVINCED they were real, and they were far, far from reality. You can't make them see it that way, that's for sure. In our situation, "He" gets crazier and crazier by the day. It's unreal. About the time I think he's outdone himself, the comes up with something even more bizarre.

Just try to remember it is not your fault, no matter how much he tries to blame you, or tries to convince you. That's his way of breaking you down so you're at his level. Don't give him the power to do that. It is not him talking, and it's not him acting like a crazy person - it's the DRUG! Protect yourself, and take care of yourself. You might be in for one wild ride. I know I sure was! Mine isn't over yet - but I'm nearing the exit signs. Best Wishes!


Re: When does the meth paranoid happen?

All loved ones get "blamed" and punished in one way or another. I think it is how a meth addict shows love.

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