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What is sex like with a person on meth?


What is sex like with a person on meth?

I would like to know what it is like for a person on meth to have sex, do they crave it more, and do perverse things to their partner, and also if a person that doesnot use is with someone that does, is it possible that that person never gets into using meth and continues to live with them and be drug free?



Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

For me, when my bf and I were on meth, it was incredible! But it was just sex. There was nothing else to it. Like feelings. Damn I hated that part.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

I lived with my husband who was a drug user and I never did meth, and never wanted to (still don't). I guess it depends on your ability to not cave, and to "just say no". Sex was OK, but nothing to write home about. I don't know what he thought about it but for me though, it was sorta boring. Slam, bam like... I certainly didn't marry him for the sex.

It is possible to stay clean with a using partner, but you may find the sanity is limited in the relationship.

Good luck.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

My husband got really weird during sex, wanted to do all these "crazy" things and was extremely forceful and alot more aggressive. It kind of scared me. He was like an entirely different person.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

I've been with someone that when he used he may of felt like being sexual, but couldn't keep an erection and then there was the other person that was uninhibited and wild *in a good way* then there was the prevertedness (I'm not just talkin' kinky, but preverted ... I am a very open person, but there are some things I just won't do "like my animals" or orgies


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

my x craved it all the time....we had it night and day and apparently that wasnt enough because he was still cheat with everyone in my home town. He would also spend hours ont he computer looking at porn......i had my computer cleaned out when we broke up...I was so embarressed! But now that he is in prision maybe just maybe he is getting enough sex to last him a life time


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

You know they say if you hang around in a baber shop long enough you're gonna get a hair cut, So let's start from here.
Sex is always good on meth. For me as far as I can remember any how!
I dont think that the druyg doez it It just enlightings and magnifies your senses,Sex too.
If your partner is any kind of a person ,they would go with what you are comfortable with.
Be it sex drugs or Rock & Roll


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

My son to be ex hid his wild sex from me until I caught him with the slut dog. Then I changed sexually because I was so scared of losing him. He uses viagra and had kept that locked up and the amount of pills he had hid. I did not know what was going on. We came in from therapy(joke) and he snagged me in the clothes closet while our 16 year old son was sitting next to the wall in the other room. I found out he had been watching Sue Johnanson and Berman and Berman. He found a creative way to use listerine strips. The marathon would last up to an hour. All of the attention was on what he wanted. As time went on he bit me hard and I complained and his answer was yes it was supposed to hurt. He also said dirty stuff that sounded like things she would say. He then tryed to go somewhere I have no desire to go. His only answer was woops. Wrong ____. He went from pretend staight to kinky in a heartbeat. I hope this has helped because this was a lot for me to reveal.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

My shy guy suddenly would have me hog-tied with my face in the carpet. Really agressive and demeaning. It was as though I was only there for him to enact some kind of rape-type fantasy! There was suddenly porn everywhere on our computer. All this four months after our baby was born. Not really what I had envisioned for myself when I thought of growing up and having a family. Like the previous reply, this was hard to write so I hope it helps.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

When I was using, my boyfriend was too and he couldn't, umm, get "it" up. I have talked to people in recovery and many have told me that the same thing happened to them. They were too high to do anything.

I was the opposite of my boyfriend.

Just for today, we never have to use again.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

This is embarrasing. Maybe this will help you.

Me and my bf when we were using had sex for hours and hours at a time. Yes things got physical and rough. He liked to play roles and would sometimes get upset if he thought I wasn't paying him enough attention. He tied me up and spanked me so hard I had bruises on my a** and it hurt to sit down.

I hope you never become a user yourself. Take care.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

All the men have the same basic responce.... what is the womens side of the sex drive and feelings?? What happens when their man cant get it up??


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

My ex says he could last longer have longer orgasms on meth. I laugh because he thinks he will never get to the "can't get it up stage." Anyway he tells me the other you should try it just to see what it's like. No thanks. I dont care to know. Not interested in putting poison in my body.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

I am not a user, but my son-in-law told me about him & my daughter's escapades while Methed up! They would do it for hours & it would seem like minutes, they did it with his best friend,(a three way)she was doing other guys & he caught her, maybe for more drugs, maybe because it becomes all-consumming (hell if I know.)
Where were the kids while this was going on? Lke all morals go out the #@!% window, common sense,(like gee, I might catch something!)They have none!!!


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

What sex?! My ex couldn't get it up long enough to have sex (towards the end of the relationship). He "admitted" to being with other women during our separation, but I have heard through the grapevine (small town) these women all say the same thing... They thought he was impotent. He couldn't get and/or keep it up. He then admitted that he masterbated. I called him on it with the reply, "Yeah, that's what meth users have been known to do."

Cruel? Maybe... but just the facts. Call them like you see them. That's what happens when you start to use meth on a regular basis (everyday).


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

Sex with my addict husband who I loved very much was so emotionally painful.

Looking into his eyes and seeing nothing...emptiness...he has no soul, no life, no feelings.

Very very painful.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

Emptiness is the perfect way to discribe it. Although the physical feeling was great for me, the emotional feelings hurt so much. I still can close my eyes and see the way he would look at me. This minute I close my eyes, I see his eyes, and it hurts so much. Yes, very very painfull.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

SEX, that is what i would call it. Nothing about it is good anymore. It does not last very long, he is sweating all over me and the person i use to make love to, is gone no one is home!


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

I've noticed that I crave the "carnage". The most raw form of physical energy is what I've sought. And when I spend time thinking more in depth, I realize that I really want satisfaction and fufillment. Being on meth takes away all the detail, it rushes things and makes the edges rough and jagged by severe neglect-when in the users mind things are being smoothed and eased. In the long run, I've only hurt myself and my partner. I feel like I've cheated him (I've also lied because he has NO idea that I've used) of love that he deserved...and now I see I've cheated myself too. And why? What was worth it? Absolutely nothing.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?


The first time he asked if he could shoot while I was...uh...you know...to him....that was it for me. No more.

It became sick, disgusting, i can't find the words.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

My husband won't admit he uses but the people he has used with has told me and after reading this I know he is. I thought it was my fault he was looking at Porn in books and on the internet, and then it got to where he was aggresive while having sex. I told him he was hurting me one night and he finished and roled over and passed out cold. He also Drinks. I have since left him but have been beating myslef up thinking something was wrong with me. Now I know it is him.


Re: What is sex like with a person on meth?

Ok, so,...Sex with a person on meth when you are not a user. When the addicton was starting to get bad it was terrible. One night we are having sex and I say please stop that is hurting me. There was no stopping. When we were done he said I thought you were liking it. Ok, yeah whatever. Then it got to the point that we could not have sex because 1, he was gone on a binge, 2. he was crashing from a binge and my favorite 3. can't get an erection.
That was last year when we went throught this. Then I thought that he had quit. I still had my suspisions(SP) but I thought that I was just having trust issues because of all we had been through.

Welcome this year. Here we are again. I just have a baby. She is 2 weeks old and he is already wanting to go at it again. Yeah, I will admit I like sex with my husband because he is my husband and I love him. So we have sex and he was like this cold robot. His only words were " Thanks, I know you are doing this for me"

It has gotten to the point that I no longer want to have sex with him. When you are making love with your husband it is supposed to be about love. But it only feels like we are just there for the sex. Love??? Whatever. Hope this helps someone. I would not usually share this.

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