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Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?


Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?

Hi all. I am the sister of a meth user(22), my brother(24). I also am raising one of his 3 children who is 3. I usually have no idea where he is, or what he is doing, but I do know he is using. He has always had a super addiactive personality, and has always had problems. Is there any way to talk him out of doing drugs? I've tried to help him, and all he ever wants is money.I've offered to take him to the hospital,help him pay for rehab, but nothing. He is serisouly out of his mind. I feel like he died, and I'm just interacting with a drug induced body that isn't even him. Is there any reasoning with him? If so- what can I say, or do?


Re: Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?

My daughter is also on the meth stuff and currently in jail for it. She is 20 and this is her first offence so from what I heard she will probably be out tomorrow. My heart, prays and hope goes out to you and your family but he will have to decide if he wants to quit or not, just like my daughter. Her being in jail is a blessing she will have spent a total of 4 days in there I think, at least from what I hear, and maybe she has hit her bottom. May I make a suggestion to you look into naranon, it might help. However, pleading with him, offering him rehab, non of that will help. Sometimes they have hit some sort of a bottom and us around them who love them so much have to let them.


Re: Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?

Hello, I am a mother of a 22 year old who also is a meth addict. Although, he now says he is a functioning addict. My son is current in jail because of his addition. I have also tried talking to him to convience him in getting clean. There were days where he was clean for weeks and then he falls and gets back on that natsy road to death. I have never given up on him because I know the person my son is before he fall on meth. He sits in jail awaiting his sentencing and all I can tell him is that it is now his choice what path he wishes to take, he has that decision to make that will change his entire life. Either choose to get clean, or choose the life using meth that will end you up dead. Your brother, needs to want help, in most times it means hitting rock bottom. I pray that when he does, you are there to support and help him to get the help. Please remember, giving him money is not the help he needs. God bless you for watching over his child.


Re: Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?

Hello everyone,
This is a first time for me in this forum. In reading all the postings, I see my sister in all of them and its tells me even more that my sister is a classic meth user. My sister is 32 and she has been using hard for the last five years. She is hearing voices and picks at her face constantly. She also talks to herself. My mom and I have taken her four kids to raise. We don't want her babies around her or her friends anymore. The kids are 11,8, 4,and 2.
I have no idea where my sister is at. She may be dead for all I know. She will not admit that she has a problem. We have offered to get her help but she refuses. There are days were I want to go looking for her to see if she is okay but I know if I do find her all she will want is money. I know that I can't give her any. Everyone says that I need to let her hit rock bottom and then she will have to change. It is so hard to wait for that moment.
What can I do? What do I do?

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