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Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

le grumps
Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

10. Compared to everyone else in NA, you are totally vanilla.
(Ummm, whatever. The depths I did not reach were not too far off, and frankly, I am glad I missed out!)

9. If you would have just kept your big fat mouth shut about this whole adddiction BS, you could learn to drink like a lady again and hang out like you used to!
If drinking like a lady is to include not stopping when I intend to, driving drunk, acting like a ho and having hangovers every morning, then NO THANK YOU!)

8. All of your friends think you are the biggest loser because you couldn't handle your drugs.
That's weird. The only person who seemed sad that I quit was my drug dealer!

7. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of boredom now that you are in recovery.
Really? If all the laugher and fun I have with my current friends is any indication....

6. You are fat and ugly.

5. No one will ever love you. (See also #6)
If I was loved when I was still an addict, imagine who will love me when I finally love myself!

4. You will never succeed in recovery.
Hm. A 51-year old woman in my IOP told me that when I am her age, I could be collecting my 25 year cake. She said the time goes FAST!

3. Recovery is for wusses who have nothing better to do than mollycoddle themselves and blame everything on their childhood. Losers!
Staying miserable is for stubborn a-holes who are too self-righteous to clean house.

2. You are going to die alone. (See also #5)
I'd rather die alone with dignity than with a rig poking out of my arm. And anyway, there is something very lonely-sounding about fading away in the midst of an overdose, doncha think?

And now, the NUMBER ONE lie that my addiction tells me every day...

1. You will always be haunted by the memory of the high. I'll make sure of that!
I think f1yf1sher said it best when he said "I used to respect crystal meth until I saw through it's lies."


Re: Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

I love that, thanks. I want to print that out and show it to my addict someday when he is ready.

Re: Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

This is good. Funny thats alot of what mine says too. Especialy the fat part.......... but I wo't give in so it keeps finding new ways to F@#$ with me.

Re: Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

grumps, you never cease to amaze me. You have come so far, and your hard work shows. I love you sistah!

Re: Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

My committee wakes me up with much of the same no matter how long I am around.

-- I always felt like a wuss in NA (since I don't have an IV dope fiend story):
I go to AA meetings where they encourage the discussion of drugs.

--Every time a holiday catalog comes in the mail I think I could drink champagne like the woman in the velvet dress:
I drink and drug like an animal...I don't think I ever drank/drugged like a lady.

--I will die alone, I'll always be alone, no one will ever love me, no one will ever stay along with the bonus of:

--He was the last man, your last chance:
My ex picked up after many years clean. I threw him out. He's still using months later. I don't think I'm staying clean/sober to live an insane life with an active addict. I don't think that was my life's plan.

--You will never feel better. You'll always be broken:
We know that's a lie, cuz I can get angry really quickly.

--This was the last gig:
I'm self employed so I think my last job is my last job. That is never true.

--You'll never be like normal people and have a normal life:
This one beats me up the greatest. It took me years of recovery to admit I wanted a normal life with a home & family. I just keep talking to god to get myself through this one. IT'S ALL BLIND FAITH!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for sharing and letting me share.


Re: Top 10 lies my addiction tells me every day

1. I want to crawl in a hole and smoke speed
2. if I get something terminal, I'll die anyway, I could use again.
3. I want something else to get me thru this, semi-charmed kind of life
4.I could be thin in two weeks
5. you'll never make it
6. come home to me (suzette howling)
7. I'm unhappy and empty inside
8. somebody has to be the bad guy
9. you're just waiting for a chance and you know it
10.ARRRRRRRR!!!! (howling)

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