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Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

missma Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

Does anyone know if smoking meth can cause difficulty urinating? My friend who is a regular meth smoker complains frequently that even though he needs to urinate, it takes awhile before it will actually happen. I am wondering if this a side affect of smoking meth and how harmfull would this be?

Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

tell her to drink a gallon of water when she feels that way.
then she'll really have to go, and will!

I've seen it before.

azo helps/cures it too..
it makes you wiz bright orange, and is purchased over the counter too.

.......of course quitting speed would be best.

it'll probily just cause kidney fallure later...

she can live with having just one right?


it will ALWAYS cause frickin problems,
............if it did'nt, I'd be high right now!
I promise you that.

Sfj Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

I had a lot of problems in that area. But I didn't smoke it.

I only shot, snorted or ate it but I don't think the method of use makes any difference.

After I quit meth, the plumbing works fine.

sumgirl Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

Urinating is usually difficult for meth users because of dehydration. Meth dehydrates the body by altering the intake of foods and fluids. Dehydration results in the body producing urine that is more concentrated but has less volume. Also 'holding your bladder' encourages the growth of bacteria leading to Urinary Tract Infections and if untreated could lead to kidney infections.
Tell your friend to quit using, but that'll go over like a fart in church, so tell them to drink more fluids...water usually doesn't taste good to users so encourage gatorade or propel water, anything but soda which further dehydrates the body!

Kitty52 Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

What effect can it have on men? Someone I know uses, smokes it~~~and he has spent the night from early evening and NEVER use the restroom?? He drinks liquids too. Usually Jack and Coke, constantly..I always wondered about that?? Great Question~~~~~

missma Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

...thank you all so much for your insights. That all makes sense. I do see dehydration as the reason for his problem. I often wondered why he did not drink much water, but drinks lots of slurpies and sodas, and eats lots of candy. I have never seen anyone eat and drink so many sweet things all the time.

Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

My hubby would only pee once every other day or so.

One of his comments about being clean...he pees every morning now like a normal person! Lol

However when I was doing it I had to pee ALL the time, 2 or 3 times an hour, but would be very little. That could have been because of the hours of intercourse though, not sure.

Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

It would take me forever! Sometimes I'd go in there to pee & not come out for a couple days. I had to give myself a No-Pee rule (until I couldn't hold it) because me in my bathroom was like a kid in a candy store. I'd redecorate, clean, do make-up, masks, spy out the window...
usually i'd forget to pee

Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

When I was using, I drank so much water that I had to pee all the time. But the people I used with didn't drink a lot of water, and now that I think of it- I know they peed, but not that often. Hmmm.

ian Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

I don't think it's as much of a problem with people using stimulants, it's very common with opiate use, even 'minor' ones (hydrocodone, codeine ect.).

Although all these drugs mess up your whole system, who knows what it can do, everyone is differant.

Re: Is urinating a problem for meth addicts?

I always had to pee while using. Maybe it was all the beer I was drinking while the pipe was going.

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