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How long does meth stay in your system?

How long does it stay in your system?

If a person worked for a company that has random drug testing, at anytime you could be called in to take one, usually with in 24/48 hours.

My question is. If they have been smoking meth or crank, how long does it stay in their system and will it show up on a drug screening?

Does it last 1,3,5 7 days how long. I know pot lasts along time, but I don't know about this other stuff.

Found a broken light bulb, that had been burned and small baggie that was used for smoking, husband says it isn't his, doesn't know how it got in his coat pocket, (a coat he hasn't worn in 2 years) and that because he would never jepordize his job he would never do that, hates drugs, would never do it. Someone else must have put it there.

I don't know what to believe now.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

meth is out of your system in 3-4 days. There is a liquid that my BF used to take 1 hour before he would go in for a test and it would mask the test for 4 hours. There are ways to get around tests. The only test I would trust is a total random, watch him pee right in front of me, spur of the moment test. Any notice given and there are ways around it.

imlostinky Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

Is there any other reason you would think your husband might be using drugs?Any signs of drug use- changes in behavior, unexplained mood swings, clenching of jaws, leg /arm jerks in sleep, light sleeper or insomnia?

Is there anyone else in the house that may be?

Had he worn the coat then discovered the bulb or did you discover while going through the closet?

Have you found any other paraphenalia? Empty pen casings perhaps? Something that could be used as a tooter straw?

As for how long it stays in the system- there are varying reports- some say as little as one day , some say as long as a week.
Hair tests reportedly can show up to 3 months history of past use.

Does this help?

EDIT: one other thing - would someone jeopardize a good job by using drugs?


Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

his mood is up and down. Sometimes happy other inpatient. he doesn't jerk in his sleep, but he rubs his fingers constantly (almost like going in a trance) says it is a nervous habit. (used to jingle change in pocket and rub mustache as nervouse habits also).

He can sometimes stay awake, but most of the time he is so exhausted he can't stay awake. Falls asleep just sitting on the sofa. Says he is so exhausted after working 60+ hours a week.

He lives away in hotel durning the week and home only on weekends.

Only other thing I found some time ago was a small 4" torch that he said he bought to put his stereo together and that was used for soddering.

No he hasn't worn the coat in 2 years. it is a old fishing coat, my 18 years old son found it while looking for a flashlight.

JDP Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

You can order urine drug tests online for really cheap. You can buy ones that only test for meth if you want, and they are only a couple of dollars each.
This is one site to buy them from. After three days of not using they can usually test clean, so it has to be a surprise, and you have to watch him pee in the cup.
You only see him on weekends, so he could have an easier time hiding his use from you. If he is using, he will lie to protect it. Someone in that house is using, with what was found.

imlostinky Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

So you,Hubby, and 18 yr old son only ones in the house?

Well, you know it isn't yours, and it stands to reason the 18 year old would have known it was there -after all if he put it there- that leaves your husband.

He could be using while out working the 60 hour work week and then not on the weekends which is why he crashes so hard- or honestly he could be crashing because of the 60 hour work week.That's a lot of hours- I'd be tired.

If it isn't yours and it isn't your son's - then it is his.

Even if someone had put it in his pocket 2 years ago when he last wore it, at some point he would have put his hands in the pocket and found it.
Not being his,he would have trashed it.

Now my husband has hid his dope in his clothes pockets that are hanging up in the closet- especially after I grew suspicious and started checking his pocket and his vehicles.

The 4" torch could be used for soldering but I have seen them used more for smoking meth.
Even my sons call them crack lighters- they work perfectly for that.

You can obtain a hair test on line - Craig Medical provides them as well as a couple other places.
They have very clear directions on how to obtain a sample.

Any chance of you showing up unexpectedly during the week?
Your 18 year old son should be able to be okay overnight.

Keep an eye out for empty pen casings- they are easy to check for residue.
Get a dark piece of paper , lay it flat, then take a nail ,small flathead screwdriver - any small sharp object and scrape the inside of the pen casings.
The residue will come out and look a lot like grains of salt.

I don't know if your husband is using - but I do think it is possible.
I'd keep an eye out for sure.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

The drug tests I have purchased indicate that meth stays in the system for 2-4 days... the variation depends upon the method used (injecting, SMOKING, snorting, eating), the user's metabolism, & other physiological factors.

I am sorry, but what you found certainly indicates that someone in your home has indeed used or is using meth.

Meth is scary stuff! The random test as lovemanhatemeth1 suggested is the only way you will be able to catch him & know for sure if it's an ongoing thing.

Please know right now that if he refuses the test for ANY reason, it is the very same as admission of guilt... Period.

danimal55 Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

If he wont pee test an electric razor should have enough hair in it for a test tha will indicate recent use. A hair brush for longer range tests.
Hubby sounds like the candidate in queston, out of town and working himself to death often promts us to use a pick me up like meth. I got started working in knee deep snow one winter doing construction work, I thought I'd found the fountain of youth! Productivity skyrocketed..right before my ass fell off.
The coat pocket is a likely hiding place, I loaned a pair of gloves to my SO and lo and behold one of them had a needle in it
Did you find any meth or was the baggie empty?
The mini torches are used to smoke crack as well as meth, and they are the cats meow for smoking out of a lightbulb pipe.
Remember, if you do approach him about this...do it in a spirit of loving concern rather than panic, resentment, and anger, you'll be far more likely to hear the truth.
Meth and truth don't mix well as a meth addiction is contingent upon bullshyt and lies, as well as deception, manipulation, and secrecy.
Does he use any other mind altering substances? i.e. booze, pills, coke, pot?

imlostinky Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system


Please know right now that if he refuses the test for ANY reason, it is the very same as admission of guilt

Am I the only one who finds those pee tests to be very degrading?
There is no way I would pee in a cup while my hubby watches- he could go to hell.

Now I could do a hair test gladly- but I'm not peeing in no cup for him or anybody outside of my doctor- and that is only when I am dying from yet another infection and am desperate for antibiotics.

I never tested my husband for anything- I felt better knowing I could do the hair if I ever got to the point where I felt like I was truly losing my mind.

I am so glad he gave up playing me for stupid- I really would have hated to get to that point.


Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

I never thought of it that way... guess I'm just a little different.

I think I would pee in a cup for a total stranger to prove I was clean if they were accusing me otherwise!

I've always been that way, though...
I'd rather prove myself if at all possible than to allow anyone to have unfounded doubts about me...

I think it's cuz I'm too much of a "people pleaser"... do ya think?

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

My BF refused to do a hair test. He knew he wouldn't have a chance of beating that one. He prefered to pee in a cup and, in fact, it was his idea. Of course, when I called his bluff he buckled. I would definately offer him a hair test first. I think they are more accurate and give a longer history. Of course addicts know that they are more accurate and show a longer history also. He might welcome a pee test if you give the option of a hair test first. Like I've always said.....I would give the world to not have ever been put in the position to test my beloved. The not knowing where his soul went almost killed me. The truth set me free.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

My husband is an alcoholic. At this point he says he doesn't drink (of course I can't prove it), he used to smoke pot but quit about 10 years ago, at the same time he started drinking heavily.

He got a DUI 18 months ago, since then he doesn't drink in front of me, and swears he isn't now. Unfortunately, when I talk to him on the phone, the words come out just a little slower, not to slurred, just enough that makes me believe that he is still drinking.

This of course would be part of his inpatience when he is home, when he is there he doesn't use, so his choice of relaxing is gone and his additude is unpredictable.

Someone asked if there was just the 3 of us. No, I have two little kids also, 6 & 9. My 18 years old is a recovering addict himself and he went through treatment twice this last year (Jan. 05 and May 05).

We don't have a great relationship as it is and he blames my rejection of him for his drinking problems (I do know different). I have rejected him for years, because I hated what he was doing. And I still think he is doing it, so the rejection cycle continues. Our sex life is awful, because he wants great wonderful lustful sex and I have know desire or energy. So this of course angers him.

He doesn't give his younger kids much of the time of day. says he loves them, but doesn't have time to play, read books or he will watch a movie with them , then promptly fall asleep.

Sorry this is so long - venting

danimal55 Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

Having no time but for the kids, but plenty of time for lustful sex... point toward meth use. Personally when I'd talk on the phone it was blatantly obvious to whoever I was talking to that something was wrong with me, esp. those who knew me well... a dead giveaway!
It seems like he's coming home on the weekends to crash rather than live a family life, possibly explaining the "sketchy", unpredictable behavior
A huge part of sustaining an addiction or alcoholism is blaming others, as personal accountability and responsability get displaced onto others.
On a lighter note, send my congratulations to your 18 year old for his recovery, it sounds like he's working hard at it.
And Mom...vent! we're here to listen

Starkist Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

These are good things to know, I was going to ask the same question. I am planning on going job hunting and I know a lot of the hotels that I want to apply at have drug screening for the job applicants. Excellent.

gjtwyman Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

my boy friend is now in jail for sale to a cop--------
Last year i found pipes light bulbs he used my light bulbs at house was always gone.

when i confronted him he said would not do again,hes in jail now,says it happened be for his promiss.

was cleaning out my car yesterday found 3 empty cold
boxes be hind the rug of trunk. confronted him on phone to day...

says he's not his
you got me how do you tell when there telling truth or not
he swears he'll be the best old man i deserve if i let him come home.........

got me i'm confused

imlostinky Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

Gjt- I replied to you on your other thread.Hope it helps.


Having no time but for the kids, but plenty of time for lustful sex

Also a side effect of drinking - never mind nothing would work properly when that drunk.
I know when my husband drank alot - that's how I got started in AlAnon all those years ago- he would always want sex.
And of course I didn't love him when and if I could say no.
And no it wasn't because I was so totally grossed out by his behavior and appearance, it was because I had a boyfriend on the side.
Not because I felt on edge all day long dreading the night because I knew he had an early start that day-
never because of any of that.

A lot of the same behaviors meth brings out - only this time,I was better equipped at handling myself.

If you haven't tried AlAnon, I suggest you do- they made a tremendous difference in my life- and that of my children.
Life changing- even if hubby hadn't quit drinking, I still would have been okay.

It's free and the number is in the yellow pages.
Call them- you won't regret it.


My 18 years old is a recovering addict himself

Any chance the light bulb belongs to him?
A leftover he may have forgotten about?

The lightbulb could belong to either- your husband could be doing meth or he could just be doing the drinking.
It is hard to say.

My husband years ago when drinking would get hyper- he would not pass out.It's a wonder he didn't kill himself drinking.
A lot of what meth would do , he would get from the beer - and vice versa.
Alcohol was always his first choice when we met- and married.
Meth became his first choice 3 years ago because quite frankly, after not drinking for so long, his tolerance wasn't as high anymore.
He will pass out on alcohol these days- and at a much smaller amount.
And he could hide meth whereas I can smell alcohol on his breath from a mile away.
Get close enough I can even give you the brand.
Very rarely could I smell meth.

Give AlAnon a call-
as for the lightbulb, I don't know.

Hemetchik Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

Old jackets was a place I ALWAYS put my drug stuff in. ALWAYS. I thought nobody will ever look there. When we tweak we have so many hiding spots for our stuff, it is a game to play. As far as how long in your system, it depends on how much he used or how long he has been using.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

No I don't think it would be my son, because he is the one that found it and showed it to me when I got home.

I don't believe my husband when he says it wasn't his. Even if his friends did that, why pick his coat instead of throwing it in the garbage?

And since we moved from another state in July, the coat with the fragile light bulb piece would have shattered I would think. It was packed in a pretty tight truck.

I am thinking of taking some of his shavings and getting them tested. I need to know, I need to protect my two younger kids. I have lived this life and lies to long.

imlostinky Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

Hair test

another site hair test

Baseball Mom, I know that feeling. I have been there.
I did not find it necessary to do a hair test on my husband.
Once he knew it was an option I was considering, he became very honest.

He had offered to take a drug test anytime I wished.
I think he had the urine tests in mind though when he made that offer.
He had worked with a guy who fooled the urine tests quite frequently.

Hair tests are not that easy to fool.

Had I ever felt it necessary,I would have gone this route.
Worth it I think for piece of mind.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

One of the things that led up to me leaving my husband was finding notes from when he was fired 10 years ago from a job for a dirty cocaine test. He told his union reps "why would I jeopardize everything? I have too much to lose." Those were the exact words he had been using with me, ten years later, again.

A drug test proved my husband was using and finally got him to admit to it. Bring one home unexpectedly, don't talk about giving him one before you give it to him.

Re: drug test, how long does it stay in your system

A "torch" wouldn't be used to solder a stereo afaik. A soldering gun would be used. My husband uses a coleman propane torch to smoke meth. Disgusting. I think that is pretty common.

The torch, lightbulb, and baggie are pretty dead giveaways.

Sorry, but it sounds like he has a problem.

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