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What does a Meth user need with automotive cleaner?

Kitty52 Meth and Automotive Cleaners
What does a meth user need cans and cans of, automotive cleaning stuff for...I realize the cars are junk and could need some of these items-----but so many? He bought two cans of "cleaner"....said he wanted to clean under carriage of truck....he has several cans of similar things in garage, not to mention small propane tank, personal size.
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Re: Meth and Automotive Cleaners
the small propane tank....could be for meth chemicals...anhydrous? but the cleaners...When you are high...cleaning seems fun

paceset Re: Meth and Automotive Cleaners
Oh heavens, who really knows, users don't. I've asked a million times. I've seen cans of car cleaner used to kill ants for an hour -sick- I kept trying to tell him ants are our friends-they aren't those God awful spiders he is so afraid of. We have over 100 cans of spray paint, and over 100 cans of other stuff. I tend to think that they need the poisonous chemicals to keep their levels even. Sorry for you and me too. hugs across the internet

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