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Hearing voices after quitting Meth

imlostinky Hearing voices after quitting Meth
How many of you heard voices after quitting meth? How are you today?
I have a friend that is experiencing this and is pretty scared right now.
Any advice to help her through?
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
i experienced this...i started hearing voices, hearing noises and see things that weren't there when i was using...

when i got clean, I continued to hear things and see things, but in a different way to when i was using...

i continued to hear things and see things for the first 3 months of my recovery...

today i don't hear things and i don't see things...

i really don't know of any advice to give unfortunately...
paul4fun Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I think you already know I've heard voices for the last 2 years while i was using and still hear them 8 weeks clean now....my voices for the most part have been good to me telling em to stop using...but they have kept me up many nights when i was using and wore me out at times... I believe meth makes u more sensitive to the spirit world and i believe i have a spirit of a little boy that wants me to play with him 24/7 lol... they are harmless if u don't let them get to you... im sure your friend will be fine if she gives the meth a break the voices will start to fade if she needs to chat i would love to talk to him/her if u think that would help.... I wud love to help out any way i can... love ya...
Rancid1 Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I had two voices. I heard them for about 3 months in the end of my using. Very clear and distinct voices. They talked to me, and talked to each other. But 99% of the time they were taunting me and laughing with each other because I was crazy.

Extremely tiring, very terrifying. They wouldn't go away or even quiet down for a second no matter what. The more I told them to shut up and the more I begged for them to go away the more they laughed at me because I was insane.

For me the only way to find some comfort was talking to someone else. I couldn't hear them as much when I was talking to someone else. And get out of the environment you are normally in. The voices were strongest in my room. Since I was always alone there, and that's where I spent most of my time.

When they got really bad I would have to get up and walk around the house because I couldn't hear them as well when I wasn't in my room.

When I couldn't sleep because I thought I was going to die, then I needed drugs to calm me down. But that was anxiety I guess not really the voices. Though the reason I thought I was going to die was because the voices were telling me that I was going to die.

Anyway. Hope that helps in some way.

Oh, and for me the voices went away within the first week of sobriety. I prayed a LOT during that first week.  
le grumps Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
Ugh, what a horrible experience.

I have a friend who still hears voices a year and a half after she quit using. They say very degrading things to her and insult her and tell her she should kill herself.

She knows they aren't real, and what I try to do is just remind her that the voices are full of sh** i

When I was involved in NA I also helped a couple people out who were still hearing voices. Sometimes, it simply takes a person to gently, patiently remind you that their hallucinations are not real.

I needed that, and it really helped. We know it's not real, then we forget. We know, then we get sucked in, then we forget. We aren't sure, so we get scared. We don't know what to believe anymore.

When we get reminded, again, that the scary things aren't real, we can try to find our footing again. There are no monsters under the bed, we can sleep now.

Hope this helps.
pisces Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
"look at that, your neighbor left the keys in her car, she won't notice if it's gone for a bit"

"how could you possibly think that for one second that is a remotely good idea?!"

"hey, there's that lawn mowing kid again, grab that brick and chuck it at his head, no one will miss him"

"what we need to do is start a CMA meeting, right here in this very neighborhood... Lord knows it is full of dope heads"

"better yet, tie him to the lawnmower and set fire to it, then i can watch him burn"

"ok, I'm back, what did i miss?"

"we are discussing starting a CMA meeting here..."

"no, we are going to set fire to that kid and we are going to bar-b-q over the flames"

"oh, well, i was just thinking maybe we should get some dope, since we are so tired lately"

"absolutely not.. unacceptable"

Basically, yeah, i have these friggin voices too.. and it drives me nuts... as for what your friend should do, she should seek out help.... wherever she can find it.... i would suggest a professional...... that's what i did.... they put me on Risperdal.. and it works like magic..... i am suffering from the voices right now because i had to stop all meds in order to complete a sleep study... but in 2 weeks, i will be back to normal again..
imlostinky Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
Thank you all for your help. I am sure knowing she is not the only one will help a great deal.
Thanks - and it is nice to know there is medication that can treat this disorder.
JUSTCATS Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
OMG! I knew that a lot of addicts heard voices. I had no idea, what kinds of scary things they were telling them, though!!!

Question: Does anybody know why meth addicts still here voices after quitting, even for longer period of time??? I am just curious.

Now, I can understand why my bf was so frickin crazy, mean and moody!
sarah1652 Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I hear them all the time..in the car...when its loud..when things are quite....they tell me things to do...bad things...Other times telling me how weak I am..telling me how stupid I am; bad mom.........then laughing...talking to one another is not all the time...but real....Real to me........got to go to bed- Sarah
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth

...You gotta speak up, I can't hear you over all the voices in my head!

You realize voices in your head are normal. ...right?

....for me.

yep, here it comes...
............this is what "LIFE 101" says about it...

Inner Voices

What the inner voice says Will not disappoint the hoping soul.

It doesn't take much inner listening to know that "in there" there are many voices: speaking, singing, shouting, and whispering. At times, I'm sure I have an entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Some of the "voices" speak; others flash images. Some communicate by feelings, while others communicate through a sense of "knowing." When I say "voices," I include all of these--and any forms of communication I failed to mention.

These voices have information--all of it useful. Some you can use by acting on; some you can use by doing precisely the opposite. It's a matter of knowing whether or not a given voice is on your side.

How do you know? Listen. Listen might not be the best word. Perceive might be a better word, or look within, or be aware of your inner process. I'll use listen, because it goes along with the analogy of "voices," but know that when I say "listen" I also mean watch, sense, perceive, and be aware of what's going on inside.

Start by listening and keeping track of which voice says what. You can assign them characters, if you like. Here are four of my inner favorites:

The critic. I see this voice as a vulture. Pick, pick, pick, nag, nag, nag. Nothing anyone does is good enough. (Except occasionally when somebody else does something undeniably outstanding, then the vulture says, "Well, you'll never do anything that good." Doom and gloom fly with the vulture. It feeds on unworthiness, and its droppings are the doubts, fears, and judgments that keep us from moving toward our goals.

The praiser. The praiser I see as an eagle. It proudly tells us all the wonderful things we are, have, and do. It generously praises the being, accomplishments, and activities of others. It's the one that lets us know we are worthy no matter what, and that our worth does not need to be proven, earned, or defended. We are worthy just because we are. All that we are is fine just the way it is. It flies on the wings of grace and gratitude. It nurtures our very soul.

The dummy. The dummy is a turkey. It's the one who answers quickly and loudly, "I don't know," to almost any question. The turkey is the one that keeps us doing all those stupid things we do, and then say, "Darn! I knew better!" We may know better, but no one told the turkey. Turkeys do not fly. If you leave them out in the rain they will drown. They have nothing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

The grower. The grower is like an egg. An egg? Yes, as W. S. Gilbert said, "As innocent as a new-laid egg." That's one of the attributes of growth--each moment is new, fresh, and innocent. An egg also contains all the potential for future growth. As Hans Christian Andersen pointed out, "His own image was no longer the reflection of a clumsy, dirty, gray bird, ugly and offensive. He himself was a swan! Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan's egg." Our grower knows who we are and the kind of bird in the egg (HINT: It's no vulture). It has sufficient self-love to keep itself warm and cozy while gestating. It knows the hatching will take place at precisely the right moment. It is content and divinely patient until then. As Robert Burns wrote of his egg, "The voice of Nature loudly cries, / And many a message from the skies, / That something in us never dies."

It's a good idea to listen to what the voices say, not to how they say it. As Lord Byron reminds us, "The Devil hath not, / in all his quiver's choice, / An arrow for the heart like a sweet voice." And Freud, a century later, wrote, "The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing. Ultimately, after endlessly repeated rebuffs, it succeeds. This is one of the few points in which one may be optimistic about the future of mankind, but in itself it signifies not a little."

If all these birds in our brains are too much for you, perhaps you could use the metaphor of tuning a radio, or changing channels on a television. Once you tune into your own network of wisdom, you'll have guidance that's sure, clear, and direct.

I thank you for your voices, thank you, Your most sweet voices.
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I had the same experiences as rancid. My voices were of people i knew. It was like they were in my head messing with me all the time. I began to believe that people could read my mind. There were day's i honestly thought i was loosing my mind. I would talk to the voices in my head in my own head. I went through a period where i did not talk a lot because i thought i was communicating through my head. But at the time you could not pay my enough money in the world to make me believe it was because of my drug use. I still hear voices. But they have faded a lot. It took me a long time to realize what was real and what was just the voices. It seemed to make it easier that when they get real bad. I just try and relax and i just keep telling myself it is just the voices. Hope it helps.
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I have the same thing, but i look at it differently than you guys.

I envision my mind as a hallway:

it's lined with doors...
...behind each door, is an individual I am very close too.

my mom
my dad
my uncle
my best friends
"society, and socially acceptable, appropriate, general public majority type opinion" ....eddie haskel like.

then of course


and the suzie monster - like, when I write things just to shake up the thread? that's the "dennis the menace"
of Gods suz...
...I'm still a good girl, just "free spirited"

and at the end of the hall, behind the elaborate, finely detailed, carved, ancient mahogany door...

...is "Gods suzie"
where the final decision is made on every issue.
....the buck stops here.

unless meth is our co pilot....
....and "gods suz" is benched and suzette comes up to bat.

so when something happens, upon finding out what occurred...
...the doors are opening and the "others" start yelling out
their different opinions.

my uncle
my mom
my friends
....and of course suzette loves the ruckus..
she's screaming METH!!
the whole time.

everyone calms down.

Im have the problem sitting in the middle of the hallway.
.....so we all can see it.

I walk all the way around it, so i can see it from every angle ....as I go to each room...entity tells me and shows me their angle of the problem, and why it's true.

when I get to gods suzie.
...she knows already.

the question is...
....suzette screaming meth all the time...or it would be pretty friendly in my head.

all the voices get like a daycare center sometimes...
....I can't keep em in their rooms.
and each one screaming a different thing.
....it bugs me after awhile.

....that's my ADD I guess.
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I hear the voices of the people that care about me.
That's new.
I had to tune them out before.
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
Tune em out? wow.
...hard work! I'd need to be a zen master to do that.
you know...the president has advisors, but he makes the final decision
...............I use them like that.

I listen to each one.
....knowing it's all me, and what i learned from them.

except my late great uncle
.....I just feel him.

this will be at my commitment hearing I'm sure.
paul4fun Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
he guys... just wanted to say the voices I hear are family and friends all of them alive to.... love ya

imlostinky Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
I am sure it would be very unnerving to say the least to have this constant chaos busy-ness going on in your head.
I wonder though if it would be our own insecurities , our own fears that are we are hearing?

Thinking out loud so to speak?

Sarah, do you have a doctor you see? can you get to a doctor?
I think if you could understand the whys behind the voices, they would scare you anymore.
And if it is meds you are needing, then you could get your meds.
We are not BAD people trying to get good- we are GOOD people. You all are the best ,really good people.
We are sick people trying to get well.

I wonder if we ever get to a place where we can truly forgive ourselves if the voices will quiet?
If we can ever accept that just because we did bad things it didn't make us bad people.

I think you all are wonderful beautiful souls, loving and worthy of being loved.
I wonder when we believe that about ourselves, if peace will come.................
Re: Hearing voices after quitting Meth
it's natural to have these voices.
...that's why Meditation is so difficult, and achieving
nirvana is VERY difficult.

when I meditate
..I pretend I'm sitting on the ocean floor.

and each word that pops in my head, I put in a bubble and
watch it float to the top...
..I start with 1000 and can get down to about 5.
....... one time only 2 bubbles!
that was enlightening because only the super conscience
was talking.

"gods suz"

it's hard but it helps put em in perspective.

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