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Liquid Crystal Meth

Liquid Meth

liquid crystal methThis is coming into the country around Laredo, TX. It is being distributed from around San Antonio, TX. It has shown up in Tennessee and Kentucky. Each bottle, when boiled down, will produce 1 lb. of crystal meth.

TnSkye Re: Liquid Meth
Thanks for the head's up!

A couple of years ago, I found lots of jars of liquid over several months, but I figured it was from where he'd been making it himself. It looked very much like these only in mason jars.

Oh well. I'm outta there now.
Re: Liquid Meth
Authorities Find Liquid Meth In Mail Link
TnSkye Re: Liquid Meth
And just when I thought it couldn't get any scarier....

Sfj Re: Liquid Meth

I read the post and then I read the link.

At first I thought they were going back to Methedrine which hasn't been manufactured for a few decades as far as I know. But from reading the article, it looks like they just put the crystal meth in water, to disolve it, then put the liquid, with meth on a paper. LSD used to be distributed that way. I wonder what the purpose is? Maybe just as a decoy? I dunno.

What do you think?
imlostinky Re: Liquid Meth
I was thinking the same as LSD,SfJ.
That is my take on it.
Re: Liquid Meth
liquid... all fixed and ready to mainline?
Re: Liquid Meth
Watch the video under the Ames articl.
Sfj Re: Liquid Meth

I think you missed it.

The new stuff is on paper, just like LSD use to be.

But forty years ago, the Methedrine was exactly as you said.

All set to draw up in the rig. No bags, no bottle caps or spoons.

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