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Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?

frizzzzzz Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I'm making a doctor appt. for next week. Should I go to my family doctor of 12 years and tell him I'm coming off 6 years of using meth and let him advise me where to go from there? Or should I try to find a doctor who deals more with addictions and if this is the case where can I find this type of doctor?

I fear I have destroyed my sinuses. Anyone with this experience? Will this involve surgery and time off work?

I feel my major reason for using was due to ADD,
but I fear the prescriptions given for this could be bad, since many are just prescription speed (or at least from what little info I have this seems to be the case). Any feedback on this?

Also have dental issues? Is it useful to tell the dentist about the addiction...or just keep it to yourself in this situation?
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
If you have a good relationship with your family doctor, I would start there. Being honest is really helpful. It's going to help you a lot. The family doctor can help you find other specialists if you need them. Be as honest, and specific, about everything as you possibly can. I would tell the dentist, too.

Tell the doctor your concerns about ADD medicines. I remember one of my group-mates at treatment was changing over to Stratera (spelling?), which was a "non-stimulant" ADD medicine, because she was a meth user, too. There are usually alternatives to things, so don't hesitate to tell them when you just don't think something is the right thing for you, or you're just not sure. I'm not sure about the nasal stuff, surgery, etc. Again, the family doctor can make a referral if they can't help you.

All doctors work best when they are honestly informed. Also, being honest is very healing, at least in my case. If you don't think your doctor is trustworthy with this information, I would get another doctor. Mine was very cool, didn't seem to judge me in any way, and was really good about doing all she could to help. Good luck to you.
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
My addict was a coke user, way back when. Coke really screwed up his sinuses. Years later he, ended up with HUGE polyps in his sinus cavities. He would get really bad headaches, and it was affecting his vision. It was a really nasty situation.

He had surgery a few years back, and is much better, however, the dumbazz got hooked on meth. I am not sure if he, went back to snorting it. I think he was smoking it.

Anyhow, if coke did that kind of damage, I can imagine what meth will do..
Loraura Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
You family doctor is a great place to start. Be HONEST. He can't help you if he doesn't have all the facts.

How much clean time do you have?

If you are still using, there will be very little a doctor can do to help you, as far as writing a prescription. There simply aren't meds out there that can compete with the damage meth is doing while in active addiction.

Your doctor should be able to give you an opinion, or a referral to a specialist, regarding your nasal membranes. They may heal on their own given time, and no further damage being inflicted. They may require surgery.

Same for dentistry. Let him know that you think your tooth decay may be meth related. Again, they won't be able to make a lot of progress if you are still using.
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I endorse total honesty, esp. with the Drs. that can help save what's left of your "health" as well as your nose and teeth. I devoutly adhere to the notion..."we can't save our face and our azz too".
The dentist will know, the nose Dr. will know, it's likely that they will tell you the truth.
You have a LOT more problems to resolve than your nose and teeth.
Solitary self assessment often leaves us spinning our wheels as we look for "my major reason", we're addicts, we think like addicts and we fall prey to our own best thinking and we are FULL of deluded "reasons" why we use.
We're masters of self deception and "have kept it to ourselves" for waaay too long.
If you're recovering...there is NO REASON left to hide.
Make the truth a habit, but save it for those who can truly help you, like Drs., addictions counselors, other recovering addicts [like us], family members that have the skills and knowledge to help you, etc....
The day WILL come when ANY form of deception, half truths or lies will not be an option. Keep after it! 
An honest treatment & prognosis is contingent upon an honest diagnosis.
frizzzzzz Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I have close to 2 months now after relapsing twice...but I know I'm done this time. The last time I used I know I almost died. While drenched in sweat, running a fever that was making me delirious and being unable to keep anything down for over a week...I recorded everything (the best I could) and all I have to do is read that book and see the ink smudges from the sweat and I know I'll never go back because the bottom line is...I don't want to die!

So because I know I'm ready (unlike the past two times where I was sort-of experimenting with being ready)...I know that it is important for me to seek the help of a doctor and make the commitment to getting my health back in order as well as so many other things in my life. I've looked up a lot of information online, but thought it would be best to ask people who know.

I guess I worry because there is such a negative view of meth users and I understand there are good reasons for this, but at the same time, I would rather make the best choices in seeking health care so I will be encouraged and not discouraged...if that makes any sense.

Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
How do you "know I'm done" after 2 months?? when there is NO guarantee...even after 2 yrs. or 20 yrs.
I knew a LOT of addicts who didn't want to die, but they're dead anyway.

And really, who cares about someone else's negative views?
It's none of our business who thinks what, it has little to do with us and a LOT to do with the viewer.
Free yourself from what others think or say, save your energy for what you think and say and the person you CAN change.
frizzzzzz Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
You're right. I don't know...but what I do know is that I feel very differently this time. Much more determined even on the worst days. I know this is no guarantee for tomorrow...and maybe I will go back...I can't predict the future. I just feel a lot stronger this time as I have never had such a horrible experience as the last time in my life and every time I think about it it just makes me sick to even think of ever touching meth again. But you are right...2 months is very early and I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I just know that today I am more determined than ever...and I'm glad to be alive :-)

As for what everyone thinks...you're right on that as well. I suppose most of it is just the shame I feel myself...but in being truthful and getting help I know eventually I can put shame and regret behind.

Thank you for your input :-)---
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I have mixed emotions about this.
...when I first saw a shrink, I was 6 years clean.
meth wasn't my problem, what I was like w/o meth WAS.
well, with no coaxing on my part the doctor decided I was ADHD.
....I was prescribed adderrall.
it was EXACTLY what I needed, yes it's speed, but NOTHING
like meth.
well, I went to Vegas, couldn't find a doctor,  and relapsed.
.....my tolerance grew into a monster by the time I came home to momma again and saw my doctor.
I couldn't even tell I took anything.
finally, last month, I told the doctor the truth.
....at the risk of being cut off from all that keeps me
even half way together.  The doctor raised my dosage.
....adderrall is what I NEED.
it's why I did meth.
...my brain wires won't connect w/o it.
so...the question is.......will the RIGHT meds be withheld from you because you
self medicated?
good question.
I wouldn't start out with that info....I start with


just my opinion.
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I'm every bit as dysfunctional without adderrall, as I was on meth.
without it...I'd relapse or blow my brains out.
frizzzzzz Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
Thank u. Yes, this was the info I was looking for...a little input from both sides. I don't know that I'm necessarily so in fear of what the doctor will think of me as much as if the the help will be the same or I'll be treated in the same way after revealing the illegal narcotic history. I've considered giving the symptoms to the general practitioner and going into full detail with the ear, nose and throat doctor (as if he won't figure that one out on his own).

I do feel that I've been ADD all my life and that meth just made that appear ant to me. On meth I was able to organize my day, complete tasks at work without having to do overtime, live without constant sticky notes to remind me to stay on task. Now I'm back to that insane confusion where my mind races from one thing to the next and my attention span is ridiculously non-existent. I start things, get side tracked and never make it back. I'm trying to get my sticky note (pre-meth) methods back into action...but most days it's just easier to sit on the couch and not think about it. I never knew I was living in such chaos until I started doing meth...and that ability to stay focused and complete projects is what drew me in and kept me coming back.

Does this sound like ADD? Or just normal two-months out?
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
disorder quizzes
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
I was asked for more links...
drug digest discription
discovery health
frizzzzzz Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
Thank you soooo much!! I'd looked online and hadn't found anything as clearly stated as the information on these sites.
I now have a much better idea of what type of specialist to look for, as well as quiz results printed to take along with me.
Headed back online to read more...Thank you again.
Re: Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?
let me know if you can't afford the meds..
....I just got approved for free meds, from adderrall
because I'm not insured.
...thru needy meds, thank you blueheart....wasn't that you that said try needy meds? 

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