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The Drano in Meth

Sfj The Drano in Meth
As some of you know, I have compiled a list of stock answers/replies to commonly asked questions and comments. Things, like “How can I tell if someone is using meth? What are the signs?” or “How can I tell if someone stopped using?”,

The all time champ: “How long does meth stay in your system?” and a few others.

I’d like to add one about meth chemistry. I thought we had finally gotten over the Drano in meth syndrome, but I guess not. It doesn’t take anything more advanced than a high school chemistry class to understand that a chemical process will change the molecular structure of a substance so that the finished product is nothing like the components used to make that product.

Take a couple hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom and you can have disaster the magnitude of the Hindenburg Airship.

But with a proper chemical molecule, those atoms become a water molecule.

Now I hope someone corrects me, and puts it into a better wording.

There is no drano, battery acid, lighter fuel, fertilizer, anti-freeze or Hostess Twinkies in a Methamphetamine molecule. Those of you who can describe chemistry a little better than I, please help me explain this. Thanks.
Re: The Drano in Meth
the drano..battery acid ect neither are used but, the drain cleaner and batteries that are used are to extract and bind the ephedrine and lithium, and to create the meth. the finished product has none of those things in it. there are other recipees to make it but the end product is still the same.
Re: The Drano in Meth
This has been discussed many times.
I still say it depends on the person cooking as to what gets left behind.
And really - even in it's most pure form, the effects are deadly.
It's all bad.
Re: The Drano in Meth
IME and my hubbys The drano was never really used except to cause a chemical reaction to create smoke for the main product to form into powder giving the end result....
Loraura Re: The Drano in Meth
Good explaination SFJ.

The core difference is between these two phrases:

"It is made from...." and  "It ends up as..."

While it's possible that residue from any of the products used in the making of meth are present on the finished product, crystal meth, during the process of forming a crystaline product, leaves nearly all impurities behind.

Powdered "bathtub crank", however, may have a much higher presence of unnecessary chemical residue left over from the cooking process.

The better and more patient the chemist, the more pure the product.


Re: The Drano in Meth
Hostess Twinkies

Now THAT would be scary.
Re: The Drano in Meth
Sort of like manure used to fertilize crops?

It doesn't mean that we are "eating cow @#%$".

Or whatever.
Re: The Drano in Meth

Specifically it isnt drano that gets used. It's pure lye, also known as sodium hydroxide. Sure people will try to say that meth cooks don't use 'pure' sodium hydroxide but they really do, it's cheap, you can buy it at safeway.

Lye in fact has many uses in industrial scale food preperation, for example "Food uses of lye include washing or chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables" as quoted from Wikipedia.

Of course I would never say that meth isn't dangerous... just that it's important to understand the facts and not just the hype because that's the only way to address the real dangers... the biggest of which is addiction in my opinion... not the stuff people use to make it.
Sfj Re: The Drano in Meth
le grumps,

I knew I could count on you.


Ha hah

But it sure did the trick.


No Roses please.
Re: The Drano in Meth
"Battery acid" in meth is hogwash as well, when in fact it's the small lithium strips which are removed from certain types of batteries that are used in the reaction process.
NO "battery acid" in meth... unless some spineless weasel is trying to kill someone with a "hot shot".
Sfj Re: The Drano in Meth
That was the point.

None of that other crap is in meth either.

(however, I'm wondering is some low-down, nefarious, two-bit, toejam sucking meth cook, spiked Penelope's dope and laced it with some Hostess Twinkies.)
Re: The Drano in Meth
It wasn't very long ago Tina/Catest was wondering why addicts were coming up with burning blisters on their bodies-and some even dying in Colorado.
Wasn't it because of the anhydrous ammonia not being totally cooked out?
Now granted it wasn't PURE meth - obviously it wasn't PURE meth but it sure looked enough like meth to fool the hell out of a lot of addicts that I would guess would know what meth looks like.

It isn't just the crap that is obviously cut that is doing damage.
I think it is safe to say there is absolutely no telling what is being passed off as meth/ice these days.
A crap shoot at best. Some places better odds than others.
Here in my neck of the woods, I don't think the odds are that good in my favor.
I have seen the ones that are doing the cooking- one already blew up his garage.
Not much of a testimony to his skills-
But hey, there they are still lining up to buy his product.
Yep, he's a smart one. Really on the ball there following those p's and q's.
The other one I know that cooks is drunk - constantly- just an alert drunk because he smoked a foil.
Yep, I trust him with my life.

Yes I agree meth in itself by itself in it's pure form is just a molecule.
But I still say and will always say that what you get on the street may or may not be pure molecule.

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