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Weird Dreams and Meth

pray4mike Question about weird dreams and meth
my son has been clean for 15 days (yeah) but he is getting anxious and is complaining of vivid gruesome dreams. Is this a common experience? We've been giving him advil p.m. but he says it's not really keeping him asleep, do you think xanax which he has a prescription for would help or hurt his recovery process? ( he has resisted taking anything but says it is becoming unbearable). Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
just42day Re: Question about weird dreams and meth
being in recovery for over a year and working closely with councilors, I have found that not only are weird dreams normal, but they are also a sign that the brain is healing. Also around my birthday they got more vivid, more real. I refuse to take even over the counter sleep aids because I am addicted to Everything.For me the less I medicate the better I am.

lax2 Re: Question about weird dreams and meth
Yes... normal... but some dantio depressant like celexa might be more suited to his recovery. One side effect I've noticed of this has been vivid dreams...

Oddly enough when I was newly clean Xanax seemed to keep me awake. Sometimes that is thew case with the chemical imbalance...

Ck www.askthepatient.org for others experiences
Re: Question about weird dreams and meth
xanax will help..
..............it did me.

thank god for em.

they give you valium in rehab, your nerves are shot.
.....the dreams are normal.
Penel0pe Re: Question about weird dreams and meth
The dreams are totally normal.

You might want to reconsider the Xanax - that's a drug that is extremely addictive and he'll be dependent on that before too long.

There are other meds a doctor can prescribe that probably work better than Xanax for sleep, and there is no physical dependence associated with the use of these drugs (Trazodone is one example - but this is a question for a Doctor!)

Insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability - all things we have to get through in early recovery - it will pass if he just stays clean!
Re: Question about weird dreams and meth
^ is a nurse.
...I'm a speed freak.

she's prolly right.

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