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Sleeping problem after 11 months clean from Crystal Meth

ex drug
Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
I am 11 months clean after abusing meth for 5 years and I still cannot sleep. Does any one else have this continual sleep problem? Any ideas that may help sleeping would be appreciated or feedback on how long it took others to regain normal sleep.
Re: Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
Funny you should mention that. I just got done posting something on another site about "being nocturnal."

Even as naturally-nocturnal as I've always been, sleep has not come easy for me post - meth, even 19 months since getting clean.
And I only used it for four months total.

The sh*t plays havoc with your liver and fries your adrenals, both of which have a part in the sleep/wake cycle...and it really seems to affect the hypothalamus in a very weird way - even after being clean for almost two years, it's still tough to regulate my body temperature, and to have normal hungry/full reflexes.

All I can suggest is a healthy diet, perhaps an herbal detox program for the liver/adrenals, and, when absolutely all else fails, docs can prescribe a non-addictive sleep med. That's what mine did - and even at that, I don't feel comfortable taking it every night.
SO......end result is.....

...I can't sleep either.

Maybe we can start a club.

Counting sheep as we speak...
Penel0pe Re: Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
It took me a while - I suggest you get yourself into a routine and stick with it - go to bed at the same time every night, and get up in the morning at the same time. If worse comes to worse, a doctor can give you something to get you started. Try not to sleep late or sleep during the day.

Insomnia sucks - mine has passed - now the challenge is staying awake for me
Re: Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
I have sleep problems too. Part of it is due to being 8 months pregnant and unable to stay in a comfortable position all night long. That and the fact that I have to get up to urinate every single hour all night long. I can't wait to have this baby!

Seriously though--I've had sleep problems even before I got pregnant. I never thought it had to do with my prior drug abuse. I just thought it was a symptom of depression or something. I usually take antidepressants, I'm just off them right now because of the pregnancy. I will most likely need them again after baby is born. I HATE being awake all night, stuck watching stupid late night TV. Even with Direct TV there still is nothing decent on to watch, I swear! Lately I've been taking 1 Tylenol PM to help me sleep beter. It helps me get to sleep but I still wake up all night long, I believe I'm waking up because of the pregnancy more than anything else. I wish I could stay asleep all night long, I miss those days.

What do you women think, is my insomnia caused by pregnancy or prior drug abuse? This is my first pregnancy so I'm just assuming that insomnia comes with being 8 months pregnant. I'm small for being 8 month. I only weigh 140lbs. I usually weigh 110, when I got pregnant I was 105 though. I take a walk in the early evening, not close to bedtime. So I don't think exercise is what's keeping me up. All I know is that I hate it.

I've been prescribed sleeping pills in the past, before I was pregnant. Medications like Ambien, it works well but like any sleep aid if you stop taking it you go back to sleeping badly. I've also taken a controlled substance, a benzo called Flurazepam. That knocked me out but really left me doped up. This is not a good medication for long term use because you do become physically dependent and you cannot just stop taking it without experiancing withdrawal.The withdrawal of benzodiazapines can be fatal. I was addicted to Xanax before, Xanax is also a benzo. When I was strung out on the stuff and my dealer got busted I went into severe withdrawal. I was only taking 3mgs total per day which isn't too much, many doc's prescribe that amount to people for anxiety. I remember having 2 seizures, pissing myself, hallucinating--I thought someone was trying to get into my window, shakes, chills, sweats, vomitting, all this before I was rushed to the hospital. My Mom finally called the paramedic's after my 2nd seizure. Sometimes prescription drugs are the hardest drugs out there. If anyone is taking a benzo for anxiety be careful, even normal use is enough to become physically dependent. Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, these are some examples of benzodiazepines.

Whenever I take benzo's I end up craving speed. The last time I used a benzo I ended up using speed to "wake up" because I was so sleepy and down from the benzo.
Re: Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
I had the same problem.

I was finally prescribed Rozerem, which is a sleeping pill that is non-narcotic. It has worked great for me. I guess it stimulates the production of melatonin. My doctor said that melatonin supplements aren't the same, but if you can't get to a doctor you may want to try that too.

Regular sleep schedule is important, too. They tell folks with insomnia don't go to bed until you are tired, but I think that's a crock.

Even if you aren't sleepy, go to bed at a reasonable hour and do things that "wind you down". Sometimes it even helps me to remember that all day when I am at work, I am wishing that I could be in my bed. So when I am in my bed, I really try to "enjoy it", and un-tense my muscles, try to think about nothing. TV is too distracting. Try to make your environment as comfortable as possible.

I hope this helps.
deeeCA Re: Continual sleep problem, clean from meth
I have some input on this... again something I have done research on lately because I have the same problem when not drinking. I'm wide awake and wired and even sleep medication (prescriptions) can't keep me asleep for more than 2 hours.

Do you do any kind of therapy? I know that for me personally... the not sleeping issue at first is possibly a physical withdrawl but the real root of it is the mental part behind WHY you used drugs... the feelings and emotions that you weren't dealing with when you were high. Not self-medicating causes you to deal with the issues, whether you are aware of them.

I'm not saying this is the case with everyone, and certainly not you because I don't know you, but let me know what you think.

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