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When your addict is ready to talk. Part 2

Some things to consider when trying to help a loved one to quit using drugs. (or to stay quit)

1. Addicts are human beings. We are not perfect.
2. Don’t take his behavior personally.
3. Consider his willingness to change.
4. He is in pain and suffering form internal conflict even though he may seem totally different outwardly.
5. Don’t try to “FIX” him.
6. Begin building trust in your relationship.
7. He is aware of his own needs.
9. Be patient.
10. Look for his strengths and encourage him by applauding his strengths.
11. Explain choices and consequences.
12. Relapse, while not desirable is often part of the learning process. (I don’t know anyone who got it perfectly right the first, or even the second or third time.) 13. Eighty per cent or more will not get it right the first time. 14. Are you willing to question your own part in all this? Honestly? 15. Denial is a product of shame and punitive sanctions. 16. Try to understand reaction rather than overcome resistance. 17. Language determines the stigma.

Ok, for those of you who are not meth users, let me tell you this, there are ways of helping an addict, but it will require incredibly huge amounts of emotional investment and it may seem unfair and not worth it, and even small amounts of success may seem to be too much to be worth the trouble. The time, energy, tears, pain, and even money can make you emotionally bankrupt unless you really know what you're doing. If you don't know what you're doing, I suggest you be very prudent and cautious, maybe consider another avenue, because meth addition is very powerful, cunning, deceptive, selfish and ruthless.

We meth addicts will stop when the pain of continued use exceeds the fear of withdrawal. Drug abuse begins for one reason and continues for another. One thing that will almost always get an addict angry, is when someone tries to “Tell them what to do.” “Treat people as if they are what you want them to be and you help them become what they’re capable of being.” - - - Goethe

May I strongly recommend the book, "Crystal Meth They Call It Ice" by Dr. Mary Holley, she is also the founder of "Mothers Against Meth."

If Possible: 1. Get as much info as you can 2. Develop a plan 3. Seek professional help 4. Realize the truthful limitations 5. Most importantly - Trust God

The above statements are just my opinions.

~ Sfj

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