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Why do some meth addicts get meth mouth and others don't?


Question about teeth / meth mouth
How come some people get meth mouth and some people don't. And what exactly does meth do. T (my boyfriend) has had quit a few cavities lately. Would his past meth use cause this?

Sorry you got me thinking about this after I saw that nasty picture Brokenbymeth posted. GROSS and good post by the way.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
I didn't get "meth mouth", that is, my mouth didn't look all caca like that picture, but my teeth simply started crumbling, and the bone in the jaw deteriorated such that there was hardly any left to anchor the teeth in my mouth.

I lost all of my teeth, but most weren't due to cavities, just bone loss and deterioration. Also, the last 4 they pulled were the top front teeth, and although they were still anchored pretty well to the bone, they were filled with infection and couldn't be saved. And I had been clean for 2 years by the time that happened.

ps: Can't wait to see you face to face in a couple of weeks. I need to get the hell out of SoCal for a little while.
Loraura Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
From what i remember reading, meth use causes oral problems in several ways:

1) Meth use dehydrates the body, which reduces saliva (cotton mouth). Saliva is needed to rinse the teeth naturally with each swallow. Without enough saliva, tooth decay become more prevalent.

2)Smoking meth causes tooth decay just like smoking cigarettes does. When someone inhales chemicals over their teeth, some residue will remain. Couple that with the lack of saliva, and those chemicals remain there.

3) Using meth can (in some people) cause fixation on repetitive tasks. if that repetitive task isn't brushing or flossing sometimes the user can not realize that it has been days since they have brushed.

4) Crashing from meth use leaves the user with a depleted dopamine supply. Sugary foods and carbs cause a small dopamine release once digested. So a crashing user will crave sugar and sweets, which are known to cause tooth decay!
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
I think I am actually going to print this off for T. He needs to read. Thank you ladies!
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
How long does it normally take before the teeth begin to deteriorate? My ex has been using for (I think) 3 years now, and so far hasn't had any dental problems. Just curious.
Loraura Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
That would depend on how he uses, how often he uses, and how much he uses! As well as a zillion other things like his diet and how well he takes care of his teeth.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Aly, my husband went on a 3 year run this last go-
he was driving down the road the first year he was clean of meth, hit a speed bump, bounced up, hit his teeth together and one just crumbled- as Lori described.
Just gone- nothing there but the outside enamel.
All the inside was gone.

Macy, it isn't cavities. It is as I said and others have said, the teeth just crumble.
Even mine are just breaking off- thankfully just the back ones.
My husband's was one of his eye teeth- right in front.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Wow, fast reply. Thanks. I'm pretty sure he smokes but I don't know how well he's eating anymore.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
My husband's teeth are horrible now. He has had 2 pulled in the last week. The one thing that the dentist told him was that he had about 2 years max left of having all his own teeth in his mouth and then he would need to have them all removed.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
That's why I am printing this off. Because I want him to know he may not be out of the clear. He tries to tell me he was anal about brushing his teeth. But according to this I don't think that matters.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Meth depletes the body of calcium. This contributes to tooth decay and bone problems.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
There are also a couple other reasons that I have not seen posted in here.

1) when your high on meth...your blood flow to your gums is slowed. thus causing your gums to kinda shrink some...exposing more of your teeth.

2) the manufacturing process of meth uses acid to finalize the process.
When you get the finished product, There are still traces of the acid in the meth.

3) meth cooks inhale the acid gas fumes while cooking it.
vctry7 Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Meth also causes you not to eat right. Poor nutrition (starving yourself) affects teeth and gums, too.

I used meth for 4-5 years off and on. I used heavily for the last year. I did not notice any problems with my teeth until I had been clean for about two years. They still don't look anything like that picture.

My sis used and her teeth just started turning black around the gumline. She is getting dentures.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Seriously I am blind because I thought your teeth got rotten because you dont care, so you dont brush. Apparently its more than that.

I cant wait to show him. He seems to think that he "didn't do it long enough" for anything to happen.
Re: Question about teeth / meth mouth
Well, I don't know why some people's body chemistry allows them "immunity" from tooth decay. I'm not one of those people.
Even after decades of brushing and flossing, I just had to have my entire mouth full of teeth restored this year, to the tune of 10K. I will never get out of that debt, and will be paying it back longer than the restoration will last.

BUT, the weird thing is, my tooth decay wasn't really from meth, though I'm sure meth didn't help...I only used meth for a little shy of four months, and by the time I started using it, my teeth were already "way-far-gone".
And yet I know an ex-tweaker who has perfect teeth, yet was a hardcore user.

Some people are just destined to have bad teeth I guess. While others are destined to squeak by and get lucky.

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