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How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?

How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
ok...so I have my wife of 8 years....who said she wasn't using. kept finding it.. someone else's etc....then after a couple years got worse then I confronted. and was denied...more finding confront. nothing and then she finally said she would try to quit...I was angry but let it go to support her....a week of that and she fell again......6 months later after finding signage etc and her disappearing all the time...I let her have it.....and now...she has said she uses CASUALLY!!!!!

here is the question...after a couple years time.....can you define how many times a day smoking meth casual would be??? as in I thought this was a more and more needed drug.....so I am asking really is what is the definition of casual....obviously I don't believe her...I say she is an every day multiple times a day user......how right on am I after a few years use....please advise your experience at that level.....thank you in advance
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
I have no idea what would constitute casual use of meth. To tell you the truth, when I used meth it wasn't at all casual. I was hooked on the first hit, and my life immediately started falling to shambles.

I do know of a woman who casually used meth--until she left her well-off husband to support that darn hype meth maker. She would ingest some with coffee so she could work double shifts. For a long time, no one except me and her brother (who got her the junk) knew or would even have reason to suspect drug abuse. She seemed to just use it every once in a while until that darn K blew into town.

Anyway, meth is not like having a glass of wine with dinner or a having a couple drinks to be socialable. It's "the devil's drug" and, in my system, it's more potent than cocaine. I heard somewhere that the relapse rate is higher among meth users than it is with heroin, but I've never done heroin.

If your wife has been using in secret for years I'd say that she's a chronic, most definitely addicted. I assume that she's probably uses it daily, as you suspect.

I know how it feels to have a partner who hides drug abuse. Two out of three of my ex-fiancés had a secret cocaine habit (before I became a hard core addict myself, especially on meth.) The lies, disappearing acts, and denial must really be taking a toll on your relationship. I'm here for you, and you've found a good forum for support here @ KCI.
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
I am not an addict. I am someone who is learning about meth the hard way- by, losing an addict to addiction.

One of the first lessons I learned was that a meth addict will lie, lie, lie to cover up their addiction. They lie to you, they lie to themselves. NOTHING can come between them, and their addiction.

I, personally, do not believe that someone can "use meth casually," especially for that long of a period of time. She is either in denial or covering up her addiction.

You have come to the right place. The people here are warm and wonderful. Ask questions, read about addiction... Educate yourself so you know what you are dealing with. It helps.
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
Hello and welcome. Sorry you had to find us, but glad you did.
My name is Lori and I was a meth addict for 13 years. I've been clean over 10 years.


she has said she uses CASUALLY!!!!!

I can tell you that casual use of meth only occurs during the first few uses. NOBODY can sustain casual use of methamphetamine. They either NEVER do it again, or they use more and more and more and more. That is the nature of meth addiction, and there's no getting around it. Hell, if there were, most of us who are clean now would still be using.

Meth addiction is a most serious addiction. It destroys mind, body and soul. It grabs a hold of you and I'm not kidding, IT DOESN'T LET GO.

And I am not the exception to the rule; I am the norm. Meth is insidious: it doesn't care who you are or where you're from or your level of education or your social status. Using meth is like making a deal with the devil. We lose all concern for anyone and anything other than where we are getting our next batch.

Our loved ones take a back seat, our health takes a back seat, our morals, our dreams, our goals, our children, our very sanity.

You are correct to assume that meth addiction is progressive; there is no such thing as casual use for those addicted to meth.

Stick around and you will meet countless others who will tell you exactly what I am telling you. The damage and destruction that we invited into our lives when we became dependent on meth is monumental. We have horror stories you wouldn't believe. Meth addiction is no joke.

We are addicts, recovering addicts, loved ones and family members of addicts, and we welcome you with open arms and open hearts. Here you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about this vile addiction, but remember, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Educate yourself as much as you can. I'm sorry to tell you that you, as the loved one of an addict, are up against a monster. Recovery is possible, but she is going to have to want it more than she has ever wanted anything else in her life.

We're here 24/7 to help you through this. My prayers are with you and your family.

marakris Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
My opinion, she's totally hooked and there is no such thing as casual use. Coming down is too hard. A lot of people stay high all the time because if they come down they would be really really really tired and depressed for days or weeks or months...depends on the person.
You have a meth addict on your hands.
And all the rules apply, that apply to all of us in the same situation. It hurts to be lied to. I have been dealing with it for 7 years now. I am slowly learning to overcome it. The support that I get on this site has been fantastic. Just knowing that there are others like me, and the patterns that we all go through is amazing.
I made the mistake of using after about 6 years of torture. I am recovering, and I am all the wiser about many things.
I am sorry that you are going through this. Stay strong. 
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
Hello, I'm a hardcore meth addict of 22 years.
can you define how many times a day smoking casual would be??? as in I thought this was a more and more needed drug.....so I am asking really is what is the definition of casual....

I'd be pleased to help you.
.....that could be from ....well, a gram to an 8 ball a day..8 ball=2 and a half grams.
I've never seen ANYONE that was a casual meth smoker.
......smoking is an addiction within another addiction.

there's more moral decay, and "fiending" with smoking than I associate with eating or snorting.

you might do a line or 2 here and there...
...it's possible, I've seen it and done it.
but it's progressive.
....at that STAGE in my addiction, I could do a couple lines...or a quarter and be strait awhile.
..but soon, I didn't wanna stop when I'd go on runs,
I'd stay up 2 weeks...
....sleep 6 hours and go at it more.

I ate it and snorted it most of my addiction.
.....it kicked my ass then too, when my addiction progressed
.... when you smoke it, it's a special darkness, like home, when you see with vampire eyes.
................you are in love with it and the ritual of smoking. you are "with" the pipe all day long.
....the desire to use is more filled with desperation.
I would sit in bathrooms and smoke...and hours would pass.
...I seriously could feel the pull of gravity on my intestines...from sitting relaxed on toilets.
....so I started standing there for hours.

you spend more time with it...
......looking at it re crystallize....swirling smoke...ice crystals...it's an obsession to everyone I ever partied/rotted with...
more than snorting/eating.
..you WILL have it.
you don't give a F**K about anything else.
...I wouldn't do half the stuff I did to keep smoking it.

9 payday loans my friend.
.....for speed. 500,000 I got thinking I'd be dead soon.
....there's a happy gloom ...dark, and warm that assures us we'll die before we face the consequences.
....I never got that from eating it.
I knew I was out of money, oh well.
...stop! ....right?
when I smoked it, I didn't care about having a place to live as much as smoking speed.
.....and I'm a hermit.
always have been.
.....not only did I leave home, I LOST home, and never even
blinked an eye..
....I thought. "I don't sleep much anyway"
that's how blinded you can be.
....it's taken me A YEAR to translate the previous smoking year into realities terms....and I can't believe what hit me.
back away slowly..
...you're going to loose her.
you lost her.
...do you want to continue into the abyss and enable her
while she rots in front of you?
or morn your loss...
....and move on.
I guarantee you if she's smoking it, things are just about to get BAD for everything around her, and everyone

molly Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
guaranteeing this person that "she is lost and it is going to get worse, and worse" that's so not right, I mean it could be,,, more then likely well be , but, that is not for sure, when I was pregnant I stopped (more in fear of having my child taken away , ) maybe if this woman had that "option " ( husband is leaving w/ kids or stop meth) she would choose family and kids,,, just my thought,,,,,,
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
that's not the situation he described.
....and If she keeps smoking it, It's a common fact, if nothing else her addiction will progress.
...None of the things I said, are law.
it's just what I saw happen over and over.
...just my opinion.
I'm more than happy to allow for any possibility.
....maybe it'll all be ok, and I'm wrong.  
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
your not right in that advice,,,

there is no wrong advice...
.... all it is, is my opinion.
this shall become a medium for the examining of different opinions on the subject, for him to look at, and try and get some kind of understanding from.
this is the truth as I know it, I swear on my eyesight.
...I have no reason to tell someone I don't know, to leave someone else I don't know.
....I am a speed freak. he asked for my help.
and I did my best, to the best of my ability and understanding of this addiction.
to do that.
....and I stand by what I said.
I don't mean every single person on the planet.
...I mean me, and my friends.

I've seen the same movie over and over. but sometimes
there's a surprise ending...I haven't seen one yet though.
but, anything goes, everyone knows.
............I thought it went w/o saying
all I'm doing, is giving an educated guess.

..I'd rather sleep than put out my precious energy to disturb someone.
....I hope with all my heart it turns around.

leverson Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
an 8 ball is 1/8th of an ounce.. hence 3.5 grams... you must have had a crappy dealer!

Strait forward:
There is no such thing as casual use. PERIOD
the thing is... when your using meth you simply don't want to stop.
Its sad.

Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?

....I'm so horrible at math and numbers.
I haven't used in a year.
..I didn't store that info, maybe I'm thinking of a teener...I just paid the money and left. I never was a dealer. and I did have some horrible dealers, and some good ones too in 22 years.
....whatever you say, I'm sure is right.

inkolb Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
3.5 grams is right and there is no casual use....she is probably lying....
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
There is no "probably"... she IS lying.

Maybe she just thinks her use us casual, but that is her ADDICTION lying to her.
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
6 months later after finding signage etc and her disappearing all the time
an you define how many times a day smoking casual would be?

In MY opinion, I say there is no such thing as casually smoking meth.
I also say disappearing is no casual act.
I see nothing casual in this situation.
I also say as long as you are hearing lies and denials, it will not be a casual issue.

First, 3 C's

You can not control her addiction
You did not cause her addiction
You can not cure her addiction

That is hers and hers alone.

You CAN learn - knowledge is power
You CAN minimize the harm to yourself
You CAN be in control of you

Once the shock has worn off, once you get your head around the accepting she is an addict-then you can take positive steps for yourself.
You can't make her quit. You can quit allowing her addiction to control you.

Welcome aboard Mellofahess- I got your anagram btw
Yeah it is a hell of a mess right now-
You are in the right place for support in sorting the mess out.
Glad you are here.

Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
My addict husband tried to be a casual user...HA! In the beginning I bargained with him. if he would only use once a month I could be ok with it. Then I bargained to only on weekends....then slowly after 1 year of counseling I realized there is no deal making with an addict. Any amount is a problem in my opinion. There is no 'casual' amount of using METH! It is an illegal drug, a dangerous drug and it destroys everyone in its path...even those along side the path! This site provides a great support for spouses of addicts...good luck--only you can decide when enough is enough...only you can come to the realization that no matter what everyone else says, the drug sucks up the life of anyone it can.
Re: How many times a day is casual for smoking meth?
Hi I'm Al a recovering meth addict after 23 years of meth addiction...
...she has said she uses CASUALLY

I'm sorry to be so crude but my response is "HORSESHYT".

22 yrs ago I picked up meth, used it "casually" told myself I wasn't ready to quit, I didn't have a problem, I wasn't hurting anyone else but myself. I could quit when I wanted to.
Towards the end of "I don't have a problem" I saw myself in a full length mirror fighting to find a vein because I was a full blown meth junkie.
Casual use of meth..........HORSESHYT !!!!!

See also:

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