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Al-Anon helpful for meth users?

samwitch Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
Have some of you found Al-Anon helpful, even though we are not dealing with alcohol abuse?
It's the only program for family/friends in my area.
Sfj Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
I've never heard anyone speak about any negative experiences from Al-Anon. Some time ago, I had a close friend who was a very active member of this forum. She used the screen name "wmom." Her daughter was a meth user. Anyhow, wmom, who was the group's secretary, asked me to speak at her Al-Anon meeting and it was a good experience for all of us. Most of the people had family that were multi-drug users. That is, they used more than just meth or more than just alcohol.

Regardless of the drug, the solution is the same.
The twelve steps work for everyone who is willing to work toward healing.

So the basic answer to your question is "Yes."
Al-Anon is generally for loved ones of meth users also.
Naranon is the same.
Juliett55 Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
I find Al-Anon very helpful. My loved one is a meth user. It is all the same. I actually started in NaraNon and than switched because there was more variety and more experience, to learn from, in Al-Anon. I also went to some AA and NA meetings to get an understanding of the whole picture. It reduced my anger and helped me to not feel like a victim.
Sfj Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
I'd like to thank Juliett55 for posting what she did.

My opinion is that almost all loved ones of meth users might do well in considering attending a CMA meeting.

In this case I'm going to differentiate between AA, NA, and CMA. I have been to plenty of each. But there is a H U G E difference in the shares between the three groups. Yes, the solution is the same, but the problems are different. And the path the addict took is very much different.

If you want to know a good way to understand, or to help a meth user, try attending CMA meetings, not NA or AA.

And remember, you don't have to say anything, if you just want to sit in back and observe, that's fine.

That's my opinion.
Juliett55 Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
Cool sfj.

I have never heard about one of those.
I'd love to go and listen.
samwitch Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
Thanks, all...
I live on a small island.
No CMA here..
That's why I was asking if Al-Anon might be helpful.
It's our only program for friends and family.
Sfj Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
Al-Anon is good.
Basically, all 12-step meetings use the same formula for working the solution.

In other words, you could go to a Gamblers Anonymous or Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting and get the same solution as Al-Anon, Naranon, CMA, NA, AA, SAA, CA, OA, GA, LMNOPQA or any others.
(I'm kidding about LMNOPQA)
Those who go a to a number of different "*A" meetings, such as AA, Na, AND CMA, are called "A students."
Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
Went I went to Al-Anon half the people in there were there because they had loved ones addicted to Meth. I did find it helpful.
Re: Al-Anon helpful for meth users?
No Naranon or CMA here.

I cannot say anything remotely negative against Al Anon. Nothing at all. It gave me what I needed to do what I had to do for myself.

What I got from Al Anon was that life is not meant for merely surviving. Life is meant for living it to the fullest and finding my own happiness.

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