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Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago

Nemisis Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
Ok when I was 17 i started making crystal meth. I got hooked really bad and used maybe 10-15 times a day till i was 19 and got arrested for maintaining and operating a methamphetamine production facility.
Got sentenced to 7 years in prison.
Did 2.

I'm 24 now, am clean, a junior in college. And I love my new life. However with my new life surely would come new problems. Problems however mostly associated with my past meth history.

I went into a severely socially phobic phase coming off meth. I heard its normal for some people. Meds didn't do anything. I was on them for 2 years. I realized i just had to expose myself to more social situations, i had to just barrel through, and it worked up until recently i hit a barrier and made a realization.

This has NOTHING to do with my psychology anymore.
This is purely biological now. And I think is either my heart or adrenal glands. Because in social situations it DOESN'T matter what's going through my head, its like in a social situation a person triggers a very small degree of adrenaline to be more alert and aware of their surroundings.

With me, at some point it seems like my glands are dumping truck loads of adrenaline into my blood. Like they are overly sensitive. Again it DOESN'T matter what I'm thinking. But in a situation where I'm required to talk in front of a group of people my body releases what i believe is loads of adrenaline and if you look at my shirt in this state you can literally see it bouncing off my chest. I feel like I'm on speed again. It should also be noted i workout 4-5 days a week and run.

My parents think I'm a hypochondriac but i told them I'm going to get an ECG scan on my heart. I believe if there's a medication i can take not to alter my mood but to prevent my heart from erupting into adrenaline fits, that this will be the last and most important step in my recovery. So my question is... this is only a theory i have. Is it possible? Does it sound rational to you guys? And has anyone had a similar problem?
Please respond ASAP, thanks!!
Sfj Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
You didn't say where you live, but I'm not sure that all medical people in this country are thoroughly trained in the problems resulting from meth addiction.
In Los Angeles and San Francisco I know of some excellent resources that can help you.


Meth Treatment

Long term recovery is possible and available, but needs special attention in many cases.
Nemisis Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
I live in NJ. The complete opposite of the country, lol. And i think what i really need is *special* attention.

Anything I've ever done in the past was generally based on drug addiction as a whole, not specifically geared towards meth abuse, so if you personally know of anything more local that would be great id appreciate it. Thanks!!
Sfj Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
Try this site:


I've met a few people from NYCMA and they are quite helpful.
look at the links, do a bit of research and exploring.
I know that there are a few medical doctors from NY that could be helpful. I'll try to see if I can find some more info.
chrisgonz Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
I just love how you always have a link for others.

I wanted to respond, but didn't know what to say.
I'm glad you're a part of this board.
Nemisis Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
thanks a lot sfj!!
that will be my first step and I'll see where it takes me. anyone else who has advice please feel free to submit.
Penel0pe Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
I suggest you talk to you regular old doctor and describe what's happening to you - could be panic attacks, could be something more serious. I think a check up is definitely in order!
Juliett55 Re: Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago
I think all the advice you got is very helpful.
I have to say though, with all you've been through, panic attacks is very likely. I never took drugs and I have the same symptoms some times. I have to work on anxiety, relaxation and meditation. It's working slowly but it is working.
You might want to also think of a regular therapy sessions, where you can share your feelings and concerns freely with a professional.

Welcome to the website.
You are in a good place.

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