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How is meth getting in my son's system?

mom How is meth getting in my son's system?
I have a son that is twenty. I made him go get a drug test and it came back positive. It came back positive for methamphetamine and pot. He is completely denying that he has used meth so how is it getting in his system. Could the pot be laced with it. I need help thank you
-a concerned mom.
Sfj Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
There are two likely explanations.

1. He might be lying. (I hope not)
Most meth users lie.

2. If he took any kind of cold medication, it will show up as a positive for meth on a urine test.
Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Mom, I have known pot to be laced with meth- not often though. In most users eyes, that is a waste of a good buzz- methwise anyway.
You have to be seeing something that brought on the drug testing. I am betting his behavior has suggested more than just pot.
Believe what you see, not what you hear.
SfJ is right - the biggest majority of meth users do lie. Especially about their use.
Yes some cold medicines will bring on a false positive.
I don't get the feeling here that is the case though.
What are you seeing in his behavior that made you think drugs are involved?
Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Hi Mom.

With all of my heart I pray that your son isn't using meth.
Having said that, most, if not all meth users deny that they use it, and most, if not all meth users lie. It is one of the hallmarks of this disease (meth addiction).

I don't have any advice on how to tell why he tested positive, but I'm sure others do.

If he is on meth please stick around here. You will have much to learn.
mom Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
He has a sudden weight loss. He has quiet his job (after being there for three year.) He never wants to be around his family any more when he is he acts very withdrawn. the hospital that done the testing called me today and told me that it was the illegal meth that was showing up in his urine. I don't know any thing about meth so I need all the help I can get! I love my son.
Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Mom,{{{HUGS}}} Hard place to be in.
SfJ has some very helpful info on his site.
Do's and Don't

With your son being an adult, there just may not be a whole lot you can do.
I would read all I can, learn all I can before I went to him with it.
After you have learned a bit more so you are not just shooting in the dark, I think that is when I would go to him- out of love , tell him what I see, and let him know there is help for him if he wants it.
The thing is Mom, he has to want it.
You can't make him quit.

Stick around, we have many parents here that are in your shoes and can better help guide you through.

I am sorry for the reason you are here but I am very glad you found us.
We can help. You are not alone.
There is life after meth and we do recover.
Hang in there Mom - it will be a very hard road.
Loraura Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Here's what meth is doing to his brain.

This may explain some of the behaviors you are seeing.
Sfj Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Signs of meth use:

Some addicts become exceptionally skillful at hiding use. I remember I would do things that only non-users would do, in order to hide my meth use. Typical meth addict behavior can be easily spotted, so some of us would behave in deliberately deceptive manners. Things like yawning (faked), complaining about starving to death, (faked) complaining about being exhausted, (faked) acting fatigued, (faked) giggling, (faked)
You get the picture.

Some addicts get an extra thrill out of being able to “get by with it.”
Another thrill is “I got over on them.”
“I’m cool, see what I can get away with?”
These things are real and some addicts take this activity to a high level of refinement.

Signs of meth use:
1. Lack of sleep, 2. Lack of appetite, 3. Nervous twitching, 4. Blaming others, 5. Grinding teeth, 6. Clenching jaw, 7. Seldom smile, 8. Avoid family and normal friends, 9. Unable to be responsible, 10. Dental and skin health gets worse. 11. Abnormally high amounts of energy, 12. Paranoia 13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior, 14. Enlarged pupils, 15. Tweaking

Those are among the most common.

Ninety per cent of meth addicts suffer from pain of feeling extreme loneliness.
Meth use is like taking out a huge loan on future happiness and pleasure, with incredibly high interest rates and no grace period.

Please consider the following,
Stopping meth often results in:
1. Being excessively tired and sleepy 2. Being very depressed, 3. Feeling lonely, 4 Feeling fat and gaining weight 5. Lack of Ambition, Inspiration and Motivation (A-I-M), 5. No sex drive, 6. Feelings of despair 7.Possible suicidal thoughts

Here’s what you can do:
1. Get as much info as you can
2. Develop a plan
3. Seek professional help
4. Realize the truthful limitations
5. Most importantly - Trust God
6. Discard any notion that there is an easy magic answer.

Gambling Addicts can't understand Porn Addicts, Porn Addicts can't understand Compulsive Shoplifters, Compulsive Shoplifters can't understand Overeaters, Overeaters can't understand Drug Addicts, Drug Addicts can't understand Bulimics and Anorexics, and so on. Meth addicts, are by far, the most difficult to understand. That is because methamphetamine changes the natural biology and molecular structure in the central nervous system, the brain. A meth addict’s brain has been altered compared to normal brains. But don’t give up. Most meth addicts can and do recover.

We meth addicts will stop when the pain of continued use exceeds the fear of withdrawal.

Please visit my website:

How Meth Addicts Think and Feel

Do's and Don'ts
Guene Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Hello Mom, Welcome, my name is Bobbie and I'm a Mom of a recovering meth addict daughter. Everything you've written has spelled out Meth, I dealt with my daughters problems for 8 long years, I hope you will keep coming back here and get support and help, don't wait to long to understand the problem, read everything they have put on the board for you, it will help. Hugs Bobbie
Penel0pe Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
I'm sorry about your son. It sounds like the writing is on the wall - the signs are there. Welcome to the board. Please keep coming here, check out the links SFJ gave you, and read read read. You have come to the right place.



Things like yawning (faked), complaining about starving to death, (faked) complaining about being exhausted, (faked) acting fatigued, (faked) giggling, (faked)

Oh, God - we are so sick... I did these things myself. FAKED YAWNING - good lord. Faking fatigue - closing my office door doing a bump.... and then laying my head on the desk because I was SO DANG TIRED....

How sick is that - and even sicker - the absolute glee about "getting over" on people with this fake behavior??


Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
I used to fake sleep. Yep would lay there with my eyes closed acting like I was asleep.
geez... the stuff I didn't do!!

Sorry to hear about your son. He's young, but too old to take charge of.

Learn all you can about meth addiction and co-dependency...
so often the loved ones can be the one the addict depends on to stay high. Most times the loved one doesn't know they are enabling the user.

Please read on addictions AND co-dependency... as a former slammer... I know some mean well, but some are just too darn nice about stuff.

Much luck and peace
Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Hi Mom and Welcome!
I'm a recovering meth addict.
Like chris said:
I used to fake sleep. Yep would lay there with my eyes closed acting like I was asleep.

I just wanted to add that on the days that I did not use any meth...
I was VERY sleepy. I CRASHED!
Not even a nuclear bomb would be able to wake me up!
Then I would be really grouchy, until the next time I used.

Denial and Lies was also something that I've become a pro at during my use.
Denial and Lies....no matter how ridicules our explanation sounds to you, it sounds like an Einstein E=mc to us that we came up with it, and think we fooled you good, or convinced you really well.

Please....listen to all these people with experience, and learn all that you can.
We just want you to avoid the pot holes along the way, avoid the deep holes that we ourselves have been in and are now trying to put caution signs around.

mom Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
It's mom again I just got the test results back today from my sons drug tests. I had talked to the hosp yesterday and they told me what to expect but as I look at the paper I don't understand any of it. It seems there are about 1,140 ml of meth showing up in his urine. Is this a lot (a little is a lot). I showed this to my son he said that the pot he had smoked was either laced with it are someone put it in his drink. I don't know what to believe I just don't know. he swears he has never used meth. But I see the signs that everybody has told me to watch for. I thank each and every one that has responded to my email My prayers are with each one that is fighting this monster. A hurting mom
Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
someone put it in his drink

Hi Mom.
If I had a dollar for every time a meth addict tried to use this excuse, I'd have more money than I'd ever need in an entire lifetime.
I'm sorry.

micole Re: How is meth getting in my son's system?
Hi Mom, welcome. You have come to a good place. I feel your pain and understand your questions and concerns. My son is now 21, starting using meth at 17. The things I noticed at first were: significant weight loss, change in friends, change in personality, change in personal hygiene, sunken cheeks, deep hollow eyes, wouldn't look anyone in the eye, quick tempered, no appetite, and acne. Later on he became paranoid, reclusive and violent.

Educate yourself on meth. Just remember, you didn't cause it and you can't control it. Find a support group and give your son to God. It can be a roller coaster ride you feel will never end, but there is hope. Until he is ready to accept help, there is nothing you can do for him, but pray.

See also:

Using Signals / Signs of Users on Crystal Meth

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