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I want to quit meth, but I can't fight the cravings

maynardt Help me with my meth addiction cravings
I've been using meth for two years. I need it to end now. I'm killing myself and losing my wife. My life is in a downward spiral and I've finally hit bottom. I suffer from depression and it makes me feel happy for a short time. I crave it everyday. And i don't know how to fight it. I love my wife more than anything. She's my best friend and my soul mate. I couldn't live without her. I want to be clean and happy. But i don't know how. I can't fight the cravings.
Please if anyone has any words of support or suggestions of helping me I could really use it.
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Go to an AA/NA/CMA meeting -get a sponsor - they can help walk you through it - give you some direction on how to manage your life - in between the meetings - all you have to do is be willing. I have been where you are at .... I know exactly how you feel - and when you truly hit bottom you will do anything to get out and to beat this - I did.

I am here if you need to someone to listen or talk to - and others will be along shortly that is a promise.
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Does your wife know?
.....coming clean means, coming completely clean.
she'll deal with you a lot better, if she knows what's up.
welcome to the board.
..I'm a speedfreak of 22 years.
I did it, so can you.
...I've been clean a year.
maynardt Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Yes she knows. For me it wasn't easy to hide. I sold stuff in our house for money. I know she loves me and will support me in getting clean. I don't believe anyone else would have stayed with me. I want to get clean so we can grow old together.
Sfj Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Here's a few tips that have worked for some of us:

1. The realization will never live up to the expectation. That means that you will always expect it to be better than it is. And each time you use, you'll be more and more disappointed.

2. Why return to the source of pain to find comfort? The meth is what is causing all your pain and discomfort, so why go back to it? That will just make it worse.

3. It will NEVER EVER be as easy to quit as it is now. Each moment you wait to get clean, makes it that much more difficult.

4. Withdrawal sucks, Right? So why go through it more than once? It just doesn't feel good to have to go through withdrawal over and over.

5. There are a jillion more ways of getting clean and staying clean. It takes a little effort to search for them tho. Keep finding them. It's worth it.

6. If possible, see a therapist, counselor, or similar source of support. Abstinence means drug free, recovery means dealing with the emotional things that led to substance abuse.

CMA Website

Meth use is like taking out a huge loan on future happiness and pleasure, with incredibly high interest rates and no grace period.
Meth does not forgive those who sell out. It will extract your very soul, then invite you back.
Meth doesn't kill pain, it postpones it, then multiplies it.
Meth doesn't kill depression, it postpones it, then multiplies it.
We meth addicts will stop when the pain of continued use exceeds the fear of withdrawal.  
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings


Meth does not forgive those who sell out. It will extract your very soul, then invite you back.

co-signed^  damn
right-on sfjaye.
.......that's just......exactly how I feel.

Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Going to an NA meeting is really helpful for me. Helps to be around other people who have "been there" and are working to stay clean. I can't tell you how relieved I am every time I hear someone say the exact thing I'm feeling, and it was the thing I thought no one would ever understand. That happens to me at meetings a lot.

Keep coming here, and post about what's going on, what you're feelings are, questions, experiences and stuff. Your wife would be welcomed with open arms too. This is a good place for all involved, anyone who wants to learn, get support, etc. I'm glad you shared. Your story has some similarities to mine. The depression is tough. If you have a good doctor that can help. Having a doctor you trust, who you can tell the truth to, is amazingly helpful. I'm so glad you're here. I hope you keep sharing and wish you all the best. I got clean, and I know you can, too. One thing I've been taught is, "you have to be willing to work as hard to stay clean as you worked to get high".
Penel0pe Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Meth doesn't kill pain, it postpones it, then multiplies it.

Meth doesn't kill depression, it postpones it, then multiplies it.

"J" - that is profound, and painfully true. You are 110% correct!

Hi Maynard - I'm a recovering meth addict who snorted and smoked meth for 26 years. In January, I will have 3 years clean - our very own SFJ is coming up on FIVE YEARS CLEAN in less than 2 weeks!

There are lots and lots of us here - people who are doing it, living life without meth.

I learned how to get clean, stay clean, and live clean from Narcotics Anonymous. Click here NA Meeting Locator to find a meeting near you.

SFJ can tell you about Crystal Meth Anonymous, others will share how they stay clean.

The good news is this - if we can do it, so can you! You just have to learn how - and you've come to the right place, my friend!

Look at the link SFJ provided to his website - you'll find yourself there in the pages... and keep coming here too!


Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Hi Maynardtscruggs and welcome. I haven't heard that name since I was very young. Welcome to the forum.

You can have all of the good and warm and wonderful things in life, with your sweet wife by your side, if you choose recovery from meth.

It is absolutely DO-able. Many who have come before you, and have walked the path of desperation and hopelessness that you are on, have found a better way to live, and the first step is asking for help.

My name is Lori and I was an active meth addict for 13 years; I celebrated 10 years clean a while back.

You sound like you're ready, so please, read all you can about meth addiction and the recovery process, learn the tools that so many recovery programs teach, the tools that will help you get and stay in recovery.

Again, I welcome you. You have made an excellent beginning by posting here, and I look forward to reading you again soon.
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Hey there... welcome!
Meth ate 5 years of my life. I never thought I could quit using meth or anything else for that matter.
You CAN quit... it will be tough for awhile, but the rewards are well worth it. Don't stand on that sinking ship, take a chance and use the life raft.
We'll always be here to help you if you have questions or just want to vent.
sam Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
For me i went in and out of treatment 3 times...and the only thing that worked was getting myself to NA meetings...it saved my life...I went every day three times a day and in the beginning i went affected...stoned...high...sick...and at that time in my life, it was the only place that people were glad to see me...i kept going to the meetings...afraid to let go of the drugs...but eventually i got one day clean...then two....then three...etc...i kept going to meetings...started working the program and my life started to change...that was more than ten years ago...and i haven't looked back since...there is hope around here....and it sounds like you have a supportive family....hang in there and try and find some recovery supports...you can email me anytime if you need to talk.
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
what i have learnt is we help others by sharing with them our experience strength and hope...

my name is shane, i used drugs in one form or another for 11 years...in the end of my using i was using meth all day every day and had no idea how to stop it....i ended up insane, seeing things that weren't real and talking to people that didn't exist...when the pain of using out weighed the fear of not using i reached out for help...right here at this sight just as you have....

i then went to NA and reached out for help there...
i went to meetings everyday....
i got as many phone numbers as i could off NA members....
i found myself a sponsor and started working the steps...
i got myself a home group and started giving back what was freely given to me through service...
today i am just shy of 8 months clean from ALL mind and mood altering substances and my life is great....

you too can live free from all drugs IF YOU MAKE THE CHOICE TO AND ARE WILLING TO DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES....

keep coming here and talking to people...get yourself off to an NA/CMA meeting....and don't pick up...no matter how bad you crave it, no matter how bad you want it...not using wont kill you, but using will....
be safe and stay strong....you can do this just as so many of us have...
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Hey M.Scuggs:
Well Brother you found a good place to start. I'm Al, I'm a recovering addict, 23 years of meth, I'm also a needle junkie. I've been clean for 7mo, and as of today I have hope. I'm not using, I don't have any obsessive thoughts about using, and I am not craving.

How is the really the answer: H honesty, O open mindedness, and W willingness.

For me, I found it easier in the rooms of NA, I attended 90 meetings in 90 days. I found myself a sponsor, a man who had what I was searching for. I called an addict in recovery every day, they have lists in the groups, And I started doing exactly what my sponsor told me to do. One day at a time.

Keep coming back here and sharing the program in recovery is a WE thing, we give away what we've been fortunate to receive.

Remember you have to change one thing..... EVERYTHING !
Re: Help me with my meth addiction cravings
Hello and welcome to the board. The only advice that I have for you is to never give up trying. You can do this even if at first it is going to be one second at a time that you don't use.

Whether you use or not, the cravings will pass.
I hope that you keep coming back to the board. It is nice to meet you.

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