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What does meth and Q-tips have in common?

Hstuerke Q-Tips & meth
Okay, after reading about the stuff hiding in the staircase I have to ask WTF are Q-Tips used for. I ask because I've been noticing my husband cleaning his ears A LOT and I've been finding them all over the place, clean ones. Out in the shed, in the kitchen, in our yard...so, what does meth and Q-Tips have in common? Man I love this board, it helps answer so many ongoing questions that I have. And I get the truth from you all and more lies from my husband cause he things I'm naive.
LoveMet Re: Q-Tips & meth
Q-tips are used to clean out pipe's and over zealous cleaning of their ears.
Hstuerke Re: Q-Tips & meth
Over zealous cleaning of the ears...is that normal for meth users or are you just being funny...haha?
LoveMet Re: Q-Tips & meth
Being funny and being honest...My fiancée and his sister could spend HOURS grooming themselves to the point of ugliness...Like her popping her zits until her whole face looked like one big Zit.
chrisgonz Re: Q-Tips & meth

not to scare you...
q-tips are also used for drawing the dope into a syringe,
at least that's what I used them for.

Re: Q-Tips & meth
Q-Tips have many uses in the meth world.
They are used to clean pipes / light bulbs.
They are used for digging for that imaginary wax deep in the ear canal.
Hubby used them for digging way up in his nose for imaginary boogers, and would often pull out a bunch of blood.. no snot.

On a serious note, the cotton on the ends can be pulled off and used as a filter when shooting dope. Tweakers believe they are filtering out the 'junk' (like it isn't all junk) when putting it into their spoon and then drawing directly from the little cotton.

Pieces of a cigarette filter can also be used for this.

For me, Q-Tips were only used to put Neosporin on my 'flea bites' before covering with Band-Aids. I would use a new Q-Tip for each sore....I was gone, out there, lost.
hdftboy Re: Q-Tips & meth
So why the salt?
Re: Q-Tips & meth
Salt -
When using a light bulb to smoke meth from, the salt comes in preparing the bulb. It's used to get the white film out of the inside of the bulb so the glass is clear.
Re: Q-Tips & meth
I just use to buy clear bulbs
but yeah q-tips are handy for a meth friend
Re: Q-Tips & meth
hello NightStarNC....

If hubby would've bought bulbs...I'd have known sooner something was up!
All part of the keeping it secret!
Hstuerke Q-Tips & meth
Man, this is getting so scary. I find cigarette filters, cut off from the cigs everywhere. Do they shoot up in places other than their arms? Light bulbs? How in the hell do you smoke out of those?
Re: Q-Tips & meth
Yes, there are other places to shoot besides your arms...some places so disgusting and absurd it's horrifying.

I prefer not to go into detail about how to smoke from a light bulb here, but would be happy to PM it to you.
Hstuerke Re: Q-Tips & meth
Wow, you learn something new everyday...good or bad. It's only making me stronger though. Thanks to all!
Re: Q-Tips & meth
When I noticed the light bulbs in pieces parts, I also noticed pens that were taken apart. I could not find a functional pen anywhere. Then my friend from the Sheriff's Dept told me that they used the pen barrel to smoke meth out of a light bulb. It pen barrel is called a "Tooter" in Southern Indiana.

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