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Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction

imlostinky Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
Just an off the top of my head question here.
How many of you had difficulty with the whole job thing after quitting meth?
I know for me, I get anxious going on an interview. More so than before meth.
I know I have to spend a good deal more time pepping myself up for it- building up my courage with words not dope.
Where I had worked all my life before meth- well most of it- I have not worked much since meth.
I don't have the bravado I used to- very self conscious when I am faced with speaking with someone.

Is that a me thing?
If you did have problems getting back into life after meth, would you mind putting down how you handled them? How you overcame it?
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction after meth addiction
I experience more anxiety and nervousness whenever I have to do something like enroll for school, go on a interview, basically anything that requires presenting myself to new people. Maybe because I lack confidence and feel people "know" my past? Maybe I feel like I'm not good enough? I know that once I get past the first day of school, or past the interview and first day on the job then things are fine. It's just the first impression type of thing that stresses me out. So yes presentation is difficult for me. I just try to go for it and hope for the best because I know after the first impression is over things turn out to be fine. I also try to remind myself that we are all just people and everyone is nervous when they go on job interviews, even people that have never used drugs. It's normal but I agree that the stress and anxiety levels are higher since using drugs.
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
I can so relate! That's why I stuck with lower paying jobs that didn't require a whole lot of 'smarts' (for lack of a better term) once I was in recovery. I was so nervous at interviews, the first day at work was always the worst as far as fear/stress/anxiety. It wasn't until I had been at the same job for 3 years washing dishes in a restaurant that I realized I wanted more out of life, I could do it, and I enrolled in tech school for computer programming.

My current job has probably been the most challenging of all since it's my first time in a managerial position, and even though things are stressful because of this supposed 'move' after the first of the year for the business, I have more self confidence then I've ever had in my recovery 

Wherever I end up applying in the future, I will feel much better about myself and my skills.

I was pretty much a stay-at-home mom prior to recovery, so the work world was a big shock to me in recovery! 
RIP Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
Dear imlostinky,

Well I feel most of us have many obstacles to overcome when recovering from an addiction.
For me I had excellent skills in the construction industry which helped me. As for my interview skills and people skills I needed help in this area.
After being clean for 3 years I got in a car accident and had to change careers. I went back to college and got a counseling diploma, then went on to get an addictions diploma.
While at college I met a lady that instructed me how to prepare for a job interview.
Some of the things she taught me were to dress appropriately, don't drink much coffee before my interview, smile upon meeting the interviewer, open up with some small talk (like talk about the weather)
research the company you are going to interview with,
Follow up your interview with a thank you letter.

I also went to see an employment counselor (no charge where I live). An occupational therapist helped me as well.
I practiced my interviews with people I knew and I found this helped.

I started my recovery in a 12 step program , I learned about spiritual principles, in my life today I don't attend 12 step anymore but I apply these principles in my life.

the best thing is practice things what you want to do or get and eventually it will come, progress not progression.
you are an intelligent, vibrant, compassionate and caring person that i feel can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
Good topic. I was just talking with my sister last night about some of this. My niece who is a little more than 6 mos. clean has been living with my sister because of a hateful mother situation. Parents are divorced and Dad lives 4-5 hours away. The niece has just recently landed a full time job that came from a temp agency. She is looking in the next few months to live on her own, but is afraid and tells my sister she feels safe at her house because "they" can't get her there (I think meaning the dealers or ex-user buddies). Of course, Dad and step-Mom think she is just using my sister now and has it easy living with her. During her addiction, they buried their heads and did not educate themselves about the whole thing, so they are pretty ignorant to all of this. They're more concerned with what she spends her money on and how and feel the need to come and show her how to do a budget, etc. This probably got off in another direction, but thanks for bringing up some of those fears that are real. My sister is helping/guiding her, but not pushing her to move out. 
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
My addict bf has a tremendous fear that he can't do anything that he used to be able to do-it is one of the greatest obstacles he puts up to getting clean. His self esteem is so low but from my view, he is very much still the same talented person he was before meth began. He also does still talk clearly and can do the jobs, he just doesn't think he can. From my view, meth tells a person so many lies for so long that active re-programming of the brain/soul is very important. I would think that recovering addicts could really use the self-esteem building books and programs that teach mantra's and visualizations and repetitive positive reinforcement. Basically, I think a lot of the "I can't do its" are just In Your Heads and Not Real! Say No to those mean little meth lies forever
Sfj Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction

This topic is about as painful as they come – at least in my case. I had a very good career as a professional educator before my last meth run. I had been a school administrator for fourteen years and a teacher for another decade. My success was almost too much. For reasons I won’t go into here, I lost touch with reality. I thought I was set for life, I owned real estate, had a good retirement, and had everything that the American dream embraced. So I then made the error of a lifetime, I took a hit of meth with a friend. Big Mistake. One led to two, to four, to eight and within thirty days I was a totally addicted speedfreak.

Five years later I was fired from my last job as a teacher. Thank God. That was my wake up call. I had destroyed my life, my finances, (I’m now about half million in debt) my soul, and nearly everything else. Meth withdrawal was extremely brutal and painful for me. Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea how difficult it is. I realized I might never be able to work again. Seriously, death by suicide seemed like the best and only option. I had destroyed so much of my central nervous system’s normal functions and ability to perform. I spent the next eighteen months in rehab. After nearly two years, I got a labor job through the Veteran’s Administration digging holes in the ground for cemetery headstones in a National Veteran’s Cemetery. I spent three years there and regained a great deal of physical health and strength. During that time, I also enrolled in college night school, to complete a three year program toward earning a certificate as a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor. I’m finishing that now and working as an intern Counselor at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics Inc. in San Francisco.

I don’t know what will happen next. I will just do whatever I can to move ahead in a manner that keeps “right sized.”
vctry7 Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
I am returning to school in two years. I am terrified. I used to want to go back to school. Heck, I was smart.

Now, I don't feel like I can have a verbal conversation with anyone. I know I am not nearly as smart as I used to be. I know my memory is screwed up. That is why I am so scared. It doesn't matter how many times my husband tells me that I still have a memory like an elephant, I still think he is lying.

I think another thing is to that people will look at me differently because of my past. I know that they know and will be looking for me to screw up.

I just don't know.
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
vctry-Say No to those nasty little lies!
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
this is exactly where I'm at right now.... I have a hard time being social with anyone because I am sure that they all know of my past (which isn't unreasonable because I'm back in my small town 'Peyton place'). I don't know if it's the tweekers i was around, the meth, or just me... but since I quit I cant stop feeling like I'm STUPID and that people have been telling me that my whole life and that i wasn't paying attention, or i just didn't GET IT... and i graduated high school 8th in my class!!! but I'm a freaking nervous wreck now when i try to see my old friends... and i have no idea how to go about making new ones.
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
I don't have the bravado I used to- very self conscience when I am faced with speaking with someone.

Theresa, for whatever it is worth, I think you write very well and your thought structure and logic seem very good to me!!!

Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
Hey T,

I've NEVER had a problem getting a job. Since I was 14 I've worked, starting at McDonald's in high school.

So the personality side of me didn't have a problem, but the convicted felon side of me did, because many companies, especially those that pay well for people in my profession, and because I am in a position of trust, do background checks now.

I had already suffered the humiliation of being convicted and sent to prison. I was scared shytless to suffer anymore humiliation when out looking for work.

Although my recovery dictated that I be honest, rather than answer yes or no to the question about being convicted of any felonies, I just left it blank. I omitted the information.

Luckily, it worked and I got the job, and I'm still here 7 years later. My boss is now aware of my sordid past, but in the first few years I was so afraid she would find out and can me.

It turns out her daughter had a run in with meth, and also went to prison behind it, so she was very understanding.
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
Hey T...

Thanks for posing this because it is really a timely thing at this point in Jason's recovery...
I think J is struggling in his own way - in terms of getting back his self-esteem...even though he is clean he is afraid to go back out there because of what people know of the past etc etc etc

I, as the wife of a recovering addict also face a different kind of pressure...pressure from my folks and friends who are wondering when he will get some normalcy back and go back to work like a normal husband/father...
I hate to say this but he seems to be very safe and comfortable in this comfort zone or cocoon that we have created and the thought of looking for a job even (not even really going out to work) causes his great distress...

I suppose its quite different and he doesn't feel the urgency because,  thank God, I am able to handle the finances for now...
But sometimes I wonder if I should just put on a little more pressure...and get the engine started...

I wish things will eventually work out somehow...
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
i had a hard time getting back to work....

i set myself a goal of when i would get back to work and then when the time came anxiety would creep up and i couldn't do it....

it wasn't until i prayed to God and handed the situation over to him that i could do it...i asked him to show me when the time was right and the right job came with the right circumstances.....

it was hard when i was trying to control it, and easy when i handed it over to God...
Re: Question about getting back to living / working after meth addiction
I think he needs to get into some type of job- even part time.
Otherwise , his world will get small- just like mine did.

Stan, getting a job based on writing skills would be a breeze 
It is the face to face I have difficulty with.
I can feel as smart as all get out in here, behind the monitor- but when it comes time to sit across from someone or speak face to face about something I know, tongue tied and feel incredibly stupid.
I am starting my own nursery business next Spring- but it isn't going to succeed if I can't leave my house. If I can't get some kind of comfort level in dealing with the public.
I thought by working last year in the direct sales I would gain that confidence.
I didn't. By the end of season there, I had taken to staying in the perennial houses away from the public.
Kind of puts me at odds don't you think as my business will be direct sales yet again.
It's what I know- and it offers the flexibility I need.
It goes on during off semester with school- weekend work during school.
So it allows me the opportunity to pursue my education-

But I freeze when meeting with people. Very self conscious- and feel very inept.........
If I can find a way to conquer that- I can do this.

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