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What worked in getting clean of Meth?

RIP What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I am trying to see what works for different people.

How did you get clean?
Was it your doctor, NA, AA, CMA, Smart recovery, religion, Drug counselor, Hospital, Lifering or was it done by yourself?

Once you made the decision to clean up , how many times have you relapsed until "you got it"?

For me I went to 7 different treatment centers. All 12 step models (its all we have in B.C.). I took my one year cake and did not enjoy the meetings or the atmosphere any more so i stopped going.

I live a life of helping people and being nice (sometimes). I use my friends and family for an enormous source of support. I stay away from active users and bars. I do not suffer from the "dry drunk" syndrome. And because I stopped going to meetings, I have not relapsed and died.

I was addicted for 28 years and will take 6 years clean and sober on December 12 .

So my name is RIP=Recovery is Possible
Sfj Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
Including, but not limited to: Rehab, outpatient, therapy, family support, regular and deliberate 12-step program and step work, hanging out with those in recovery, regular community volunteering, night classes at college, vigorous aerobic exercise, healthy diet and living, this website, and part-time working for NIDA.

And more.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
After 13 years of meth abuse I got clean in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous, and I've not relapsed. That was over 10 years ago.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
This place was my first ally in my fight against this addiction, and it stays on the top of my list. After I had been coming here for 6 months but still couldn't seem to get clean, I went to inpatient rehab, where I found NA. So here's my list:

Suzie's site (American Methology)
Inpatient Rehab
NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and following their suggestions
Working steps in NA with an NA female sponsor
Being of service
New friends who don't use anymore
Studying my spirituality
Chemical dependency counseling & group therapy (recently added this week)

I may not have STAYED clean since seeking recovery seriously in May 2005, but I "Keep Coming Back".

When I stop doing the above things, or do them half-azzed, I fall again.

I have 8 days clean today.
Lisa Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I got clean with the help and support of the people on this board and at Suzie's AM. I'm staying clean because I've lost the desire for speed and to ever be the person I was when I was using. I'm a few days shy of nine months clean. Not a long time, but a miracle for me.

I needed LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of guidance and support to help me to finally help myself. I found it here and at AM.

I relapsed either three or four times (I can't remember because meth made Swiss cheese out of my brain) before I got it right.

I never say never, but I'm pretty damn sure I'll never go anywhere near meth again. Not when my life is just starting to get back to the way it was pre-speed. I still have a long way to go, but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
What worked for me is that meth never worked for me. It worked against me. It don't uphold or help the life I want.

A rainy day of camping is better than a dry day on meth. 
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Right on Lisa!!!
What I've found that works most for me...even when I start to overmedicate...
is...  staying away from negative people.  I find that when I'm dealing with unnecessary BS... I don't want to see it, even when it's in my face.
so..  I just keep learning, seeking answers to my questions.
Change paths when need be. Let go of the past.

Continually asking questions of myself and then sharing my thoughts with professionals.
Find positives. Never give up or give in.

Loraura Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I'm staying clean because I've lost the desire for speed and to ever be the person I was when I was using. I'm a few days shy of nine months clean. Not a long time, but a miracle for me.
Lisa, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read your words today. I am so overjoyed for you, and the progress you have made, that I have no words to express how I feel.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I got clean with the help of God. No meetings, no treatment, no medicine.
I've been meth-free for 4 years, 10 months, and 11 days.
I have had my problems with alcohol. But no meth, pot, coke, LSD, mushrooms, heroin. Nothing' in over 4 years. And never again.

PS - I'm 6 weeks alcohol and cigarette-free.

Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
Death worked for me...the death of others, incl. a dear friend/neighbor and a growing number of young people from this small community.
Funerals of dead drug addicts are most convincing, especially when they're your friends.... or children of your friends.
I was next and I knew it!
A stroke of my own along with loss of speech and motor controls for a few days was also quite convincing....
recover or die!

So I actually started to *use the tools* [CBT] I learned in IOP and started attending every 12 step meeting possible [spiritual component].
Daily participation here at KCI has been the most helpful of all. So much to learn! So many great peeps! and the opportunity to realize what an a** I can be...if I choose to be. A sincere thanks to those who helped realize it 

Caring for and supporting others who are caught in the trap seems to hold the highest therapeutical value for this addict, it's nearly impossible to "want" to use when trying to persuade others that they don't.
Letting go of the pursuits of money, property and prestige has brought a new freedom...less is better.

Music therapy has been another form of salvation, drumming therapy in particular.  Joining an 8 pc. marimba/drum and dance ensemble has been something NO drug can ever compete with, the group as a whole is 90% DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE! and full of love...the ultimate healer!

AND! Posts like Lisa's really are the clincher, NOTHING holds a higher value in this addicts recovery!
WTG Swiss  
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
It's actually really pretty tough for me to pinpoint what got me clean.
My best friend moved back to town and showed me that no matter what I had done she still wanted me to be okay.. and that meant not in prison or dead.
So, the last time I got arrested (on criminal charges) I chose to stick with my court ordered program... which I had blown off before preferring warrants to showing up for drug tests.

She dragged my a** through the first months until I began to realize that I really needed to stay clean.

I've been coming to this site for years. I came when I first got clean... then I relapsed for a couple years and now I'm back. Been in recovery now for 22 months. Clean for about 13. Between when I got clean in Jan 2005 and now I relapsed twice... both times for stupid reasons. I learned from both experiences and don't expect anything like that to happen again.

Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I first sought treatment in 1999. I've been clean off and on during the last seven years, using more than clean though. I've gone to inpatient, outpatient, methadone, suboxone, detox, NA, counseling, and on and on.

I've been clean for about five months. This is the first time I've actually really taken a active role in my recovery. I used to just quit using and expect to stay clean, that thinking got brought me back to using. Anyways now I'm in outpatient treatment, I attend a weekly women's group, 12 step meetings sometimes, acupuncture, exercise, family support, one on one counseling, taking time to learn more about myself and my addiction and codependency issues, staying busy, helping others. I used to feel anxious and crappy whenever I quit using because I wasn't changing my behavior at all. This time around I really feel good, not all the time because we all have bad days but more often than not I feel good. Being pregnant has been a huge motivation for me to really get serious about getting clean. I've wanted to get off drugs for a long time, the party ended years ago. I was just stuck in using mode, I now feel there is hope and I can stay clean if I put lots of effort into making my life better. I'm trying to pursue my dreams instead of pursuing my destruction. The first four months of being pregnant I used a couple times. I used to think that pregnant women just stopped using like that, no effort required. WRONG. It was easier to stop because of the baby but it was still difficult dealing with cravings in the beginning. I wasn't using meth but I was using on occasion. I'm so happy I was able to stop because I feel so much better about myself now. I was so depressed when I was having trouble quitting despite being pregnant. I know of women that used their whole pregnancy, that angers me that they don't seek help or put some effort into their recovery. I know it's hard to stop but there comes a time when you have to think about the baby. I not only think about drugs and pregnancy but using drugs when you have kids. I do not want to be a drug mom so I'm doing really working hard to help myself so I can be a good Mom. I have a lot of support and my Mom has really stood by me the whole time. There is life after drugs. I had to hit a bottom that I never thought I would sink to for me to really want to stay clean. In the past whenever I would quit using there was always a little voice inside me planning on using at a later date. Not this time. My last run was so hard on me and the things I did and the things I lost just make me sick. But maybe it took experiencing those horrible things for me to get to where I am today. When I think of using I get a bad feeling in my stomach and I remember all the bad stuff that happened during the last six months of heavy use. It was ugly. Desperation set in and it was a truly ugly site. I thank god for my sobriety today.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
R.I.P. i had tried many different solutions and always came up empty. I recently did 6 months in prison and took that time to read a lot of self help books. the 6 months was the best detox for me and a way to be forced away from the same crowd. I read a lot of NA and AA related material that was just not for me. then my wife sent me a book called Rational Recovery and it's an alternative to the AA and NA way of thinking. It really hit home for me and made a lot of sense. This book is what set it right for me. You say you are looking for different things, well try this it might work where other programs have failed. Good luck in what ever you do and god bless.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
i tried getting clean on my own with the support of family and support from this site, but for me that wasn't enough....
i needed the support, love, compassion and caring i found at NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS....

9 months and 2 days clean....
Btaylo30 Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
Medication...loved ones...and a very close friend passing away from meth.
Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
30 day in-patient rehab for beginners, and yes it was based on a 12 step program. Continuing aftercare once a week for a year after rehab, plus continuing in 12 step programs. I have also sought out therapy/counseling a few times over the years when I needed the extra support and had issues to work through. I still remain active in 12 step programs, though I don't do meetings as often as I used to. I stay in touch with my sponsor on a regular basis. I also sponsor.
ZJeff Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
The start for me was prison. I had been sent to treatment centers by my Parents, my Boss and myself. None of that helped  (little did I know, I did not want to get clean yet).
So I ended up in prison....of all the F*&$%*(G places for ME to end up. Why Me? I have a great job, a beautiful house. Couple of cars in the garage.
After I lost all of that I was busted for possession and did 12 months. Nine weeks to the day later I got busted for possession with intent to manufacture.
The second time around really opened my eyes. Two more years in this place. ...Jeff what were you thinking?
I made up my mind the second I walked through the gates the second time I had to quit this way of life. It was so easy to do while in prison. There was dope there, but who wants to tweek in prison???
When I got home the work really started. I stayed away from all the old friends. Got involved with a great church. Started working again, first time in 5 years. Surrounded myself with successful people.
Being clean is a choice. It is different for everyone I think. I don't mean this to sound as if I am bragging. But for me it was pretty easy once I decided I did not want to go back to prison ever again. And realizing that if I did meth again that is where I would go. Once I came to that realization, I wanted nothing to do with dope
Penel0pe Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
Narcotics Anonymous.
Lisa Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
To Chris, Loraura and Dan the Man,

You three were among the core group of peeps who helped get me where I am now. Not that I'm so far, but I'm EONS past where I was.

Take your bows.
Flyf1sh3r Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
pretty much living inside the rooms of 12 step meetings kept me clean for the first six months, and led me to the right people to do my step work with.
That gave me a foundation, and re-introduced me to my true self. The part of me never programmed by life's occurrences.

That set me on the path of achieving forgotten dreams/goals. The simple formula of doing the next right thing has made my goals, and dreams a reality.
Knowing that using will take me back to the miserable place I started from is a strong deterrent.

I still use the fellowship I found here, and in person from the rooms of 12 steps to keep me focused. My inner addict is still alive. Its cunning, baffling, and powerful. I went through a phase thinking I was "cured" only to find out that life on life's terms can awaken my desire to self-medicate.

Today, I have no desire to use any mind altering substances.
Iselita Re: What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?
I used meth, coke, pot mainly for 4 years or so. Not naming everything else I experimented with. I stopped meth because I found out I was about a month pregnant. Continued with pot till a couple months ago. I relapsed 2 times on meth 3 times on coke. I felt horrible when I relapsed, Basically what helped me was my family for 1, I started hanging out with people who hated meth as much as me. I can't say it was all me (even though it pretty much was) but it was with the help of my family. Since I had the chance to be clean off of it. I said why go back it's been 3 years or so.

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