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A dozen thoughts on quitting meth


A dozen thoughts on quitting meth

There are a lot of things that work, and a lot of things that don’t work.

The more common forms of help and support leading to a meth addict getting clean and staying clean are as follows:

1.        Twelve-step groups, including AA, the grand-daddy of them all.
NA, and CMA which is intended to be for those struggling with meth addiction.

2.        Treatment, this can include medical treatment, substance abuse counseling, psychiatry, psychological therapy, and other services performed by qualified and licensed professionals. The more common forms are outpatient, inpatient, and residential. Also commonly called “rehab” or “rehabilitation.”

3.        Non twelve-step peer support groups. These include Life-Ring, S.M.A.R.T. Recovery and many others.

4.        Less common perhaps than the above, but gaining ground, are websites like KCI and other on-line sources of recovery support.

5.        “White Knuckling” or “Cold Turkey.” This is where the addict declines or refuses help from outside sources. Also known as “OSPH” (Obstinately Stubborn and Pig Headed)

6.        Family Intervention techniques are sometimes used to initiate the addict to a host of possibilities. Very risky if done without adequate knowledge and preparation.
The possibility of having an intervention backfire should not be overlooked.

7.        Sometimes, rarely, an addict will just quit all by himself/herself, without any fanfare or hoopla. The person comes to realize that it isn’t working and has enough of whatever it takes to quit and stay clean. It happens. (rarely, but it does happen)

8.        Incarceration. Many people say that going to jail or prison is what helped them quit drugs.

9.        Non-related or non-specific outside activities. These can include religion, church, school, romance, hobbies, Geographic's (moving away to a different living situation) or other things that can be embraced with passion.

10.        Some of these methods work for some people and not for others. A combination is often preferable to a single approach.

11.        Some people will never quit using drugs regardless of program, combination of programs, or lack of programs.

12.        There’s probably many more that are not on this list. Any more that you can think of?

I try to ignore anyone who says, “It worked for me so I know it can work for anyone.”
Everyone is different. EVERYONE. 
Penel0pe Re: A dozen thoughts on quitting meth
There’s probably many more that are not on this list. Any more that you can think of?


I know several who quit using this way. It's the least preferred method.

Otherwise, I like your list, SFJ.

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