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Clean drug tests while using?

jan "Clean" drug tests while using ...
My husband and I have custody of our 9-month old grandson. He was placed with us when he was 3 months old after CPS removed him from his parents ... they tested positive for meth, domestic violence issues, and neglect of the baby. They are both "working their services" now. We feel certain they are still using, but they have passed several drug tests. The baby's father has admitted to using meth on a regular basis over a four-year period but insists he used only once (when he was caught) in the past four years. We know better. Also, does anyone have experience with CPS removals and reunification. We are so afraid that our grandson will be returned to his parents.
vctry7 Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
I don't have any experience with CPS. I do, however, have experience with drug tests. I have never known the police or an employer around here to use anything except urine tests. They can be easily faked. Also, meth only stays in the urine for a few days.

Ask for a hair follicle test.

I am very sorry for grandson's parents, but am very glad he's got you.
kmb2006 Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
What state are you in?
kell Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
Is it possible that they may be indeed "clean" and telling the truth?
Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
Yes it is possible.
It is also possible that the tests are being beat.

I'd ask for a hair test as well. Just to be on the safe side.
If they are clean, there shouldn't be a problem on their end.

Just in case- there are children involved.
jan Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
Thank you for your response.


Don't really think so ... signs are there.

kmb2006 Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
Me too. I can talk intelligently then...

This state very much likes to reunite families, but CPS takes meth abuse very seriously.

Let the caseworker know of your suspicions; they WILL do a hair test. I reported my husband and his girlfriend. They removed her daughter after a hair test on the mother. She beat the first UA after the little girl's grandmother reported them. The hair test popped positive. They took the little girl.

We also have VERY strong grandparent rights here. You can make this a civil matter if you need to.

Ask for a hair test, and keep on them. I had to call the state hotline and make a second report instead of amending the grandmother's original report because the caseworker wouldn't return my call.
jan Re: "Clean" drug tests while using ...
Thank you so much for the information. We just want to keep the baby safe. CPS requires the parents to attend NA meetings. The baby's father laughs about it because "he doesn't belong in there."

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