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Do meth addicts know why they are tired?


Do meth addicts know why they are tired?

I was wondering if meth users are aware of the reason for them being so tired and sleeping after using for a while. Or do they lose the ability to attribute any negative physical effects to the use of the drug? My step daughter was so out of it yesterday that she pretty much fell asleep every time she sat down. Then she said, "I don't know WHY I am so tired. I think I've run myself down by being so busy." and later on, "Can depression make someone this sleepy? I know I have depression..."

She actually sounded like she didn't KNOW why she would be so tired. It's hard for me to understand how she couldn't see what is so obvious. Is it possible that, with enough use, they truly don't make the connection between the high and why they crash afterwards?
Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
I think she is just becoming a good liar. She is setting it up because she knows you all are wondering why she is so tired so she just goes ahead and answers ahead of time. Users know that they crash when they aren't high any more. No time like the present for some kind of change in that situation.
Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
My addict would say the same things, but to me, it was always an attempt at a cover-up. He knew I could see him physically crashing so he would come up with something to say to make me believe he was sick or getting the flu or just tired or whatever.

With mine, he definitely knew, he just thought he could make me believe that he wasn't using and couldn't possibly have anything to do with that.
Penel0pe Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
"I don't know WHY I am so tired. I think I've run myself down by being so busy."

That's what we call "Lying to cover our a**," as if you didn't know why she was so tired.

Yes, we know why we are so tired. And yes, that is why we usually go find another bag, to get "Untired."

She probably thinks she's fooling you.

Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
Well IMO as an ex user they know exactly why they are tired! Just trying to cover up so maybe know one else will know.

Meth sucks!
Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
I actually might beg to differ.

When I was all messed up, I honestly, honestly, honestly believed that my being tired, deranged, disorganized, etc. had to do with "having ADD". My roommate recognized this as bullshit, but when she tried to tell me that it's probably the METH that is wiping me out, I honestly, honestly, honestly thought that she was wrong.

Cause you know, meth "helps" not hurts, right?
Sure, I was lying to myself, but I didn't realize it. I was believing the meth lies.

Remember, it's never meth's fault, it's never our bag that your found (we are holding it for a friend, duh!), and no one can possibly understand our terminally unique plight.

I hope your daughter can break free from the meth lies soon.
Re: Do meth addicts know why they are tired?
She knows she's tired. She anticipating you asking her why she's falling out like that so she basically answers the question before you ask. I mean it's not hard to figure out that you will be tired if you stay up without sleep for days on end or even after staying up for one or two nights you will be extremely tired. The meth doesn't replace sleep, you still need to sleep once you come down. She's just acting like a typical addict, I've said the same thing many times myself. Sorry about your situation.

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