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Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?

clickmom Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
I already posted another question, sorry I just have so many thoughts in my head right now...
If he's saying he really really wants to get high, that he enjoys it, that he doesn't see the positive of stopping yet (even though he has for 10 days)...that he feels he's at a crossroads...that he feels he's not convinced yet, that he feels he hasn't hit rock bottom "yet"....are those all indicators that he's truly not ready to stop? Is the treatment program he's in even going to reach him? What is the reality of this?

Also, this is so crazy, but why have I been now curious to try this @#%$ since he's been seriously doing something about this 10 days ago? I've never done meth in my life, and yet all of a sudden I want to get high with him to see what its like? Is this normal?? No, I won't do it or try it, but the thoughts came to my head...and I was like wtf?
Loraura Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
Treatment programs CAN reach addicts, even if they are forced into treatment, in my opinion.
There's no guarantee it will "work" in the way you expect it to work. Something he hears in treatment NOW may be the seed that gets him clean now, or months from now, or years from now.

In my opinion, the reality is -- there are no guarantees. There are no promises.

I don't think that it is unusual to be curious as to what the HELL is so good about this drug that seems to be all bad. you see all the bad, yet you see him still wanting it. So you're curious as to just exactly what IS IT that's SO dang good to be worth all the bad.
clickmom Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
Thanks Laura. So I may have to face the fact that this might just be a first step into recovery that may take place years from now...
Well, I hope its sooner than later for his sake.
I have to leave work now. Be back later. Thank you.
Loraura Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
That first step is a doozey though!
Try to be thankful that he's taken ANY step at all.

Some addicts never do.
jes78 Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
i went into forced treatment, and although i have a resentment or two, i have not used in over 2 yrs. at first, i saw nothing wrong w/ using, just like your addict. after a little while clean, my head cleared and i saw the light. my mom, who is a nurse, once said, "what is w/ this drug and you, i want to see what u like so much about it" and she never did it.
good luck to you and your addict
Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
Wanting to stop someone from using and at the same time wondering what was so "great" about it got me tied up with meth myself for six months. I dreamt last night about my cravings three nights ago and that started my day off kind of rocky. I read some of my journal entries while using and the day smoothed out.

I wish the best for him while he's in treatment
clickmom Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
I talked to him today and he said he went to the program and left. Said he didn't feel good. Whatever. Didn't feel good probably because he wanted to get high. Its Friday and he wanted to go get high. He went home and stayed there, so I know he probably used. His mom said she cleaned out his room two days ago and threw out his pipes. Doesn't mean he didn't go out and get another one. Probably had to leave early so he could go get that.

I'm so angry right now. Angry for allowing myself to bend over backwards this past 10 days, putting my own needs on the back burner. But its what I chose. No one to blame but myself.

So, here I sit on a Friday night lonely and tired. 
Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
There are a lot of us sitting at home alone on a Friday night but there is hope for us above and beyond the addict's life of addiction.  I promise


Re: Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?
As a wife of an addict, I think it is natural for us to wonder... to want to experience this thing that they "love" more than us, that they put before us, to see what is so great about it. Also, there may be the thought that, if I did it with him would he like me better? Or maybe it's self righteous justification... like, its MY turn to escape this crap... Whatever it is, I know you said you wouldn't do it... but just that the thought is in the back of your mind, be careful. Do not dwell on those thoughts or they might get the best of you... don't give temptation a foothold in your life... And be careful not to think you are above it... none of us are.
Just be careful... you don't want to go there.

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