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Rehabs are full of meth addicts!

jes78 Rehabs are full of meth addicts
for the times i said a drug is a drug, i apologize. We have been hit w/ the epidemic. my best friend works at a drug rehab and the meetings have been full of meth addicts. this is quite new to us. i still believe a drug is a drug, but what it does to them in such a short period of time is devastating. they seem to be hitting "bottoms" alot quicker, and i don't mean bottoms that make you want to get clean. maybe you all know what i mean, but its here now, and not just a little bit. it seems a month ago, i heard of it from a few people, where last week, its all i heard about. its cheaper, so alot of cocaine users are doing meth now. of meth, i only know what i read here so i referred the people i know who are using or dealing w/ users here. hopefully they learn.
i don't know how long its been here, but its been getting big just recently.
RobinW Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
I live in a small town. we are OVER RAN by it. it takes are young children from us along with husbands wives anyone. it doesn't care that they were up-standing law abiding, loving people. once it sinks it's scummy teeth into you it has you. BUT it can't keep you as long as you learn to look at it as i do now. I did it before for a while. now if someone put it on my table i would be so afraid of it and would want it gone like right NOW! To me, it would be looking at a rat with sores crawling on my table. I don't ever want to see it again.
sorry, but I'm in a major pissed off mood right.

i say we all say "begone rats" LOL

PS that doesn't mean the people just the meth... :)

love to all
Sfj Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
That's right.
I agree with you.
"A drug is a drug." It doesn't take a mental giant to agree with that statement.

However, if we consider another aspect of it, we might have another opinion.
"A car is a car" Yes.

But a Toyota Camry is not a Ferrari.
They will both get you from point A to point B however.
A toke off a joint is not the same as filling a rig (syringe) with a half gram of glass (purified crystal meth).

Comparisons are good when coupled with a bit of common sense.
Generalities should be viewed with caution. (including this one)  
jes78 Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
i have seen some @#%$, sfj. I've done alot. I've traveled Europe for 4 yrs, 3 in Italy and 1 all over, and I've lived a lifestyle i would have never dreamed possible (nightmare). the war stories i could tell u r horrid, in southern Italy we have a cammora, no longer i don't think, but there were no police, it was crazy! what i witnessed meth do to someone i saw last week, in such a short period of time, she was at a mtg, and the quickness of it, she just went downhill so quick. that was why i said sorry for saying a drug is a drug. obviously, this is just a poison, and it takes you where they all take you, but, my god, so quickly, and she was so mean.
i think what i mean is i agree
FSOAB Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
Have you guys ever seen ELF? There is a part where the elf says, "No its not" over and over about the room in the mall being the North pole.. Its really funny in the movie.. My other half and I get into the same disagreements.. I say "yes it is" He says "no its not" over and over.... Wish we were just arguing over Christmas!
jes78 Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
oh I'm not arguing, but I'd take a Ferrari or a Camry any day!! I'll have to rent  i was surprised to see how quickly it affects people. in previous post i said a drug is a drug, which i still believe. crack and heroin made me do some really awful things but meth is awful in a way i cant explain, and i saw that for the first time recently. so HOORAY to all you beating meth!!! and all of us in recovery, even me!!
samwitch Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
Jes...You're from Rhode island? New England is being swallowed up by the Meth Monster pretty quickly.

My ex was an addict in Hawaii in the 90's. When meth became easier to get in Boston, he couldn't resist---like about two years ago.
By last winter he was a dark shadow of someone I once knew.
It seems that some recovery/support programs (that focus on meth) exist in the Gay Community for now, but I think everyone will be affected soon.
Isn't it scary to live in a place that is still kind of in meth kindergarten?
I'm afraid we will see some horrors before people even know what's happening around them, in their families and communities....
Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts

Isn't it scary to live in a place that is still kind of in meth kindergarten?
I'm afraid we will see some horrors before people even know what's happening around them, in their families and communities....
You just described NC-or at least my area. It is scary!

Two separate news stories just last night were worth watching and, had I been somewhere besides in a patients home, I'd of yelled for joy and done a happy dance. One guy, age 35, was caught with 10 8-balls and 17 boxes of pills. The girl they caught was 26, high as a kite, and hurt 2 officers and 1 drug dog before they got her cuffed.

It's amazing how folks like to live with their heads in the sand and infuriating at the same time.

That Ferrari Brok3n-can be "owned" by a tweeker/cook for money they are due . Makes me want to let the air out of the tires or some mean thing like that. Knowing my luck though, they'd have the darn car booby-trapped!

When is everyone going to wake up and say yes, it can happen here? It is happening here! God help us all.
Penel0pe Re: Rehabs are full of meth addicts
for the times i said a drug is a drug, i apologize.

I wouldn't apologize for that.
Some drugs take us to hell faster than others.

I survived 26 years of meth use. Some can't tolerate their first hit.
"A drug is a drug" is certainly applicable when we look at the end results - heroin addicts are just as dead as alcohol addicts, just as in jail as crack heads, and just as insane as meth addicts when they finally go down, aren't they?

I used a lot of different drugs, that's a fact. Cocaine pushed my to the ground, I got back up, Meth knocked me to the floor, I got back up... and Meth finally had me on me knees, begging for relief.

Had it not been meth, it would have been something else for sure (Probably cocaine.) Meth damaged me, that's a fact - I believe had it been cocaine, I would have physically recovered much more quickly than I have from meth. I may be wrong, but I do believe that cocaine is easier to overdose with than meth is. Alcohol - lets talk about THAT - Alcohol kills more people than meth or cocaine - both the alcoholic, and those the alcoholic kills via drunk driving, violence (Alcohol is the drug most often associated with violent crime - look it up!)

All drugs have different effects, negative effects, and some are worse than others for sure. Meth WAS THE DRUG THAT TOOK ME OUT - I am very clear on that point!

But I don't believe any drug deserves "Special" recognition - a drug is a drug when we are trying to recover - we're addicts... the drugs we use are just a symptom of a bigger problem - US.

Addiction is the problem. I really believe that, and I really believe there are underlying issues that we share that get us started using in the first place, and a disease called addiction that KEEPS us using well after we should know better.

But yes, I agree with you on one thing - METH has properties that are unique to meth... as does any other drug out there. METH is the drug that I used the most - the one I traded my life away for.

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