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What are effects in children when parents use meth?

What are effects in children when parents use meth?
I'm new to the site, but I am in desperate need of some answers. I adopted my granddaughter last year, my daughter, her mom, used meth almost all thru the pregnancy. We are now seeing some different behavior. She just turned 5 yrs. and up until now things have been good. But now she throws tantrums, cries over small things, doesn't want to go to school, and DOES NOT want to leave my side. What are some of the effects in children, with parental use of this drug? Please if anyone can and will help me, I truly appreciate all....
imlostinky Re: What are effects in children when parents use meth?
Actually that is pretty typical behavior of a 4/5 year old child-especially one who has been separated from her mother at such a young age. That I would say is having the most affect on her- not the possible meth use during pregnancy.

She is comfortable now to act how she feels. She has recovered from shell shock and now feels safe to be- that is why the change now. She isn't worried that she has to be perfect or else you won't love her.
I know it may not seem like it but the fact that she is now acting out is a credit to you.

How are you handling the behavior?
Have you considered parenting classes?
Have you thought about family counseling?

Each child is different on what will work. I would feel more comfortable saying methods you could use to help with the situation if I actually knew the child - and knew you.
That would be impossible really to answer online.
If you haven't considered family counseling, I hope you do. That could really make a huge difference.
5 year olds do not have the skills to express themselves always in an appropriate manner- to verbalize the feelings they have.
You have to teach her.
Loraura Re: What are effects in children when parents use meth?
Studies have not shown much as for the long term side effects on children who's mom's used meth during pregnancy.

However, what you describe is not necessarily out of the norm for a 5 year old who has any sort of unhealthy attachment/abandonment issues.
Re: What are effects in children when parents use meth?
I'm not sure what a physician or a psychiatrist would say. Sounds like normal 5 year old behavior to me, but maybe you should have her examined.

I'm sure others will respond with more info. Stick around!!
Re: What are effects in children when parents use meth?
I would have to agree that it is not out of the norm for her age group especially with her having been abandoned by her mother. Actually I have a 5yr old boy and from time to time he still tries to throw temper tantrums and is not a meth baby. So could be nothing.

But, if you are still concerned that this is something more, then I have a Question for you; Have you thought about taking her to a counselor they do offer services to young children as well as adults.

Well I guess that's the only advice I can offer you. But remember I'm not an expert with this those are just my thoughts.

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