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Flossing: This a tweak?

My husband flosses his teeth about 5 times a day and carries it around with him, he never use to worry about his teeth so much is this another sign of meth use?
Sfj- Re: Flossing?
Tweaking can be described as the repeated movements requiring little skill and not much cognitive input. That means doing something over and over again suing fine motor movements. Masturbation is the classic tweak. But others are cleaning, scrubbing, picking at hairs and skin, shining shoes, washing dishes and countless other menial tasks.

Flossing and even tooth brushing could easily become someone’s tweak. That’s just the way it works.

Doing something over and over again is very much apart of meth behavior.
Re: Flossing?
When I was using, I would constantly use mouthwash, brush my teeth, floss, and everything else I could in my mouth.
I have braces and was afraid of my teeth falling out or braces corroding.
But I think I was also tweaking on them.

Same scenario with hubby and his ears and nose. He would constantly dig in his nose and ears, both with Q-Tips. There was always imaginary boogers and ear wax....he would pull blood soaked Q-Tips out of his nose but never could get those boogers.

I would say tweaking.
deeeCA Re: Flossing?
Maybe OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder....

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