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For those who believe addiction is a disease


For those who believe addiction is a disease.

For those who believe addiction is a disease.
This includes alcoholism and other addictive drugs.
Do you think that there are varying degrees of the disease?
Why or why not?
I've seen some people relapse and they are out for a day or just a one time use.
I've seen others relapse and they are out for a month or more.
I also know some abusers who are hooked on one drug and one drug only.
Meth for example. Strange as it seems, I know a number of recovering meth addicts who never smoked cigs, can't stand liquor, avoid pot at all costs and puke at the thought of opiates. Is their disease different than the garbage can variety of junkie or dope addict?

The dogmatic approach of many 12-steppers endorses the notion that all drugs are the same, all addictions, are the same, and all addicts are the same.

What do you think?
Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
Frankly, it seems absurd to pigeonhole drugs, addicts, and addictions as "all the "same".
We've seen how well treating them all the same works.

It is ironic though how some of those who preach honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness can also be the most dogmatic.
By the same token, dogma certainly isn't exclusive to [some]12 steppers as it is a human condition not specific to any one recovery ritual.
I think we all need to open our eyes a little wider and look at the much bigger recovery picture, then we might see how different drugs, addictions, and *we* really are.

I have yet to see two addicts who are the "same".
Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
Since you asked, I believe what the 12 Step program of Celebrate Recovery teaches me. When reading: "Twelve Steps and Their Biblical Comparisons", step 5 is where I claim my healing from the addiction (disease) of meth (and when I am ready, my addiction (disease) to cigarettes as well). This is my foundation also for saying I don't believe "once an addict, always an addict", fwiw.

Take a look at the comparisons if you want:

Step 5 has a verse that tells me my disease (sin) is healed and you asked Jaye.
What can I say though, it's working for me:

8 Principles based on the Beatitudes equal "The Road To Recovery" plus the "Twelve Steps And Their Biblical Comparisons".
Juliett55 Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
I don't think there can be even two of the same exact situations of addiction. There are no two DNA's that are alike in this world, so it will effect everyone just a little different.

Good subject. I think it is very important for the addicts and their loved ones to understand that general patterns of addiction are similar, but we have to deal with the individual and be very sensitive to that part too. I don't know how anyone can possible think that all drugs have the same affect......that's like saying, "take any medicine you'd like for diabetes, all diseases are the same..." I think CMA is a result of people looking to address the problem in a more focused way.
Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
I believe that the treatment is different in every single addict's recovery as recovery is a personal thing between the addict and the person's addict. Yes, it can start sounding schizo....I don't believe that the 12 step programs are speak to me in a dogmatic way-I know for others they only hear dogma. I do believe that meth addiction is a tougher more insidious addiction that seems to affect more of the person than even heroine addiction-looking in from the outside anyway...I know that it was much easier for me to detach from a friend whom I loved that became a heroine addict than the meth addict I love-MUCH easier! That is just an example. I enjoy and am very thankful for the 12 step programs and believe they can be equally successful with any addiction recovery.
Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
good post Sfj...

i believe that addiction is much the same disease in all people, however the addict and the "drug" of choice may vary...i believe the underlying issues of the disease remain the same....

as far as addicts going back "out" there, and some taking one use and some taking a month, I don't know about that, I have not relapsed since coming into 12 step recovery and i pray i never do...but on a totally intellectual point of view i guess that would vary from there reasons/excuses for relapse, the strength of there recovery prior to recovery and there situation within relapse...i think there would be many variables to consider in that question but as i said that is just totally "thinking", no experience there....

i do whole heartedly believe that addiction is a disease...dis-ease.....i don't think there are different levels so to speak...just different people...

if someone uses one drug and not the other, perhaps the other drugs don't treat there disease like one drug does...for this addict, anything that took me away from me worked for me....you name it ill have it if it takes me away, from me...

i think segregating drugs isn't necessary...i can sit in a meeting with some one who was a daily heroin addict for 20 years, someone who smoked pot for 5 years and someone who popped prescriptions for 10 years, and relate to them all because they speak of the disease and the inside feeling and desperation that comes with the disease...
there must be some common ground there hey...
to me the common ground, or thread that binds us is the disease...

Penel0pe Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
Are all cancers the same? If not, what are the differences, not only in the symptoms, but the outcomes? What about the treatment outcomes?

Are type I diabetics the same as type II diabetics? If not, what are the differences, not only in the symptoms, but in the outcomes? What about the treatment outcomes?

Are all mental illnesses the same - if not, what are the differences in not only the symptoms, but in the outcomes? What about the treatment outcomes?

Are all addictions are the same? If not, what are the differences - not only in the symptoms, but in the outcomes? What about the treatment outcomes?

When we look for the similarities instead of the differences, we can find some common ground and see that often we are more alike than we are different.

The DESIRED outcome in all the above scenario's is freedom from the symptoms of the disease in question (although for most, there IS no cure.)

The unfortunate outcome for many in the above scenarios might be death if the disease is left untreated.

But, for some of us in ANY of the above scenarios...

scorpio Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
The ends are always the same "jails, institutions, and death" that's enough for me.

I view the disease in different variations of progression rather than differences in the disease.

Not all diabetics need insulin, but as that disease progresses they very likely will. Some diabetics start right off having to closely monitor their diets, take shots several times a day, deal with all of the other life changing things involving that disease.

Then there's bee sting allergies, that one gets worse with each sting, some can die with the first sting, others first deal with a little redness and swelling beyond the norm, and with each sting it gets worse, until getting stung swells up the bronchial tubes causing suffocation.

Well, addicts seem to me to be similar to both the disease of diabetes (seemingly allergic to sugar), and the bee sting allergy, we all start off our disease in different places, we all end up in the same places though, and none of us can use any mood or mind altering substances without causing a progression of our disease. Maybe you can have a few drinks here and there now, with the occasional icky results making you appear somewhat normal, but keep feeding that beast, and that drug too will take your relationships, your jobs, your bank accounts, your jobs, your freedom, and eventually your life.

Our disease isn't about any certain substance. Its a disease that tells you you don't have a disease. Its the disease of changing the way you feel. Its the disease of MORE.
Re: For those who believe addiction is a disease.
Scorpio, there it is again, collective consciousness. I was talking of just what you posted just yesterday and then later a man in a meeting said that the recovery program is a program of ENOUGH to recover from the disease of MORE.

Life on here lately reminds me of that book "Celestine Prophecy" written about expanding the idea of "everything is for a reason and thoughts are actions waiting to happen as soon as they are thought and that it is so cool to recognize when we are part of a collective consciousness.

that's all and that's enough

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