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My husband hates my attitude towards his meth addiction but loves his puddle slut opinion!

In an addicts mind----Question

I started hating people that didn't use hard drugs because I felt like I was being looked down on, that they thought they were better than me, it fills you with so much contempt you can't see straight.

My question is this as it relates to the above statement:
My husband's latest "hate" against me is exactly that, i think i am better than him and judge him, hence he has been back on with his puddle slut as i like to call her.
He says she doesn't judge him and he can be himself with her (she shoots it with him).  Does he really believe that at the moment? And how can I offer my support to him, let him know that when he chooses sobriety, I will be there for him without him thinking I believe I'm better or am judging?
it's so much more peaceful when I ignore him and he isn't in my life every day, but if there's a way to let him know he's loved without those other feelings of judgment, I'd love to hear the ideas.
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
I like that -"puddle slut" it sounds much less powerful than "dope whore"


Re: In an addicts mind----Question


I like that -"puddle slut" it sounds much less powerful than "dope whore"
Sorry, got to disagree. I have such issues with these titles. Very offensive in my opinion. My bad, I reckon.

Am I the only one here that finds calling these ladies, girls, women, females (whatever) offensive to them?
I'd say these gals have major issues themselves. They need help also. I have sorrow in my heart for them.

Okay, guess I feel better now.

Oh and definitely not trying to offend anyone or step on your shoes or your toes. 
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
Sierra - they are what they are and they have a choice too.

IMO - it's the same as calling an addict a junkie. They are what they are and they have a choice as well.
He says she doesn't judge him and he can be himself with her (she shoots it with him).

Yes he believes that - she's an addict too.
But remember - even if you were to shoot dope with him - it wouldn't change this thinking.

I shot dope - tried to be the dope whore - but because there was still a hint of love there - it wasn't the same.
In my husband's words - he didn't give a shyt about her. She knew what she was for because he told her. He didn't care about treating her like shyt. That was her purpose.

Re: In an addicts mind----Question
Hey, I've been the "puddle slut" in the past.
I can see why people get really angry and feel the need to put another woman down because they feel very betrayed.

But just remember, the "puddle sluts" are laughing at you when you call your husband for the hundredth time, and he either silences you, or tells you some BS and hangs up real quick so we can go back to our dope and sex. The resentment runs both ways, and it rarely has to do with our attachment to your "great man". It's our sickness, ALL of our sickness.

We are all women, with feelings, with brains, and we fall into these traps not because we are dumb b'tches, but because we have personal problems and insecurities.

If you are happy calling us puddle sluts, dope whores, whatever, than that's on you. You can resent all you want, but it's going to keep you sick too.

I agree with sierranights. 
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
LeGrumps' post was a real eye opener. Yes, those women did laugh at me. They both laugh at me... But not anymore...

I get the last laugh because I have turned my back and walked away towards the better things that life has to offer for me.

I leave them alone. I really don't care anymore. They don't have a place to occupy in my world. My world consists of what is important TO ME... They are not important to me. They do not matter to me.

I have this stance now and my life is much better because of it. I will not stand by and point my finger at "the other woman" because in her eyes I am what she is to me.

Not. I will not sink to that level. I will not allow myself to be a pawn in his sick sick game any longer...
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
they are laughing so hard at the pain they inflict
Do you really think that these ladies (yes, I said ladies, they are somebody's daughter, sister) know anything about the pain you are feeling?

I think they got their own pain going and it don't matter. Human nature to look after #1 first.
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
I can only speak for myself, but I wasn't laughing because I thought I was inflicting pain.
I was laughing because I thought the wives were dumb.

When we tweak, we become numb. My laugh has even changed since I quit using. Before it was a taunting "HA-ha, dummy, keep calling him!". Now my laugh is hearty and genuine.

I had no, no, no clue what it was like for them to be waiting, worried, scared. To me, their calls were more of a pest, and annoyance than anything else. Real love, the respect for relationships and caring about anyone else's feelings does not compute. It's a defense mechanism.

Defending the sham of our own "security" and "control"
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
Unfortunately for me, I have been told I was laughed at, even told that stories were made up to make me think things, then I was laughed at when I believed the stories, then they laughed when I caused more drama for the "man" because of the stories...Senseless cruelty. why???
Because meth makes even real human pain-uglier.
I understand, I forgive, hopefully I will forget but not for one second do I sympathize with meth cruelty

Empathize maybe-yes, sympathize-never
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
My husband lived with, slept with, and supported a female addict for 6 months while I was pregnant with our second child.
I guess she was smarter than me...
She got free room and board, an ample supply of free dope, and access to a car.
All she had to do for this privilege was deal with daily verbal assaults from my addict husband, give up any dignity or self-worth she might have had, and hand her daughter over to CPS (she had already lost her oldest daughter to the child's paternal grandparents), and live in the delusion that my perpetually unemployed husband would love and support (with MY money) her for the rest of her days.

As for me, I got time to develop my own interests and life, affirmation of my own strength as a woman and mother, a sense of self-reliance, a chance to seek the co-dependency recovery I needed for years, a chance to test my capacity for forgiveness and compassion, an incredible bond with my daughter... oh yeah, and a grateful, devoted, employed recovering husband (78 days today!). An intact family. Wow.

Okay, maybe I was a little smarter.

~The BEST revenge is a life well lived~ 
Re: In an addicts mind----Question
Dear amart1279.

Your situation is difficult, but it could be also a sign that you can do something about it, as you are trying to. Not too many people have courage to come out and say that they may have a part in relationship that can be better, my complements to you.

Remember there is a drug involved and it is a priority for the addict, no woman, even a true love is above meth, till he is ready to get help. But you can be a light in the dark, if you decide it is what you want.

My situation is a little different, but my addict said that he didn't feel good enough for me for years. At first I didn't know what to do, it was more heart breaking than if I wasn't good enough. But I knew the love was real, always did.
Right now things are better and he said to me that he wants to be better and wants me in his life.
But........I went through 3 years of taking care of myself: AlAnon, Open AA, Na meetings, learning to listen, learning to be patient, realizing I don't always understand him, realizing he needs time to learn his lessons, letting him know that going to meetings is not too little for me it's part of my life and I respect it, that he is worth spending time on, emphasizing his good qualities that made me fall in love with him, things he did to change my life for better........
If you are doing all of those things, than the drug must be mostly at fault, but if not I would recommend to take an inventory.
Remember!! addicts are very sensitive and intelligent people, they can read you from inside out good and bad....
TerryCa Re: In an addicts mind----Question
I love the honesty of this post.


The BEST revenge is a life well lived~
You are so right KMB.
Sorry for the term
Didn't realize that this would cause such strife, I guess I failed to look outside my world and realize some of you were the other woman. Logically, it absolutely makes sense that I win by walking away and working on myself because he will remain with her as long as he remains with the dope. But this is also the place that I cannot get rid of my anger.....They LAUGH at me? How dare them! She eggs him on when he verbally assaults me? Phuck them both!

Only an inventory and a true forgiveness will get me through that, I know, and I appreciate so much all of your thoughts and experiences. Now, Another question from the original post that I haven't gotten an answer to..... how do i keep him at a safe distance so he knows i don't judge him but will support him in recovery. it is so tempting to either x him out of my life or, preach and beg....neither of which feels good or has any impact?

Thanks ladies...You are all AMAZING ----former girlfriends and bitter wives alike 

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