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Meth spiked drink?

Meth spiked drink?
I think my drink was spiked with meth a few days ago, and I was what I can only call sexually assaulted. I did not lose consciousness, I was sexually fearless, which has never been me. I am 40 years old and have not went home with someone I met in a bar, since I was 18. I have vivid memories of most of the night. I was awake for 40 hours total. I couldn't stay still, couldn't quit talking, felt my heart was beating ineffectively, like my heart was just quivering. Horrible taste in my mouth, chewed gum for 14 hours, which also helped with my tight jaw muscles I couldn't relax. I didn't eat until 16 hours later, when I had a few bites and didn't eat more than a few bites for 2 days. After 10 hours or so my body felt feverish, although my temp was normal. My blood pressure was higher than I have ever seen it {I am a nurse} as was my pulse. I didn't know until I "came down"{?} that I had been drugged and so I did go to work that day, and luckily did not kill anyone, people at work thought I didn't look well. I did have suicidal thoughts and paranoia, but am not sure they were caused by the drug, it may have been my own shame. I write all the above because as I said I think it was meth I was spiked with, and if there is another drug that you know of with these effects, I just want to know. I am not a drug user, aside from occasional marijuana, so I do not know what drugs are out there but feel I need to know what was given me. I have searched several drugs on internet and meth, so far, is the only one that fits. In all my searches I can find nothing relevant on meth spiked drinks. Search only produces a news story where a woman overdosed and killed someone that way. Meth isn't actually listed as a "date rape drug", and I don't find it written about as a drug used for "drug assisted sexual assaults". My questions for you are first of all, have any of you heard of spiked meth drinks before, and second of all does anyone know of a site or service where I can get more info, and maybe some help dealing with this, I can't seem to get past it and I can't stand to keep beating myself with it.
Re: Meth spiked drink?
My first time with meth was in my coffee.
I have never known of it to do all that though.
It could be- I just have never known of it to.

The best place I can think of for you to get help would be a hospital. Perhaps they can draw blood and discover exactly what it was you did ingest.
They could also refer you to counseling.
It may be something you would need to file a police report on as well- as you were sexually assaulted.
It could be something someone intends on doing to yet another victim.

Sorry, I wouldn't know of any other help there is for this.
Re: Meth spiked drink?
Do you know who this person is?
If I were you...I would go to the police.
No Man has the right to do that.........No man
Sfj Re: Meth spiked drink?
Based ONLY upon the limited info that you posted, in my opinion, yes, it could easily have been meth. Methamphetamine powder, or crystals are water soluble, just like salt or sugar crystals.

I don't know that going to the police would do any good unless you knew beyond all doubt, the person who did it.

Other than that, consider it a lesson learned: "jerks exist."
Loraura Re: Meth spiked drink?
Meth can be detected in drug tests for 2-3 days. I suggest that you purchase an over the counter at home drug test (Walgreen's, CVS, Wal-Mart Pharmacy) and see what comes up positive.
DSAOL1 Re: Meth spiked drink?
Dear deadhorse,
Yes.. your symptoms describe what Meth does to people.
Yes.. Meth can be put in a drink and you will get high.
If you want to know for sure.. take a drug test. You can buy them at a store. Depending on how long it has been since this happen...you might need to be tested via a hair sample instead of a urine test.

As far as the sex part goes.. the next test should be one for STD's.

As far as the shame you experience from being under the influence...this is false shame. You did not ask to take this drug. You don't own this
guilt of what happened. You were a victim. not a perp.

The fact is, anything can happen to any of us without our consent. "Wrong place at the wrong time."

I don't know if you were at a bar...but all kinds of people go there...and ya just never know.

Sometimes people look respectable and know exactly how to talk to you to cause you to trust them. These people are very dark within. These types use "goodness" to gain your trust...only to get you to let them close enough to commit a crime against you.
But yeah...sounds like Meth.
Again...this is not your fault.

The feeling of being violated like this is something I can't put words to...but I know it feels terrible.

We are glad you are here.
Sorry for what has happened to you.
Re: Meth spiked drink?
Hy !
If that wasn't meth it sure sounds like meth.
If meth isn't considered a date rape drug, then after what you read maybe it should be!
However, try to get "that" through a court.
You can probably do all the above mentioned tests, find out the worse then.......???

Too bad I don't live close to you, I'm an RN, and Ms. you and I both know how "we" could take back the final word.

I'm sad you had to go through this, horrible,....
But you turned on a light, on an area that maybe someone here hadn't thought of before.
Meth nothing good about it at all.
Re: Meth spiked drink?
The 40 hours suggests to me that more than one dose was administered.
A hospital should still be able to detect meth.
Not sure about drug - but surely meth.

Even if you do not know individual, I would still file a police report.
The chances are if they did it once and were successful- as they were- they will do it again.
Maybe your case won't be strong enough to stand on it's own- but it could very well make a difference in the next case.

Also, as a crime victim, you may be eligible for a good deal of services at little or no cost to you.
The hospital would certainly be able to put you in touch with what resources are available.

You won't be the only one to be victimized. There will be more.

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