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My daughter's dead, overdose of methadone

My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
My Daughter used meth for 4 years. For the last 7 months of her life she was clean. She was 34 years old. She had regained custody of her Daughter and was on a long up hill climb to recovery. Her problem was to fight the MS with which she was afflicted.  To do this she visited a doctor for the first time with her new Medicaid card. It seemed she was on a roll. She left the doctors office with a prescription of methadone for pain and filled it that night of June 19, 2006. It was for 180 10mg methadone pills to be taken 2 every eight hours. At 8pm on June 20, 2000 she was dead from acute methadone intoxication. Please if I can help anyone out there let me. If your loved one is prescribed methadone administer the dose your self then please lock up the bottle till the next dose. This cheap @#%$ which the insurance companies love is a killer. It will confuse you and you can very easily forget and take to much. The amount of deaths in this country from methadone is up 300% from ten years ago. Use care I wish I had Known how bad this stuff was.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I'm so so sorry for you and your family! yes u r right, it builds up in system, has a half life or something like that. My girlfriends husband died from it to, so listen up people.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I'm sorry...so sad for you to lose a daughter.

Thank you, though, for coming here to advise others.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I'm sorry about your daughter..

As far as I'm concerned she died a hero in battle.
........she was a soldier fighting in the drug war.
I barely made it out myself..........but I was on the front lines. I saw the conditions,... the starvation, the madness, the greed, the exhaustion.
I exchanged thoughts with other failed seekers who lived as prisoners of the meth war.

We were tricked.
we didn't know things would end up this way.  we thought it was so great, we shared our wonderful magic powder with the ones we love most..........only to watch helplessly as they crumbled.  these things had to happen to gain the knowledge we have today.

you're daughter was part of the movement...
......the expedition to find something we could use to like ourselves more, create more, lose more weight, invent, love, share.  it turned on us all.
your daughter, along with the others we lost should have a memorial in Washington D.C.

we did it, and lost our minds, our lives, and those we love...along with everything else.
....so that others can know, it's not safe to go there.  everyday we try to tell this story....and you are yet another example, or tool for learning, that can help prevent another mother from crying.
no more
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
My condolences to you, MOM.

Thank you for bringing awareness to this problem.

Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. How are you dealing with all of the emotions that you must have?

How is your grandchild dealing with all of this?
Guene Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I'm so very sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you and your family. Hugs and love.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
My love and sorrow for you are great. Thank you so much for coming here and telling of the danger-horrors of methadone. People here want so much to STOP anymore pain, agony and death from the evil drugs. We are passing on the knowledge and warnings and are determined to keep doing so.
I pray that you will be uplifted and carried above your pain and sorrow through the telling of your daughter's story. Please keep sharing your grief. It is IMPORTANT! Your daughter's life is IMPORTANT and PRECIOUS. Thank you again for your strength, hope and courage.

God Bless you and your family
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
God bless you and yours.
Peace and Be Well
Hstuerke Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
Wacky, I'M SO SORRY. You and I have something in common. My Mom died on March 28th of this year at the age of 51. They didn't know why so they did an autopsy report. I just found out it was from a methadone overdose. Same thing as your daughter. It's been real hard on me and it's happening more and more, OD/intox. on methadone. It slows down your breathing and makes you sleepy. Well, my Mom was asleep when she died. It's very sad and I'm soooo sorry for your lose. My condolences to you and yours.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone  
I'm sorry. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless.
TerryCa Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
May your heart be comforted and may you be given strength to carry on for your sake, your family, your grandchildren, those that you are educating and the friends you have yet to meet.

I thank you so very much for your information. If and when my daughter gets in treatment I will be very noisy about her treatment and drugs prescribed.
Penel0pe Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
My heart goes out to you.

Methadone is being used more and more often as a treatment for chronic pain. I know people who are on "methadone maintenance treatment" for heroin addiction.
They all use heroin AND methadone.
It's so sad to hear that your daughter fought the battle against addiction only to die of an overdose with a drug that was meant to help her.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
Thank you for sharing, that had to have taken a lot of strength to post.

May peace surround you,
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
Thank you all for such a response. I am quite overwhelmed. I did not know what board to use but I see this one works well. the correct date of my daughters death is June 20, 2006 not 2000 I'm still not thinking straight. I would like to share some other thoughts with anyone trying to kick this horrible drug. In my day I had many friends lost to the Heroin world but I think this meth is the worst and hardest to break.
My daughter was on prescription Benzedrine to give her energy over her MS. Her Husband took the pills and sold them and gave her meth. My grand daughter age 9 at that time would find the meth and think it was candy my daughter would teach her that it wasn't. meth would be hidden in pens and any where else convenient.
My daughter decided to get off meth so she could regain custody of her daughter and get her out of the dangerous living conditions she was in.
My daughter got down so low that when I picked her up from detox I drove right by her not even recognizing her.
I dropped her at safe nest and never heard from her for 5 months. Instead of going to safe nest she went back to live with her daughter and ex husband. She decided to kick meth and did so while all around her people were getting high. She was taking notes and used them to get child services to get custody of her daughter which she did. I don't know how she did it but if anyone needs an inspiration to quit your child could be it.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
Thanks for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
My grand daughter is doing as good as can be expected. My daughter got her out of the hell hole and paid with her life. My husband and I are providing a home for her and she has the support of many friends and is doing good in school. She goes to grief counseling but still cries for her mom quite often. Again please anyone trying to kick meth do it for your kids. my daughter was really heading on a good track clean for 7 months with no outside help. It can be done although I cant imagine how she did it.
Sometimes my writing is a little weird but there are legal issues and I must dance around them. Sorry.
Re: My Daughter's Dead from overdose of methadone
It must be so hard for such a little girl to loose her mother after just getting her back. I hope that you will be able to provide her with a stable home where her mother can be remembered with love and kindness. Thank you for sharing your story.


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