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Need helpful tips to stop meth cravings

Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
I have been clean since my little relapse before.
Today I am fiending bad and so I am taking deep breaths and trying to relax.
I also quit smoking cigarettes this week so I'm finding it hard to calm down.
I know I will not use today because my desire to stay clean is stronger but does anybody have helpful tips on ways to get through the cravings?
Loraura Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Get up, go get a glass of water, drink the entire glass, and think of something else. Purposely change your thought.

If nothing else, your body will get the water it needs!
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
The best deterrent for me to cravings over the years is to pick up the phone and call someone else in recovery. The craving has always passed by the time I get off the phone 
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
I did drink a lot of coffee and it's made me very anxious.
One of my problems is the music I love to listen to is rap and it seems like every song is about dope and it triggers me in an instant so for now I'm sitting in silence.  The sad thing is the only thing that is helping my cravings is thinking about drinking. I'm going to my husband's work party soon and I'm so excited about the open bar. I know that is so pathetic but for me when I drink I don't think about dope at all. I'm relaxed and carefree.
The only problem I have with that is once I start drinking I find it hard to stop so my husband is putting me on a 3 drink maximum and if I sneak more somehow he says he's leaving me there.
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Here's my take on this:
1. Step away from the alcohol. You have a disease called addiction. You are an addict. The alcohol will only lower your inhibitions and increase your desire to use and to smoke, or to drink more than your quota.
2. Personally, you are braver than I to quit meth AND smoking at the same time. Don't know if I would have made it this far if I had tried to do that.
3. Sitting in silence is a bad idea. Get to a meeting; call someone who is in recovery; do something that requires physical activity.

That's all I can think of right now.
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
The best thing you can do is hang with you own people...
.....you need someone who UNDERSTANDS what you are going thru.
writing it down.......diaries...venting, talking...helps.
whether you get support here, my board, sfj's board, or crystal recovery...
.....the support you need comes from people like us that went thru it.

Have you tried NA?  it's cheaper than a movie, and the coffee is free.
you can be with other addicts......what helps me, is helping you.
I come here....and home American Metholgy  is like the speed freaks veterans club......we will distract, and shock you..or listen and reply.
this board and mine, are excellent ways to get positive
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Meth is not my enemy the disease of addiction inside my head is and I need to get a grip and keep going on the recovery path NOT the destructive path.
I realize now that even though I have been clean I have not really been
working my recovery because I'm abusing myself in other ways now.
I consumed a container of instant coffee in a week.
I was chain smoking cigarettes until I quit.
I was starving myself and popping caffeine pills in excess instead.
Last weekend I drank vodka until I passed out.
I went on a gambling spree for 3 days and left with some money but lost a lot of what I won because I couldn't stop.
I need help because I can't stop overdoing it in one way or the other. I don't want to be out of control. I need to find my way out for my sanity.
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
I need help because I can't stop overdoing it in one way or the other.

You are me; I am you.
I could NEVER do anything halfway. Ever. One extreme or the other, that was me.  I learned a lot of what I needed to learn about myself in the rooms of NA, through the step work, and guided by words of wisdom from those who had found their way out of that kind of destructive behavior.

I learned that I could not drink alcohol and stay meth free, NOT because I was told that, but because I learned it firsthand on my own. At about 30 or 60 days clean I decided that I wasn't using meth, but I could still have a beer or a shot of Jack if I wanted. So I did.

The very first time I tried that, within an hour I was looking everywhere for the dope man. Luckily, I left Dodge to get clean, and I was 17 hours driving time away from anyone I ever bought meth from. I didn't know a soul in this town, EXCEPT the people I met in NA.

I gave up trying to score, went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning I knew that if I wanted to stay off meth then I would also have to stay off alcohol. Period.

I wasn't happy about it, that's for sure.

But it's what I had to do. It was a huge step; almost as big a step as deciding to stop using meth.

I am confident that had I not taken that HUGE step, however, I would not have the clean time I now have. No doubt about it.

Close your eyes and take the plunge. We do not have to live life on the edge; we do not have to take everything to extremes; there really is a middle ground where we can learn to live, and even be content.

I promise.

Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
I've been through NA months ago. I tried to stick with it but by the end of the
meetings I would want to cry because I was so frustrated. The people were
not welcoming. They did not like new comers. I kept asking about finding a
sponsor and I felt like the moderator kept putting me off by saying just wait
until the right time. I needed one desperately and when I finally got one she
never returned my calls. I bought the NA book and "Just for Today" to try to
do it by myself at home but I just can't get into all the step work.
I believe in god but the program just does not work for me. I'm not putting it
down or making excuses.  I did really benefit from my chemical dependency rehab and I'm thinking  more and more that I should probably go back. They had group therapy and interesting lectures about addiction. It was the key that started me off to sobriety before back in July and the tools I learned there plus the support from KCI, Allnightlong's Methrecovery Chatroom, and Suzie's
American Methology that kept me clean for about 4 1/2 months.

I know I can't do it alone because I'm only making it worse for my recovery
the way I'm going now.
guestwho Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Don't be down on yourself Natalie. Why don't you check out rational recovery? I am going to look into it myself a little bit later and read what it entails. You will find an option that works for you. Until then, stay completely clean ( that is advised.)
imlostinky Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Then head back to rehab Natalie.  Without recovery, everything is shyt.
Your recovery has got to come first.  All you do with alcohol is substitute- it isn't going to satisfy your want.  All it will do is bring on the beast 10 times harder.  Quick fixes don't fix- they mask.  Everything that is there is still there.
deeeCA Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings

you know i love ya girl - try and yahoo me when you're on. try NA again and see if people are more welcoming, if you're not into that i understand.

join here - i think you would really like it Smart Recovery I like these people a lot - they have voice meetings online too which is fantastic and also meetings around the bay area and up where you are.

And also... are you really sure that you want to focus on quitting smoking as well right now? I know for me personally that deciding to quit drinking, drugs, booze and cigarettes while going on a health food diet didn't really set me up for success. 

Right now since I've been off drugs for a long time, drinking is my primary focus. Or staying off the booze.  I smoke reds now though and A LOT o them - more than before. But one thing at a time...
Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Hey HotMama, something that helped me is keeping myself busy. Also start taking walk's. I do not have a car. So i ride the bus and walk everywhere. I also started taking a women's multi-vitamin. I also started drinking a lot more water. At least 4 to 5 bottles a day. I cut out almost all caffeine. I have maybe 1 or 2 soda's a week now. It made me really feel better about myself. It made me not want to use. I still have craving's and i have been clean a year. But it did help a lot. I remember how i felt when i used. But when i have craving's. I just think about something else. I hope that it help's.
TerryCa Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
Just wanna say I'm behind ya all the way. I'll help hold you up if you need it. You can bytch to me, cry, laugh, just be you.

I'm hoping you can be stronger this time around. The stakes get a little higher if you relapse.
pisces Re: Need helpful Tips to stop meth cravings
i find my cravings are lessened by exercise... you should try it! just walking briskly for 20 minutes can help

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