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What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?

Juliett55 What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
I was talking to my psychologist today, who has just come back form an intervention conference. Methamphetamine and alcohol were two main subjects. She was pointing out the severity and difficulty of paranoia. Saying that sometimes it is so bad it turns in to psychosis and that is when many people relapse.

If some of you don't mind answering.
What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
And what can people close to you do to help get through those hard times?

Appreciate any information.
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
I never had it.....I had real bad ADHD.  at 1st, it helped me focus..........now I am crippled by it almost.  my brain won't calm down until I'm dead. I don't get bored......but I can't relax, I'm a prisoner of the moment.
what ever you have when you use, gets worse with meth.
.....if you are insecure, and paranoid, to begin with you start out, feeling less inhibited, then it spreads..  you're peeping thru the peep hole. all night.
If you are harboring hostility..............it comes raging to the surface   if you are ADHD....you chaise your tail and flail, and can't find your ass with both hands.  if you mare obsessive compulsive.......you're worse when you come down.
Juliett55 Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
so psychosis doesn't necessarily happen?
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
I think you can get symptoms/behaviors that are LIKE psychosis, or actually get true psychosis too. The same with paranoia, I think. I'm just giving a non-medical guess, based upon experience. I've heard it said many times that being under the influence of meth will give you the behaviors of various medical/psychological conditions, but not a classic diagnosis with that condition.

For example, I was tested positive for "borderline personality disorder" but I was told I should be re-tested, because the fact that I was on meth while I was tested probably influenced the results. In other words, maybe I'm not borderline, but was behaving that way then. Another using friend of mine had that diagnosis as well.

I hope Suz finds her post, and I'm sure some others will be able to help you more than me, too.
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
We all have hallucinations when we don't eat and sleep.
..................I had...auditory and visual...that's psychosis.
........I found psychosis to be darkly pleasant.
to me it was like a psychedelic trip.......Halloween style.
as I became a more progressed speed freak
the visuals were demonic and looming...but still cool!
............like glimpses, or faint singing.
and criminally insane sexual perversion.  I would sit a draw.
.....and a ghosts would sit down beside me at the table and stare at me.
I wasn't sure if she was real or not...
.....I talked to her! ....I was like...everything ok?you want to talk?....why don't you go watch tv!   well, as time goes on...
.....some people pick their face  some re arrange a table 12 hours  some masturbate  some creep around believing the dark trip is real.

..My ex went to the peephole or the blinds.  and I looked for @#%$ all night I lost, then he'd accuse me of not really looking for anything......just avoiding him  or looking for another guys phone number.  for the most part is was a dark trip.  but there was a couple times, gods suz had to tell suzette  to calm down.......I watched a tree hate my guts..
it's trunk was making snarling, hateful, angry faces.....I was like...don't look at it.
when I'm walking I strut my stuff and I'm so strung out!
....in short.  some people believe their hallucinations are real........some people don't but eventually they do...
I started getting extremely bizarre visions...
psychosis is like a box of chocolates..
....ya never know what your gonna get!
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
the answer is yes, we get psychotic..
....but in different flavors and intensities depending on the addicts progression (how long they have been using)
age, and individual character flaws or disorders.
personality, back ground...you know.
....I even read about "latent speed personalities"
like this person would never emerge, w/o speed.
my ex was like that.....if you pm me you email..
I'll show you a before, and during full blown psychosis pic
of my ex that will blow your mind. he was paranoid psychotic  he's scare the crap outta charles manson.
Rescue Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
Suz- your description hit home, in some ways too close. But
my worst part was running off the road seeing things.

11 months of meth but now 1 month clean!
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
at some point in my using i started seeing things that weren't real   hearing voices and talking to people that weren't there...in the state i was in i thought it was fun and thought that it was in some way something to be proud of, because it meant i obviously used more than i should have...

in the end of my using, anytime i was by myself, I would sit and cry, with my head in my hands, curled up, begging the voices in my head to please stop and leave me alone...it was horrible...i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy...
thank god i have some sanity back today...
Lisa Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
I can give you my experience with meth-induced paranoia.

I had a gf who was diagnosed with PTSD. Twelve years before I met her she suffered an EXTREMELY traumatic event.

When I met her, she wasn't using, but when she started to use again, she'd tell me the people who instigated the initial event were looking for her, going to find her, and were going to kill her.

I did research into the whole thing, spoke to her doctors and to prisons, and I was assured the people who traumatized her were either in prison or dead.

But no matter who told her she was safe, no matter what records she was shown to prove it, she believed they were coming for her.

Ultimately, one night while spun out, she was absolutely SURE they were on her roof and ready to get her.

She put a gun in her mouth and shot herself, just like she told me she would do if they were that close.

Having PTSD, she suffered from paranoia anyway. But strung out on meth, is exacerbated the situation to "the point of no return."
Juliett55 Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
Thank you guys for all the answers, priceless to understand.

SO does that condition go away in the early recovery, or does it continue for a while? I know depression hits big time, but do hallucination and psychosis still happen after a few weeks clean?
Re: What does paranoia and psychosis feel like?
not for lisa's friend.
......but my ex is still suffering lingering feelings in inadequacy..
My ADHD never cleared up and was worse when the dust settled.

but the hallucinations went away.

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