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Seroquel for Meth recovery

christian Seroquel for METH recovery
it pays to hang out near pubmed =] This is medical research new as of 1+ month


1: Behav Brain Res. 2006 Sep 15;172(1):39-45. Epub 2006 May 19.Click here to read Links
The effects of chronic administration of quetiapine on the methamphetamine-induced recognition memory impairment and dopaminergic terminal deficit in rats.

* He J,
* Yang Y,
* Yu Y,
* Li X,
* Li XM.

Neuropsychiatry Research Unit, Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan, 103 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada S7N 5E4.

Previous studies have suggested that quetiapine, a new atypical antipsychotic drug, may have beneficial effects on cognitive impairment and be a neuroprotectant in treating neurodegenerative diseases. In the present study, we investigated the therapeutic effects of chronic administration of quetiapine on methamphetamine (METH)-induced recognition memory impairment and dopaminergic terminal neurotoxicity in rats. Rats were pretreated with METH (5 mg/kg; s.c.) four times at 2-h intervals while their body temperature was monitored. Fifteen minutes after the last METH injection, rats were administered quetiapine (10 mg/kg/day; i.p.) for 28 days. One day after the last quetiapine injection, rats were trained and tested on an object recognition task on days 29 and 30. Finally, on day 31, rats were sacrificed for immunohistochemistry, 1 day after the object recognition task. METH induced hyperthermia, recognition memory impairment and a decrease of tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactivity in the caudate putamen (CPu) of striatum. Quetiapine attenuated the METH-induced hyperthermia. Furthermore, chronic post-treatment of quetiapine reversed the METH-induced memory impairment and dopaminergic terminal deficit. These findings suggest that quetiapine may have therapeutic effects in the treatment of cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration induced by METH.

PMID: 16712969 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
hmm... my friend has been on a super high dose of seroquel for long time for bi-polar personality disorder. She is 1 month clean from meth. I will pass this on to her. It should also be mentioned that seroquel is a heavy duty med with plenty of dangerous side-effects, so as with all meds the benefits should be weighed against the dangers. Dose and amount of time on it should be regularly monitored and adjusted or decreased if possible, but -like many meds- the longer you're on it, the higher dose needed. Tricky situation.


Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, In English PLEASE...?????

BTW I was prescribed seroquil for insomnia. (probably meth induced)
Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
... & just how efficiently do tests on RATS translate to humans?
Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
good additions Ruby and Sick.

Basically, the article is saying that Seroquel can repair damage that meth does to your brain, which previously was though to not be able to recover. So, i just though I would post this information for anyone out there who is recovering, like myself.

You may want to show this to your doctor to try some yourself.
Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
well, good point again Ruby. Cant say for sure.

But METH is shown to cause brain damage in both rats and humans in a similar way, so I suspect this definitely points to MORE studies being done to investigate this road, and could possibly be proven to be a good new treatment for meth recoveries.
Sfj Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
The most common side effect is sedation, and is prescribed specifically (off-label) for this effect in patients with sleep disorders. Seroquel will put the patient into a drowsy state, and will help the patient fall asleep. It is one of the most sedating of all anti psychotic drugs, rivaling even the most sedating older antipsychotics. Many prescriptions call for the entire dose to be taken before bedtime because of its sedative effects. Although quetiapine is approved by the FDA for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, it is frequently prescribed for off-label purposes including insomnia or the treatment of anxiety disorders. Due to its sedative side effects, reports of quetiapine abuse (sometimes by insufflating crushed tablets) have emerged in medical literature; for the same reason, abuse of other antipsychotics, such as chlorpromazine (Thorazine), may occur as well, but research related to the abuse of typical antipsychotics is limited.

Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
lol, excellent info SFJ, i currently do not have a prescription, but may be looking into getting some in the near future.

I don't think it will be hard to all to get a script if you tell your doctor you are recovering meth user, since its definitely not addictive (like a benzo or painkiller) and its not a huge thing for doctors to give out really, as compared to Adderall, or Vicodin, which a doctor must use great consideration to prescribe.
Sfj Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
Our clinic gives Seroquel to quite a number of recovering meth users. Not as a cure for meth addiction, but rather to get them more calm and sleeping regularly in early recovery.

I have no opinions on this. (not yet anyhow, I'm still learning)
Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
A little more info. Seroquel is part of my hubby's bi-polar cocktail, but his doc is taking the dosage down cause he's coming out of his mania.

Quetiapine for treatment of alcohol dependence.

Long-term evaluation of the effect of quetiapine on hallucinations, delusions and motor function in advanced Parkinson disease.

Re: Seroquel for METH recovery
There are other much more serious side effects than sleepiness. This drug impacts the liver (just like most meds) & recovering addicts may need to be careful as the liver may be damaged. Here's some other info:

Some side effects will have signs or symptoms that you can see or feel. Your doctor may watch for others, such as changes in the lenses of the eyes, by doing certain tests. Tardive dyskinesia (a movement disorder) may occur and may not go away after you stop using the medicine. Signs of tardive dyskinesia include fine, worm-like movements of the tongue, or other uncontrolled movements of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, jaw, or arms and legs. Another serious side effect that may occur is the neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS). You and your doctor should discuss the good this medicine will do as well as the risks of taking it.

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