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Should I call child protective service?

Should I call child protective service?
Ok a former friend/dealer of mine just moved in right around the corner from me. He is still using and dealing and everything!

I saw his kids who are 3 and 4 in the park behind my house the other day playing and did not see him or his girlfriend anywhere. I know they can see the park from the window but come on those kids are too small to be out there alone!

Then Monday I heard from another neighbor that his girlfriend was sent to the psych ward for wiggin out thinking everyone had her house bugged (including her boyfriend) the cops watching her every move etc etc, Ya'll know the symptoms.

I was going to call CPS (btw they also have a 3 or 4 month old baby) but with her going to the psych ward I'm sure some sort of social worker will probably get involved anyway.

Do you think making a call would be good or should I just wait and see if they get involved now that she's been admitted?

Advice please!!! I'm scared for the kids but don't want to cause trouble cause they really were my friends and now they are my neighbors. I do care about them what should I do? 
Re: Should I call child protective service?
You care about them more then they care about themselves at this point. I would give it maybe two days maybe to see if you can tell if anyone got involved and then don't hesitate call someone those kids don't need to be in that situation at all!
Re: Should I call child protective service?
Go with your gut. small children need to be protected and are too young to be at a park alone. I think you can make a call anonymously.
Re: Should I call child protective service?
If you waited a few days and something happens to those kids could you live with yourself?

Think about it. Call. They can not tell them who called by law.

I know I would call about something like that.
Re: Should I call child protective service?
No question-
Children come first- always.
and Thank you for caring and watching out for them.
You may just be saving their lives.
Re: Should I call child protective service?
Children come first- always.
I second this. Make the call!
Re: Should I call child protective service?
I know all of you are right, thing is I'm scared as hell they will find out it was me who called them out on them. They won't see it as me helping but, as betraying them.

If I read I post like this though the advice I would give is to call but, I'm scared to actually do it.

BTW how do I find the number to CPS?

Re: Should I call child protective service?
I called CPS on my addict's friend (I had seen some things at their house that I wasn't comfortable with ... things that still haunt me to this day).

I told them who I was, but they assured me that information wouldn't be released. They asked me some specific questions about the family's names (children included), their address, etc., I suppose to see how familiar I was with them.

I worried that they'd find out it was me, and come after me ... they never did.

I just couldn't live with myself if something ever happened to those innocent children.

I would start looking in the government pages, under Child Protective Services. If you can't find that, just call one of the other government numbers and they will transfer you to the right area or give you the phone number.
Re: Should I call child protective service?
I can't tell you how many times I turned my oldest daughter into CPS because my grandkids were in danger. They don't divulge who called, and my daughter never knew.

When it involves children, it's a no-brainer for me. Make the call.
Re: Should I call child protective service?
Make the call.

Love to you
Re: Should I call child protective service?
Make the call, make the call,  make the call. I've made a call recently anonymously, won't go into details here, but the kids don't have a voice and you need to be it for them. Don't beat yourself up, make the call!
Re: Should I call child protective service?
I had to call on a student's family. They kept my identity private but I knew it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the child had talked to his teacher. I didn't sleep for two days after because I knew the chain of events that I started but I also knew that if I hadn't called and he had been seriously hurt or killed after talking to me I would feel as responsible as the person who did it.

The family got the help they needed. They knew it was me but never made a big deal of it because of the embarrassment and now it is all in the past. It was very stressful but I know I did what I felt I had to.

Just my story. Hope it helped.

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