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Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked

Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Hey there I just found that site and I am glad I did!

I have been doing meth for about 2 weeks now.. The 1st time I did it I was like "Ah no big deal! just one time!". Well I did it and that same day I had to do more. I did not want to but I did... I come home get on the computer look up info on this evil drug. I did not like what I seen but even to I told myself no more I did more. I don't like it and today I got up and said no more. I don't know when the withdrawal will start but I don't care.   I need to stop doing this devil of a drug. I'm going to try to do it on my own I want to be me not someone that meth has a hold of! someone told me I may not even have a withdrawal cuz I have only done it for 2 weeks. I do feel a little sick.  I did try to eat but I could not eat a lot.  when I walk its like slow-mo. I have this foggy feeling... I don't know what all to look for but. I'm going to try! all I know is that I am hooked and I don't want it to get real bad like a lot has had happen to them.
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Welcome to the site! You will find lots of excellent resources to help you stay off meth, and a lot of folks who have been where you are now!
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
And no...you don't get to do it on your own, you're going to do it with us 
Withdrawals suck...but we only have to go through them once!
Trust me/us...it's going to take more than saying "no more".
Stick around, you're going to need us, and ironic as it sounds...we need you too.

It IS a "big deal"

Be here.
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Welcome to the board ... and GREAT that you've come to these realizations before you got in any deeper. Stick around and read, read, read -- lots of helpful information here for you!
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Meth grabs a hold of you and it doesn't let go. It is a highly addictive concoction that you do not want to get caught up in.
To know what you know after using for just two weeks, I'd say you're going to be fine.
In case you think you might want to use again, after you feel better, here's an example of the devastation and destruction of meth addiction.

Don't kid yourself. You cannot control it. It is a vile, vile addiction.
Welcome. Stick around and learn. I'm so glad you're here.
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Welcome to KCI!
Know what you may not have used for very long but meth is a mofo! And it is hard to get away from!
You won't have to go it alone though, you'll have us!
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Welcome! Quitting meth as soon as possible, is the BEST thing that you could ever do, no matter how hard it may be.

The people at this site are soooo supportive. When you're feeling like using, post here and look for support.

Good luck to you!
ex fiancé is an addict
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Hi Darkmind21
welcome to kci and believe me we have all felt how u do...join us in the chat room on here lots of good folks in there especially at night. it can be hit or miss sometimes but just keep checking in....hope to see u there.
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Welcome to the board~
Please don't waste your life on a bytch that can't stand you........like I did.
if your "fogginess" persists, or you have other issues......PLEASE see a dr. and get the "right" meds for you. it would have saved my life if I had done it earlier.
part of me is dead....and I'm working on reviving what's left.
anytime you need to talk.......we're all waiting here to help you.
Penel0pe Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked


I have been doing meth for about 2 weeks now..

It makes my heart glad to see that someone has the presence of mind to see that, after only 2 weeks, USING METH IS CRAP.

You have a chance to save yourself and everyone around you a whole lot of grief. Stop now. Don't get into the notion that you can use "Just on weekends," "Just this one time," "Oh, it's a special occasion..."Because that is how it starts. That is when it is still fun.
Please, please trust me on this. It might be fun right now - it might not be. One thing I can absolutely promise you though, it is not going to end fun... unless you walk away now.
You can be one of the lucky ones. Walk away now and don't look back.
What I wouldn't give to have been as smart as you are back in the day...

Welcome to the board... and no more meth for you!

kell Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
It has only been 2 weeks my best advice would be to quit now before it becomes 2 years. It will never be as easy for you to quit as it is today. The longer you wait the harder it gets. It will get worse if you continue to use. Just read this board and you can see for yourself. Welcome and I'm glad you found us.
Re: Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked
Thank god it's only been two weeks because you have a excellent chance of putting the nasty nightmare of meth behind you for good. Since you've only used it for two weeks you haven't really damaged yourself much. Quitting meth isn't fun and you do feel crappy mentally and physically but it's not like heroin addiction where you are nonstop puking and crapping all over yourself for a week before feeling slightly human again. Whenever I quit using meth I slept for a week and ate like a horse and felt really depressed with some anxiety on top of it. For a addict it's not the getting clean part that's the worst it's the staying clean part, at least in the beginning because it's hard to not use something that you know makes you feel so good that you want to repeat the experience over and over again. If you don't like meth now you really won't like it if you continue to use because you are in the phase where it's as good as it's ever going to get. It's called the honeymoon phase because you haven't been using long enough to really experience all the negative stuff that goes with addiction. So give up the friends that use the stuff, throw out the drug stuff, try a NA meeting, and keep posting here.

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