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What was your bottom before recovery?

What was your bottom before recovery?
I realize everyone's is different- but when was your "bottom"? how many times before you actually sought out help did you try or seriously consider it?

Also, what are the stats for first time recovery? I know the lifetime recovery stats are ugly...but first time attempts?
Sfj What was your bottom before recovery?
My "bottom" came in a number of circumstances.

1. I got fired from my job
2. At the same time I was trying to get marriage counseling and the counselor said she would quit seeing us unless I went to treatment for meth addiction.
3. My best friend went crazy (he was as strung out as me) accused me of screwing his wife, stole a bunch of my tools, about five grand worth, and equipment and kicked over my motorcycle.

But I see the recovery thing a bit differently.

First time stats are deplorable. (1825 attempts)
Lifetime stats are excellent. ( so far ) Five years and counting.
What was your bottom before recovery?
Bottom for pot: throwing up. Quit first time. No program.
No relapse.

Bottom for coke: German Shepard landing on top of me in a bust--no charges, how I don't know. Quit first time. No program. No relapse.

Bottom for meth: how ugly the scene was and fear. Quit first time. CR 12 Step program, counselor, work, life, God, my friend & him quitting and working similar program though he has no job yet, and KCI (and other sites). Relapse: I wouldn't take anything for being able to sleep again at night and feel~deal with my feelings as they come, accept myself as I am, know I am loving and loveable, and it is not worth a trip back to that h3ll house for me.

Cigs: they will go eventually. 3 attempts at quitting & 3 relapses.

Alcohol is not addictive to me. I can take it or leave it. I choose no alcohol while I find and figure out and fix me now.

On another thread, once an addict-always an addict? I don't believe that and my program doesn't follow that. JMO.

33 days meth free and Celebrating Recovery
What was your bottom before recovery?
I haven't officially hit my bottom yet I believe. Although I know I have been close to it (my DUI a year ago). I don't know if I am willing to accept that I will hit my bottom.. I will be attending my first NA meeting this Fri if I don't flake out.

I have finally re-connected with family. Not to say I could go deeper in my self-created hell. We'll see. Just living day by day and hoping for the best... ya know?
What was your bottom before recovery?
DEA come busing in my door
Husband going to prison for 6 1/2 years
Me spending 15 days in jail, year probation.
Moved out of state. No program, no relapse, just quit.
What was your bottom before recovery?
Bottom for pot: used everyday, have stolen lied, and made myself a smaller person. Just relapsed while writing this.
bottom for meth: Felt like my heart was going to give out, was starving myself for it and had lost my mind amongst other things.
Tried: countless
relapsed: not yet

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