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Brain scans of addition

Actual brain scans of addiction
Dr Amen has done a lot of research with SPECT brain scans showing the various areas of the brain that are affected by toxic substances, along with various genetic factors. The areas of the brain that are affected can cause craving, obsession, compulsion, etc. It is quite fascinating!

It is hard data, not just theory, or someone’s opinion, because his research shows actual SPECT brain scans. His web site is www.amenclinics.com
Sfj Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
To NN,
Those are very informative and beneficial for those who understand such things.
NIDA does the same thing. There are pics of brain scans in Mary Holley's book also. But, to what avail?
Are strung out speed freaks going to look at some technicolor images of something they can't understand? Are they going to look at those things and make logical choices based upon scientific research?

None that I know of. I'd like to ask any addict, if seeing a pic like that would make a difference when jonesing for a hit of meth?
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
IMO, it can make a big difference IF properly explained in layman's terms (i.e.: me) and IF shown BEFORE drug use.
Do I think it may matter to a person in active addiction?
Not likely.  To a person in recovery and trying to find a reason not to give in and give up?

Off to see if these images are put in dummy terms.
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction

Here was the original thread on the message board:

I am looking for information about treatment programs that use any type of physical purging or cleansing for meth detox. A 21year old woman in our community went through 14 weeks of treatment at a Narconon facility in OK that included saunas, vitamin therapies, nutritional therapies, and exercise to purge the drugs from her body (along with the standard cognitive therapies). Their theory is that if meth is a fat-soluble drug, a process to activate and cleanse those cells needs to occur during detoxification.

They contend that when the body releases fat, a wee bit of meth comes with it, creating cravings. This approach makes sense to me, intuitively. She has been clean 8 months and reports having NO cravings, despite 4 years of heavy use before treatment.

Does anyone know of other treatment centers using this cleansing approach?
I posted this response because I thought it might be of some interest.

I can post the other responses that came in as well.
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
Whoa NN!! That gave me a headache. Airheads!!
Like they say...you can't turn a pickle back into a cucumber.
Thanks for posting that, it may not discourage the active user, but it certainly gives those of us in recovery more good reasons to *stay in recovery*.
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
Thank you...This will help me with my ADD....going to my doc and ask questions...Would like to go here...Thank You...Thank You
Sfj Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
To NN,

Is there any published info regarding the efficacy of the Narcanon method. Other than anecdotal?  
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
Good Website NN. The whole as well as the pictures of the brain is excellent.
Re: Actual brain scans of addiction
Where's the pic of the brain?
I got stuck on the ADD test and forgot to look for the pic of the brain. And that's what I went out there to go see!!!

strange looking brains....

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