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How do I quit meth?

want to quit meth but how
I don't really like to come on a site and say this but I am not sure what to do. I have been using meth since I started working at 16 and started buying by the week since I started working at factories at the age of 18 and am now soon to be 23. Every day that I work I get up, get dressed and load the pipe. The other day I lost another dealer to drug bust and realized one day its going to be me going to jail. I have a job I love now running a detail shop for a guy and the other day I decided to not use before I went to work. I was dead to the world. I couldn't function right or think straight. On the weekends I try not to use and don't for the most part feel like that.
I need energy and focus for my job. Someone told me to just buy some energy pills but I don't want to stop doing meth and start popping gov made speed.
I have bought that Omega3 pills the other day and have started taking them because I have heard good things but would love to hear of any vitamin or herbal medicals that would help me out here. Going cold turkey will either cost me the only job I have ever had that I enjoy going to work to or putting someone into the emergency room.
I also live in a medium size town that isn't to big and almost all the jobs here are factories and I am in Missouri, if you think that doesn't matter you probably wouldn't believe how many people do meth just in my town alone.
Re: want to quit meth but how
Hi Stevo, and welcome.  I would believe you, I am in MO also.

You've come to the right place.
You're right, popping pills in place of meth is not the right thing to do just for the energy. If you're looking at quitting cold turkey, is it possible for you to take few days off of work? With the weekend and a couple of extra days, you can work through the tiredness and then get your butt to a program!


Going cold turkey will either cost me the only job I have ever had that I enjoy going to work to or putting someone into the emergency room.

Not quitting could cost you your life.
Stick around, there are a lot of recovering addicts here that will be able to give great advice if you're thinking about quitting.
Hope to see you again soon,
Much love and hugs to you

Re: want to quit meth but how
Stevo, there is never a better time to quit than now.
It will never be easier than now.  This is as good as it gets.

First - physical needs-
High protein food, lots of fresh fruit- Niacin on a time released capsule, LTyrosine 1000 mg at the GNC center.

Take the LTyrosine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of orange juice.  Then eat a high protein breakfast- Not sure on how to take the Niacin- just know that in order to help the body detox, it has to be time released.

Second- Get to a meeting- NA, CMA, Smart Recovery - some kind of program. You will need all the support you can get.
YOU will be tired for the first few weeks- expect it.
It will get worse before it gets better.
You can do this- we are proof there is life after meth.

Welcome aboard Stevo- welcome to the first day of your life.
You're right, keep doing it , and yes, you could very well get busted.
And trust me, Stevo, you would rather feel blah for a few weeks, fight this battle, than fight trying to get a job with a meth conviction on your record.

You do not want a record!!!!!
Re: want to quit meth but how
Hey bud, I'm 22 years old and used from the age of 13. 9 years later I am now 39 days clean.

Ask yourself this. Can you live the rest of your life the way you are living right now? Could you deal with it if your habit got worse? Because it will. I once thought I had my habit under control. I would sleep every night, and go to work feeling refreshed.
That lasted about a year.
Stevo.. Have you ever heard voices in your head? Telling you things like there is someone outside you window with a gun and they are going to shoot you if you don't get out of the room. Telling you things like 'KILL KILL SOMEBODY, KILL KILL'. That's what meth did to me. It's called a methamphetamine induced psychosis. I was clinically insane.
Stevo, you said that if you quit doing dope you might loose your job, or you might put somebody in the hospital. Well stevo, when I decided not to quit... I lost my job because I was rushed to the hospital for a methamphetamine overdose. I didn't take any more than I took every other day of my life for 9 years. But one day my body decided it was too much to handle and it gave up on me and I had a panic attack and was rushed to the ER from work and injected with a tranquilizer to stop the meth from killing me.

My best suggestion, and if I could do it all over this is what I would do.
Ask your boss if you can get a week or two off work to take a vacation. All it takes is 2 weeks to detox your system from the acute withdrawal effects you feel from quitting meth, staying off the drug is an ongoing effort you will have for the rest of your life. But the moodiness and the lethargy will pass in about 2 weeks.

Save yourself before you end up in the hospital too man. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life...
Re: want to quit meth but how
you need to be in a different environment. I know plenty of detail shops...full of junkies. Maybe you could start your own side company.
but first...cleaning up. It is ok to admit you are out of control...so was I, and I am just about to hit the 5 month mark.
Depression, lack of energy, lethargic, restless...all of those things are part of getting that CRAP SHYT out of you.

Another thing, you're right. It could be you next time. Do you know how close you are when a dealer gets stung...you could be sitting in the living room for your score.

23, a whole life ahead of you. I was 15 and now, I am 34. That is my life...swallowed by a needle and meth.
rehab an option?  NA an option.?  changes HAVE TO BE MADE.

Who you hang with,  who your friends are, you know better then me...association with drug users is hard when you trying to be straight.
Re: want to quit meth but how
Welcome Stevo. The answers are here - ask away and keep reading. There are many wonderful, loving people on this board who truly care and want to help you. I'm glad you found us.
Penelope Re: want to quit meth but how
I used to think that if I quit I would end up losing my job too, that I NEEDED to use in order to function.
Just so you know, I ended up losing the job anyway when I got busted for meth. I lost another job about 10 years before that - drug tested and positive for meth (And lots of other stuff.)

Don't let meth convince you that you need it (Although it sounds like you are there already!)
You CAN quit. I was able to quit with the help of Narcotics Anonymous. I haven't used for almost 2 years.

Don't wait until it's too late!
Re: want to quit meth but how
Now ya know...Stevo 
If you're like the rest of us you'll spin your wheels looking for an easier softer way, if there was one we'd be the first to tell you about it.
We've tried everything only to find the solutions in the replies you've already received.
Swearing off and trying to outsmart the addiction is futile, as our personal stories have proven.  Know what I mean?
Many wonderful recoveries are in the works here.
Pay attention and don't exempt yourself and be "terminally unique", you ARE a LOT like us.
And like us...you have what it takes to put the boot to meth addiction. Why wait? Be here, you'll need some help 
Re: want to quit meth but how
Luckily the shop I am running for a guy I am the only worker till I find someone. But this is also a downfall because I can not afford to miss a single day.
No, there are not any groups or anything. There has been a few "groups" try to be started but the starters and members usually had accidents.

But here is a plus, my bag ran dry on lunch so I'm out. I haven't called to get anymore and I called my girlfriend to pick me up some orange juice and what you all said to take with it. In 2 hours it will be to late to try and get it from anyone I know for tomorrow.
Re: want to quit meth but how
Stevo, you want to know how recovery starts?
You make a commitment to yourself.  "For the rest of today, I will not use."
When you wake up tomorrow, renew that commitment to yourself. And instead of seeking out a bag of dope tomorrow, seek out a NA meeting and go to it.
Re: want to quit meth but how
So the bag went empty and you've nowhere to get any? Could this be a sign? Is someone trying to tell you something?  Is it coincidence? In my humble opinion, NO. Behold I stand at the door and knock.

Come on Stevo, man up and do it. We will be here for you 24/7 and we will walk you through every rough spot you go through.

Thousands upon thousands of people quit every day, and although it is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, you won't regret it for a minute. Think about it: if meth were good for you, would your body react so painfully when you try to quit? Of course not.
Meth is poison. Meth is death. Meth is a one way street to hell.

It's time Stevo. Do the right thing, for YOU. Recapture your life and you will realize what a beautiful world this really is.
I'll send up some prayers for you tonight.
Re: want to quit meth but how
If you weren't buying meth... maybe you COULD afford a few days off 
Feeding a meth addiction is costly...eh?
Let your efforts outshine your excuses.
Re: want to quit meth but how
I have 2 car payments, a motorcycle payment and I own my house so that is another payment. I also have insurance on all them. Food, dsl, trash service and the list goes on and on.
I can't just tell my girlfriend hey I need you to pick up the slack because I screwed up. Yes I spend money on crystal but its budgeted into my bills.
Re: want to quit meth but how
What about your girlfriend? Does she use? Does she know you use?
Re: want to quit meth but how
When my sweetie quit. We started spending our money on gas instead of meth. We live in the middle of no where, The closest meeting is 20+ miles from home. We go 60 miles twice weekly. Spokane is 100 miles away but if it keeps him off meth another day.. I would take him daily. What ever it takes...I know you feel lost right now but, we are here for you.
Re: want to quit meth but how
Even with all the financial responsibilities, you can still get clean. Get online for NA help. I saw where someone had posted that.
Keep coming back and reading and posting. You'll find a lot of encouraging people and help here.
Don't give up getting clean and moving forward in life. ONLY you can determine what your future will be. Anything IS possible.
You've got the advantage on most that you don't have any convictions. Keep it that way.
Re: want to quit meth but how
I ran to Wal-Mart tonight. I got Centrum vitamins, omega3 fish oil, orange juice high vitamin D and several different energy drinks. If I can do the rest of this week I think I can cut it out and make around 600-900 bucks a month increase in my budget.
Guene Re: want to quit meth but how
 Stevo and you have found a great board for help and support, everyone here is very helpful and kind. I'm glad that you have decided to get clean and wish you all the best.

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