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Does my son need detox?

peg59 Does my son need detox?
Well our son tore up the pump at the small house we let him live in. My husband threw him out. That same night our son called and asked if he could spend the night with us. Cause he had no where to go.

We let him, last night he said that he would stop using Meth, and see if the bugs were gone at that house.

But he thinks he can stay here for a few days and not use meth by himself. Do you guys think he can or does he need detox?

Re: Does my son need detox?
It is possible that he could stay there a few days and not use. For the most part it is a lot of sleeping and eating.
peg59 Re: Does my son need detox?
He thought the pump had bugs in it and maybe we were a part of it. He gets very loud, angry and uses foul language.  He thinks he is being followed and his jeep is bugged. That is why I was asking if he could do this by himself. He said that if he does not use meth, and finds out that he is not being bugged. Then he will believe it was the drugs and not everyone else.  We are at a loss as how to help.
Re: Does my son need detox?
Your son used for 4 months if I remember right and was somewhat paranoid. I personally laid down meth by faith after 6 months with no paranoia, hallucinations, or violence. I was a light user. Meth did for me what Ritalin does for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome basically...it gave me energy with which to get through my workday. Ritalin is legally prescribed and I've never abused it. Meth, on the other hand is illegal and is chemical soup and dangerous from first use-like Russian Roulette.

I did go see my Dr. when I quit using meth and was honest about my use. I wasn't "detoxed" by my Dr. but I did start seeing a professional substance abuse counselor by choice. Celebrate Recovery came a few weeks later.

If at all possible, get your son to see a Dr. and have his health checked out and they can be great sources for outside treatment. Sometimes Dr.s can reach users when no one else can. He can detox on his own but it certainly helps to have medical professionals and a treatment plan to gain recovery.

peg59 Re: Does my son need detox?
Yes he has been using 4 months. But I don't know what to say to get him to accept he needs to see a Dr. and some counseling. He has a bad temper. He was diagnosed with ADD when he was 17. Thank you for your replies. We will see what we can do.
I am glad that you are 56 days clean now that gives us some hope.
Re: Does my son need detox?
Sometimes I think there's more to using meth than just the drug itself - there's something deeper inside that needs to come out. Sure, the drug is extremely addictive and it gives a false sense of euphoria, but why does someone need that? My son has been on and off meth for the past 2 years. He finally hit bottom and is sitting in a county jail until I can get him into court-ordered rehab. He resisted talking to doctors - he didn't believe he had a problem. He was also very violent, irrational, and irresponsible. He's been off the drug for 10 days and he's a completely different person - the person I knew before the drug.

All I can say to you is be careful. Meth makes a person turn into someone you don't know, which means you won't understand them, which means you can't help them. Stay on this site - there is so much to learn and so much support here. I would never be where I am today without the people here.

Good luck to you and your family.
peg59 Re: Does my son need detox?
Thanks for your reply. I hope you get your son into rehab. I am afraid that if he keeps going on like this he will end up in jail again. I told him that I  wanted my son back not the one I have now. I will keep coming here, this is a great help to me.
Re: Does my son need detox?
He could stay home and crash (sleep a LOT).
Buy cranberry juices and water.
Have food that's easy to warm and eat, he'll probably get up for a bite here and there <--- good sign.
Before the crash is over, a few days, have options (lots of em) available to start recovery.
Talk to him and see what 'program' he feels will benefit him most and don't let him stay indoors too much. Even sitting in the backyard and getting fresh air is good. Too often we get 'stuck' in the house and that allows depression to set in.

When the crash is over, the emotions kick in and there might be a LOT he wants to talk about. Just sit and listen. Don't judge him, we are soooo sensitive in the beginning, actually emotions run real deep for some of us and dealing with what makes us use and do crazy things can take awhile to figure out.

Find out his interests, even if it's just reading or looking at the trees, anything can be fun with the right attitude.

Educate yourself as much as you can about Meth. I'm finding that a lot of young people who use don't know what it's made of or even how it effects the body. Share as much with him as he will let you.

Act with love but don't be co-dependent. Trust him until he looses it, he may not, he may. Be careful what you choose to trust him with. He needs to change friends and that's one of the biggest actions someone does who's serious about recovery.

I don't know how long he's been using, sometimes a change in the whole lifestyle is necessary.
peg59 Re: Does my son need detox? my son
how long does a crash last? What do we do when his temper gets so bad. He blames us for a lot of stuff. We only want to help. How many days before his head starts to clear up some and not see bugs or being paranoid. Sorry for all the questions. But I just get desperate.
Re: Does my son need detox?
It sounds like your son has been using meth for a long time. The hallucinations seem to be the worst part and for many they are voices that tell them to use drugs. (I myself think it's the devil on your back...)

I'm not a doctor but I have seen people go through meth psychosis as well. If your son is willing to stop using, he would probably agree on going to rehab. It would be the best idea, at least you would know that he is safe and getting the help that he needs. He would get to work on himself 24/7 and they normally teach the tools that they need to keep them clean (NA, etc).

You should ask him if he is willing to do that and if so, get him in as soon as you can. It would be far more effective than him just trying to quit on his own... Many will tell you that will probably not work in the long run.
peg59 Re: Does my son need detox?
Well he got out of prison in Aug. and has been using since then. I think at first a little then this last month he has been getting worse. The paranoia and hallucinations have been going on now about 4 weeks.
Re: Does my son need detox?
Will he go into a rehab? Have you talked with him about it yet?
Did he just get out of prison for drugs? If so, wouldn't he get into more trouble if he was caught using? Just wondering...
So where is you son now? Is he clean today?
Penel0pe Re: Does my son need detox?
One thing that is certain; if he keeps using, the psychosis will continue, it will probably get worse, and he may end up in a state that will allow for involuntary treatment.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is treated for meth psychosis will stop using meth. You can treat the psychosis, but you can't force anyone to address the addiction that caused it. The courts can, but he'll have to get in trouble for that to happen (At least in this state.)
Re: Does my son need detox?
I quit without detox and have been clean since Sept 23rd of this year. I had been clean for 6 days when I got here to KCI. Shortly after I started going to NA.

Good luck to you, your son, and your whole family!
Lisa Re: Does my son need detox?
He probably needs some medication for his ADD. It can be hell to live with if it's bad. He may have been self-medicating with meth, as meth (and other kinds of speed) can make ADD tolerable.

See if you can get him re-diagnosed when he's clean; starting the right medication could make all the difference in the world.

Good Luck!
Re: Does my son need detox?
The bad thing about using after getting out of jail or prison is that the body is clean. My cousin died from an overdose, he did 6 months in county and had used a LOT in the past.

Most think they can use like they did before getting locked up and often find themselves in a world of hurt.

Meth is such a potent drug and full of so much crap. It's cheap and easy to get, so it's very available just about anywhere.

Everyone is different when they come down. It took me 6 months to get right. I slammed heroin with any form of speed. I was a mess. From what I've seen and been through, it's when (I) started fearing the future or feeling alone or just overly emotional I'd want to use.

Talking, writing, reading and learning about my behaviors and WHY I act the way I do has kept me away from relapsing. For me, it's interesting to learn more and more about me.

I hope things work out.

My friend that's crashing right now, when he comes to life for a minute, I go and talk to him, so he doesn't feel anxious. I fix my food and make sure he eats something each time he's awake. At first I just shared with him, stories back and forth. Now we're talking about what method of recovery he thinks will work best for him. I'm not pushing it right now, only planting seeds.

When he's rested, maybe the 4th or 5th day, we'll do a project outside. Then we'll go to western union together to get his PC here. I could go do that for him, but nope, he'll have to make the trip so he can get his PC.

I don't know if that helps. For me, it's just keeping one step ahead of letting him fall into the depressed state. He wakes up happy and silly, I know there will be anger and tears, I'm down for it. Plus the day outside will be good for the body and soul, both of ours.

Recovery involves so much more than just staying away from the dope.

We have to do some sort of 'program', even if it's one you put together yourself. Also, I have medical insurance, doctors and therapy lined up. Those are a must. We have to have our bodies healthy in order to reach a healthy goal. There's a reason we use and that's where the therapist and doctors will come in handy. I've also dug out my old self-help books in the event I absolutely can't get him out of the house to get help.

I won't push because recovery can't be forced. I am only presenting him with a lot of options. He'll decide what's best for him.

Hope some of that helps.

Much peace.

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