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Permanent damage from meth?

Permanent damage from meth?
My psychologist, who just came back form a meth-alcohol conference said that meth has the worst permanent psychological damage. What are the chances for the person who used meth for 6 years and says that it is now purely physical need, not fun or a thrill any more, to be the person he used to be again. He mostly used on the weekends only, unless on a break from work.

Thank you for any info......very scared to never see the person I knew again, even though he says he's been two month clean he acts so so bipolar, it's abusive.
Re: Permanent damage from meth?
I would ask more questions. But that is just me. I keep asking why until I am comfortable with how they came to their answer. We pay doctors a lot of money for treatment and part of that treatment is the question and answer bit. Some don't like that part of it, but that's also part of their job. While I was pregnant with my kids, I kept a small note pad with me so I could write down stuff to not forget to ask the doctor. But again, this is just my opinion.
vctry7 Re: Permanent damage from meth?
I'll never be the same as I was before meth. That's okay, I didn't like the old me very much anyway.

I do regret that I will always have the memories of using and that I will always have to be on guard for triggers.

As far as permanent physical damage - my right hand twitches and my eyes are blurry. I also have high blood pressure.

Mentally - I am not as smart as I was. I think my IQ dropped tremendously. I can't remember anything.

It took 2 years for my emotions to level out to anywhere near an acceptable level. My husband and myself both could have qualified for inpatient psychiatric care during the first year. I was suicidal and homicidal during that first year.

Sometimes the problem doesn't lie with the meth anyway. Sometimes it is just the person and their true identity. The only way to know is for them to stay completely meth free for a long period of time - more than two months. Two months is just the beginning

I suggest if he is abusive, either mentally or physically, you put as much distance between him and yourself as possible. If you truly love him and want to be with him, check back in a year or two and see how he is.


Re: Permanent damage from meth?
Thank you guys I really value all of your honest answers.
Sfj Re: Permanent damage from meth?
To Julliet,
First of all, the notion of somebody becoming something they once were is a notion to be avoided. Strive to become something better and more positive as a result of the experience. No one can go back, nor should they want to. Many recovering meth addicts become something better than they ever were.

Next, I’m glad your psychologist went to a conference. They sure need it. How much actual experience does your doc have with meth addicts? What does “Worst” mean?
Ten times as bad? Or .00001 times as bad,? 100 times as bad? That statement doesn’t reveal a whole lot.

Recovering meth addicts, even those with more than six years of chronic use can recover, become good, loving, productive, intelligent, positive members of society and family life. To be sure, the longer one uses, the more one uses, and the more frequently one uses, the greater the risk of irreversible damage. But it isn’t a given. It isn’t a done deal.

I know hundreds of meth addicts in recovery, as a recovering addict myself, an educator, and a substance abuse counselor, I must tell you that recovery, and good mental health is possible for those who serious embrace what it takes to reach that objective.
Penel0pe Re: Permanent damage from meth?
even though he says he's been two month clean he acts so so bipolar, it's abusive.

SFJ's post is right on the money - plus, I wanted to add, that at 2 months clean, I don't think any of us were all that stable. I certainly wasn't.

Recovery is a long road. Have no expectations about the outcome - if he is trying to improve himself (As SFJ was saying,) then have some hope. 2 months clean is very early in the recovery process, though.

Re: Permanent damage from meth?
Sfj you are right about the unreliable sources.
Thank you, that is so encouraging.
You are the coolest
Re: Permanent damage from meth?
What are the chances for the person who used meth for 6 years and says that it is now purely physical need, not fun or a thrill any more, to be the person he used to be again.
That person that you knew before is gone. It is impossible to grasp just what the people that are recovering addicts are talking about until you actually see it. I know that a lot of times when I used to read the things that they go through, I used to think that maybe it would not be that bad for my husband.  Boy was I fooling myself. When you read it gets worse before it gets better, that is no joke. It gets a lot worse before it gets better.

It is like being in the middle of a tornado. You think "If I just get out of this alive, I will be ok." But when the tornado has moved on and you are still alive, you look around and see the damage that it caused. You can't clean up from a tornado over night and some things will never be the same again.

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