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What are the different drug tests to purchase?

Drug Tests
I am going to stop and get a drug test for the first time on my way home from work today. Are there any that are better than others? I heard that they make them that detect 5 different types of drugs.

Loraura Re: Drug Tests
I'm not sure, I'd read the back of the boxes to see if one was better suited.

I know Walgreen's and CVS both carry at home drug tests behind the pharmacy counter.

Good luck!
Re: Drug Tests
Thanks, I saw one at the health store but I did not know you could get one that will tell you what drug is present. I know about some pot but there's no way this crazy fool is just smoking pot.
Sfj Re: Drug Tests
to gagirl9090,
What else is going on?
Re: Drug Tests
Besides the fact that he hasn't slept much if any this week. To make a long story short.. Yesterday, he was suppose to go get my car tag for me on his way home from work. He called and said he was not going to get off work in time. That was at 1. I found out from a family member that lives close by that he was at home at 2 and there was a red car in the drive. When I got home at 630, he was messed up pretty bad. He said only pot and beer. He never mentioned he was at home and that he had company. When I asked him who was there in a red car, he named his old ice smoking' buddies. why, why why...would you bring them to this house? I made my demands very clear when we got back together. He was pissed that I was upset and started packing his stuff and said he was 42 yrs old and he wasn't going to have someone telling him who could and couldn't come see him. I doubt he'll be home tonight as I have not spoken to him at all since yesterday and we stayed in separate rooms but if and when I see him I am going to request he take the test. I have been clean for 20 years and I will never ever live like that again. He moved home after 5 years of being divorced and he knows that even though I love him dearly, I will let him go in a heartbeat.

Sorry for the long winded post. I'm still pissed.

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