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How do you steal drugs?

How do you steal drugs?
Can any of you shed some light on this issue possible. I have caught my husband in the past using Meth and prescription drugs. He tells me he wants a sober life in 2007 and has this big confession to make to me about what he has been doing and how much etc. When we begin to discuss he always clams up and won't continue, one thing he continually says when I say I can't believe you waste our money etc. on that crap, he says "I am stealing the sh-- anyway". How do you steal drugs, do you think he means he gets it from others and then takes some of there share? I am so confused and hurt.
Re: How do you steal drugs?
That's pretty common actually.
Most of the time when someone goes and gets a bag of dope for someone else, they will " pinch" the bag. That means, they will take some out for themselves before delivering it.
( used to piss me off )
He clams up ( in my opinion ) cause there really is no explanation for his actions. Its uncomfortable to admit and talk about how you are beat down with addiction.

If he wants to get clean..... support him.  If not......

Good luck to you
Re: How do you steal drugs?
Yeah, the people who get dope for other people always pinch some for themselves. It's a common practice, and even the people who are buying it know that some will be pinched by the middle man.

I can't imagine he's doing much if that's the only way he's getting it.

Another thing he might be doing is hanging around a cooker, or someone who is actually making the dope in a bathtub somewhere.

Then he would have access to large quantities. It's a dangerous thing to do, however, because those people are in it for the profit and if he's skimming off the top, he's cutting into their profit.

I hope he finds his way to a sober life. Have you thought about having him come here to talk to some of us who have been there, done that, and found a way out?

You might suggest a meeting, such as NA, or any of the other programs out there. There are people willing to help those who are willing to accept help.
Re: How do you steal drugs?
It's been my experience that when I first started to use meth, I found myself "pinching" as others have said. But as the years went by and my use became greater and my involvement became deeper, I would steal from my suppliers in many many different ways. So I guess his level of stealing depends on the length and severity of his addiction. Remember, Meth dulls emotions especially if mixed with scripts. My prayer for you is compassion and peace within through this "season". My prayer for him is that God grant him a moment of clarity and he gets the help he needs.
Re: How do you steal drugs?
Yes, meth can be stolen. Keep in mind I'm not proud of stealing it and that I knew very well the person I stole it from (meaning I knew my safety wasn't in danger from him). He'd fall asleep and I'd swipe some from his baggie every time I could. If he came over 2 times in one day, I swiped twice. I'd steal when he wasn't with his stash or when he wasn't looking. Again, I am not proud of this at all.

My original intent was to steal enough to make him *think* he used more than he did...maybe if he got scared at how quick the bag got empty, he'd quit. Wrong. Then when he started selling-it was easier to steal. I'm sure he was pissed when he'd weigh it later if he knew what he had originally. He never connected the dots though.
Re: How do you steal drugs?
You all are so kind, I always feel better when I read your replies and know that my husband is not alone, there are many of you that have experienced what he is experiencing, I just wish he would realize that. He acts as if "his" addiction is so much worse then anyone else's and that he cannot quit. I pray for him and all of you struggling. I am still confused about the stealing, I feel he purchases Meth and steals pain pills somehow. I can't make myself believe he is in some kind of manufacturing ring or selling, but I couldn't believe he was doing the drug either. He says I have no idea what he is doing or how he gets the drugs he gets and when he is ready he will tell me. My girlfriend tells me that is just another way  that the addict keeps the control in order for me to stay confused. I have found his meth, caught him doing it, so I don't know why he continues to tell me I don't know what he is into and he wants to tell me but can't. I have a feeling it is just much worse then I assume it is and that is what I will hear one day. Once again, my deepest prayers are with you all.
Re: How do you steal drugs?
that was my main source of feeding my habit...i had a whole network of people that couldn't get it from anywhere else other than me...i used to rip off half their deals but i knew they had no where else to go ...

i was using at least a gram a day every day and sometimes i wouldn't even buy any in a day...

as all the others have already said it is very common for people to be ripping each other off...


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