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What's worse when stopped; opiates or meth?

What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
I have another question.

I have already overcome one addiction awhile back. I was highly addicted to OXYCONTIN 80mg. I would take 3-4 a days sometimes. When I decided to quit after using OXY's for about a year or so, the withdrawals were AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!! I was at work about 2 days after I took my last dose of Oxycontin, and all was ok. I didn't think that I was even going to have any withdrawals.
Lemme tell you buster. All of a sudden about maybe an hour or so before I got off work, I got this very powerful feeling of anxiety. Kind of like an itch in my body that I just couldn't scratch. I couldn't sit still, no position was comfortable. Sleeping wasn't happening either. I felt on edge, nervous, anxious, and my legs were the worst. I would say they felt like restless leg syndrome. I even went to the ER thinking something was wrong with me, but since my vitals were ok, they sent me home saying nothing was wrong with me.

Eventually I was able to get on Suboxone, and it worked wonders!! Within 2 months I had weaned down to nothing, and haven't looked back since. I haven't touched an Opiate in 2 years, and even if you had them right in front of my face, dangling them to tease me, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. Just the thought of them makes me sick. I cant even stand saying the name. I wont even take a 5mg Hydroocodone I was prescribed when I hurt my knee a few months back.

Man, I NEVER EVER will ever take another pain pill besides Tylenol or Aspirin ever again. The thought of ever taking another pain pill makes me writhe in agony.

Anyways, my questions now are:

A. Has anyone ever been addicted to opiates, if so were you able to stop using and how? Also, explain the withdrawals if you don't mind.

B. Has anyone ever been addicted to both opiates and meth? If so, which would you say was the hardest to stop using and why, if you were even able to stop.

C. I have heard that stopping the use of Opiates is the hardest thing an addict can deal with or go through. Is this true?

If C. is true to the case, and I could kick an Opiate addictions arse, do you think I can do the same with meth?

The reason I ask is because, if I am beginning to get addicted to Meth, or am in my infant stages of addiction to meth, will stopping be as bad as what I went through with the opiates?
RobinW Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
hi, wowaholic, my 18 yr old was hooked on oxycontine for a little over a year. I didn't even know it. she was doing 80mg snorting them. her withdrawal was pretty hard. but we went to classes for about a year and she did great. she said her body hurt from head to toe and she wanted to chop her toes off..  now she is hooked on meth. in my opinion meth sucked her dry very fast. like a train wreck. it's way harder getting off of meth for her. now her ex BF that used oxy with her went on to shooting it and other opiates.
he is 8 months clean.

if you are just starting to see trouble with meth...my advice is STOP STOP STOP. I think it's the worst drug out there. now others may disagree.

some like my daughter changed drugs to prove she could get off of the other. it wont work like that. give your life a chance is all i can say. keep reading this board.
Loraura Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
Opiates have a strong physical withdrawal.
Stimulants have a long, drawn out, psychological withdrawal.
When you use speed, your brain destroys dopamine in your brain to try to compensate for the over stimulation of the neurons.
The end result is a chemical imbalance. Not enough dopamine to feel normal.
Studies have shown that it takes ~18 months of abstinence from meth for recovering addicts to have ~80% of the dopamine activity levels of a non-addict.

Your body can make more dopamine, to replace the dopamine that is destroyed while high on meth.
But it is not a quick process. It takes months.
Using meth results in self-inflicted chemical imbalance.

Here's More info.  
vctry7 Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
A. Has anyone ever been addicted to opiates, if so were you able to stop using and how? Also, explain the withdrawals if you don't mind.

I was addicted, but not as bad as some. I just quit. I had terrible anxiety and my whole body hurt like the flu. I was also very cold.
My husband was highly addicted. He was taking over 100 Lortab per week for about 6 months. The physical withdrawals were terrible. I watched him writhe in agony, literally. He got suboxone and stayed on it for about 2 months.

If so, which would you say was the hardest to stop using and why, if you were even able to stop.

Physically, the opiates are the hardest. Mentally, meth has it beat by 1000x. The pure insanity from being on meth and the cravings that come don't even compare for me.

I have heard that stopping the use of Opiates is the hardest thing an addict can deal with or go through. Is this true?

Short term, yes. Long term, no. I actually felt better in a few weeks after quitting pain pills. My husband did, too. It took me a few years to feel good again after quitting meth.

Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
My husband was addicted to both opiates and meth... first opiates... then meth... then both... then meth...
depending on the usage, opiate withdrawal can be really ugly. the effects are easily found online if you want a list of withdrawal symptoms... some of them, if i recall correctly, were muscle pain, bone pain, stuffy nose, lethargy, restlessness, irritability.... and others..
if the opiate addiction is serious enough, then professional detox may be needed. it depends how dependent your body has become on them.
for my husband, his worst opiate withdrawal was from oxycontin abuse. several days of terrifying, sweating agony...however... while the symptoms of opiate withdrawal seem severe, it definitely seemed to me that it was much shorter-lived. also, with meth, there is a much longer-term struggle with the addiction... and it was a much harder process for my husband in the long run.
Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
meth is 100x worse for me....I'm not addicted to opiates.  ...easy.   booze is real easy for me too....screw crack.
crackheads are stupid speedfreaks.
.....wtf? LOL! the 2 second high.
pot..cigerrettes n' meth....are a problem for me............I am "no happy" without em, or with em.  In fact, I'm extremely uncomfortable w/o speed 14 mos later........and would love a rail, a bite, and a toke.
if you hang here long enough...you'll find, the faster you quit, the better.
....... I'm a lot more sane than if I stayed on that run.  and I'm A WHOLE LOT crazier,.... than I was the last time I quit.   with and without the drug.....I can't even function w/o meds.

I'm suicidal, but with a good sense of humor, and sense of self.........hanging by a thread that another line could snap.  and I wouldn't be here to tell you.
the object of the game:.....to need nothing.  If you need nothing you are rich
......if you are a slave to anything....chump.
jes78 Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
i was a heroin/crack junkie for 8 yrs. when you say meth are you talking about methadone, because many people addicted to opiates get on methadone. the withdrawals are horrible, vomiting, anxiety, restlessness, can't sleep, no energy, and the list goes on. meth and methadone are two very different drugs. you asked if you can kick meth like you did w/ another drug and this is my answer. any time an addict does a drug its like playing a game of Russian rollet, spelled wrong. you never know which time you may get the bullet and die, catch a habit, whatever. we just don't know and that's reality. good luck to you
Sfj Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
To jes78,  I think that on this forum, everyone uses the word "meth" when referring to methamphetamine or speed.
Not methadone.
Penel0pe Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
My understanding is that opiate withdrawal won't necessarily kill you, but it will make you wish you were dead. It doesn't last forever, though.

I have never gone through opiate withdrawal, but as a nurse, have watched many a heroin / methadone addict withdraw, and they didn't look very comfortable to me.

Meth withdrawal seems to vary from person to person.

For me, it has been a long, drawn out ordeal with physical and emotional ups and downs. I used for 26 years, and I am approaching 3 years clean.

I can say with all honestly I have just started to feel "Normal" or "Good" (whatever those are) within the past few months.
Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
I hear ya pen.......14 months later, I'm just now loosing some of my resentment that I had about quitting in the 1st place..
Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
heroin is BRUTAL to be strung out on, I'd say worse than meth, cuz you cant slow down or stop without getting VIOLENTLY ill and hugging the toilet while you're body is being torn apart and you're mind is in hell....just what I've seen.....never liked heroin myself, i always dug on the uppers....I'd say opiates-shorter more intense withdrawal....speed(s)- much much much longer withdrawal. I'd say speed is rougher hands down IF you have some methadone to come down off the heroin from
jes78 Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
to sfj, i did a search for methadone, and that's how i found this site. where i live, we refer to methadone as meth all the time. i asked the question because the rest of her question was dealing with opiates and the two usually go together. however, i don't no why you answered it anyway, since the question was to her.
Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
I guess by referring to opiates and using the word "Meth" I should have clarified it by stating that I did in fact mean "Methamphetamine"

I am now taking these meds prescribed by my doctor, and they are:
Lexapro (antidepressant)
Lamictal (antipsychotic)
Xanax (benzodiazepine)

I have only been taking them for 2 days now, except the xanax that I been taking for some time now. I do have to say that since coming off the Meth, and taking these meds its actually helping.

There are SEVERE risks involved with taking Lexapro for me, as I am diagnosed ADHD, and Bi-Polar, as alone the Lexapro could cause severe manic episodes, however combined with the Lamictal I should be ok, as the Lamictal acts as a safeguard against the Lexapro causing manic episodes.

I still need the xanax as the Lexapro and Lamicatl do make me restless a bit and cause a bit of insomnia.

I have come off of meth before and a couple of days later I would be extremely agitated, irritable, and just down right mean to everyone around me. So far so good though with these meds. I think the effects of coming off the meth in the past were multiplied for me due to my bi-polar, as someone with Bi-Polar already has really screwed up brain chemistry with their dopamine levels and serotonin levels, and the use of meth drains your dopamine levels and only makes the bi-polar worse.

I have also started taking a complete amino acid complex, as well as a soy protein mix to help raise my dopamine levels back to where they should be again.

I kicked one addictions ass, and I promise all of you on my sons name, and for the sake of him, I will bust meths ass as well. Thanks for the input. I will keep you all updated.
Penel0pe Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
Lamictal is actually a anticonvulsant, used to control seizures. It is one of the latest treatments for bipolar disorder; like depakote and tegretol, it shows some promise in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Your doctor educated you well (Or you did your homework!) You are very correct about the relationship between certain types of antidepressants (like Lexapro) and the onset of a manic episode, so have someone who loves you keep an eye on you.. as you know, once you become manic, you lose insight and don't necessarily recognize that you ARE manic.

I had not heard of lamictal being a safeguard against SSRI induced manic episodes - thank you for teaching this old pysch nurse something new! That's very cool!
Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
I actually was prescribed both, but the nurse said I could try the Lexapro alone first, and be wary of manic episodes with it alone. She did not elaborate as she had to take another call, but it did get me a bit worried so I in fact did do my homework before deciding to get both at the same time so as to be safer than sorry.

Coming off of the Meth, I know full well that my dopamine levels are sapped, and did not want to run the risk of a manic episode.

I will keep you all updated on my progress.

Re: What's worse when stopped, Opiates or Meth?
In my opinion the two cannot be compared. Opiate addiction is physical and addiction to stimulants like cocaine and speed are more psychological with some physical symptoms. I'm a recovering heroin addict and the withdrawals I've experienced were horrible. They helped me understand the true meaning of suffering. Non stop vomiting, chills, sweats, muscle aches and twitches, stomach cramping, the runs, runny nose, watery eyes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, all at the same time! I've kicked heroin many times only to return to it over and over again. After my last run I finally felt ready to give it up for good. For me the only things that have helped me stop using opiates long term were methadone at one point and then last year Suboxone. Whenever I would quit on my own I would always return to active addiction. I started using heroin around age 19-20 and I'm 27 now so I was addicted for a while. Before I started using opiates I used cocaine and speed but I got tired of being all wired and the come down was hell. That's why I started using opiates to begin with, to help with the come down associated with uppers. I'm so happy to be clean today. I just had a baby on 11-15 and I'm just focusing on continuing my treatment program and caring for my son. I'm the happiest person on earth right now. I love being a new mom.

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