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Best treatment options for Sacto/Bay area in Calif.

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Best Treatment Options
Have been sorting thru various options here in the sacto/bay area for residential programs. I have found a few. Any suggestions. Does anyone have any info on Walden House in SF.?

Sfj Re: Best Treatment Options
I am very familiar with Walden House.
It is one of the largest, if not THE largest program in SF.
I have many friends who have gone through treatment at Walden House and a number who work there.
It is a good program.
I have plenty of info.
Any questions in particular?
Please ask.


BrokenN2 Re: Best Treatment Options
 2 recover
Re: Best Treatment Options
Thanks SFJ. They do seem very good. I have been on the phone with them and without being a resident of SF County and no private insurance there is not a heck of a lot they can do for me unless I "end up" in SF. I meet with my case mgr here in Sacto tomorrow so hopefully we can work some things out... Thank you for your post.

I am feeling much better and have been reaching out to my support network as well as attending NA meetings regularly. Today I met with someone whom I have known from my AA program who might be a potential sponsor and shares many similar aspects of my story including the meth and relapses. It was sure good to talk to him. He agrees that we would probably work well together- we will until my residential treatment dilemma is resolved and continue to work together if logistically possible after this move is sorted. Tomorrow I see my case mgr and discuss a short list of options..

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